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Watch NFL Football Online: Live Stream NFL 2018

By Jeremy Evans / August 1, 2018 / Tags: ,

Here are all the ways to watch NFL football online this season — including for free, without cable, or from outside the US.

Live stream NFL Football 2017

This 2018-19 NFL season, fans have more options than ever to watch NFL football online. Whether you have cable or not, or even if you’re outside the US, you can watch every NFL game live online this year. Here are all the options.

How To Stream The NFL Online

*All services available without a cable/satellite TV subscription.

ServiceStreamingCoverageTry It Free
Live & On-demandAll gamesWatch Now
On-demand onlyAll games (but no live)Watch Now
Live & On-demandGames on CBS, FOX, FOX Sports, NBC, NFL Network, NFL Red ZoneWatch Now
Live & On-demandGames on CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPNWatch Now
Live & On-demandGames on CBSWatch Now
LiveGames on ESPNWatch Now
LiveGames on FOX, NBC, ESPN; Select markets onlyWatch Now
LiveGames on FOX, NBC, ESPN, NFL Network; Select markets onlyWatch Now
LiveGames on FOX, NBC, ESPN, NFL Network; Select markets onlyWatch Now
ServiceStreamingCoverageTry It Free

If you can’t get a channel or game in your area due to location restrictions, or if you’re outside the US and want to sign up for a streaming service, see how to get access.

1. NFL Game Pass International

Live Stream Every Game This Season — Plus Playoffs, Super Bowl & RedZone — With NFL Game Pass International

Live stream nfl football online

NFL Game Pass International is the service all US fans wish they could get. It is the best NFL streaming service, period. It is the only service that will let you live stream every game this season.

The version of NFL Game Pass available for US fans only lets you watch regular season games on-demand, and pre-season games live. NFL Game Pass version for international fans, on the other hand, gives customers access to stream every NFL game live — 65 preseason games, 256 regular season games, all playoff games, and the Super Bowl.

You also get NFL RedZone (which is just awesome) and NFL Network included. Plus, you get on-demand and DVR access. You can watch 4 games on a screen at the same time (that’s “quad box” for you RedZone viewers), and it works across devices. The service costs about $185 (£140) for access through July 2018.

NFL Game Pass International

NFL Game Pass International


  • Live stream every NFL game
  • RedZone & NFL Network; On-demand and DVR options
  • Works across devices
  • Watch 4 games at once on one screen
  • The best NFL streaming service

NFL Game Pass International has everything you could want. So it’s a cruel trick that it isn’t available for US fans — that is, not without a workaround (see below).

How To Get NFL Game Pass International In The US

Watch NFL Football online -- Get NFL Game Pass International in the US this season
When you visit the NFL Game Pass website while connected to NordVPN, this is what you see — the version for international fans. You can then sign up for a free trial of the international version of NFL Game Pass.

Want to get NFL Game Pass for international fans in the US? There is a way. But, if you’re squeamish about violating the NFL’s terms of service, then close your eyes and scroll to the next section.

For the rest of you — it’s very easy to get NFL Game Pass International in the US. You just need to use NordVPN to connect to a server in a different country when you sign up for a free trial of Game Pass. When you go to the Game Pass website while connected to one of NordVPN’s international servers, you’ll see a different page than you normally see. It will look like the picture above. From there, you can sign up for an international subscription of NFL Game Pass.

Here’s exactly what to do:

1. Get a 30-day money-back trial of NordVPN, the best VPN for NFL streaming. NordVPN is the fastest VPN out there — unlike others that will slow your connection — so you can stream live NFL games on Game Pass Int’l at super-high speeds with no ISP throttling. Right now you can get this killer deal.

Get NFL Game Pass International in the US with a VPN

2. Use the NordVPN app to connect to a server in the UK. (TIP: Game Pass charges people in different countries different amounts. Using a UK location will get you the cheapest price: $185 (£140) for access through July 2019.)

Get NFL Game Pass International in the US with NordVPN the best VPN for NFL

3. Visit nflgamepass.com while connected to NordVPN to sign up for a free trial of NFL Game Pass, international subscription. Then start live streaming every game, with quad box! You can watch NFL Game Pass International with NordVPN on any device.

Watch NFL Football online -- Get NFL Game Pass International in the US this season
When you visit the NFL Game Pass website while connected to NordVPN, this is what you see — the version for international fans. You can then sign up for a free trial of the international version of NFL Game Pass.

When you visit the Game Pass website while connected to NordVPN, you’ll see the version of the site for international fans (above). From there, you can sign up for an international subscription of NFL Game Pass. Just complete the signup while you’re connected to the NordVPN server. Then start streaming live NFL games all season long on any device. Touchdown!

It really is that easy. So take advantage of the 30-day money-back offer from NordVPN and the Game Pass free trial to test it out risk-free. Your friends will be very jealous.

Get NFL Game Pass International in the US with NordVPN

2. Live Stream NFL On FuboTV

NFL Streaming 2017 - fuboTV

The second best way to watch NFL football online this year is with fuboTV. With fuboTV, you can live stream NFL games on FOX, NBC, and CBS. But there is one significant problem with fuboTV: No ESPN — so no Monday Night Football.

If you can live without MNF, then FuboTV is a great service with a lot of flexibility. You can stream live NFL games on any device without the restrictions and limitations of other services. If you can’t watch a game live, you can DVR it to watch later.

FuboTV has lots of other sports coverage as well, including MLB, NBA, NHL, and soccer. Dozens of popular entertainment channels round out the package for a great, all-around streaming service.

FuboTV is $35/month. You can get a free 7-day trial to test it out.

3. Watch NFL Football Live Online With YouTube TV

Live stream NFL on YouTube TV

YouTube TV is the new live TV streaming service from YouTube. It’s a great option to watch NFL football online because you can live stream games on FOX, NBC, CBS, and ESPN. YouTube TV also has a generous 1-month free trial and excellent DVR features.

The downside is that YouTube TV only available in a handful of cities: Chicago, LA, New York City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. That leaves a lot of people in the lurch — which is a shame because YouTube TV does a lot of things right.

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If YouTube TV isn’t available where you are, don’t fret. There’s a simple workaround. See how to get YouTube TV in any location — either within the US or in another country. Then, sign up for a free trial and start live streaming NFL games.

4. NFL Streaming On Sling TV

The Internet TV service Sling TV is a decent option to live stream some NFL games without cable. You can get ESPN for Monday Night Football, plus NFL Network and NFL RedZone.

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Sling TV isn’t a great solution to watch NFL football online, however, since its NFL coverage is spotty (not to mention the usual Sling TV restrictions and headaches). For example, NBC for Sunday Night Football is only available in a few markets. Same goes for FOX, which airs Sunday afternoon games.

The fine print on Sling TV’s NFL page also casts more doubt about what users can watch: “Device and blackout restrictions may apply. Availability of live NFL games may depend on broadcast network availability in your local market.”

Sling TV will cost you $40/month to get a package that will let you watch enough games to make it worth it (the Orange + Blue package).

5. Watch NFL Football Online On CBS All Access

Watch NFL live online on CBS All Access

You can use CBS All Access ($6/mo) to live stream NFL games on CBS this year. Unlike past seasons, CBS All Access will stream every CBS game live this year.

If your favorite NFL team is in the AFC, then CBS All Access might be a great option for you. The reason is that CBS has the broadcast rights to the AFC. With the exception of those games where your AFC Team in on Monday Night Football (ESPN), Sunday Night Football (NBC), a few select Thursday Night Football games (either CBS or NBC), or the 2-3 games each year when FOX will broadcast your AFC game vs an NFC opponent, then most of your team’s games will be accessible on CBS All Access.

At only $6 a month, CBS All Access makes for a very reasonable way to get most of your AFC team’s games at a fraction of the price. You can get a 7-day free trial to check it out.

6. Live Stream NFL Games With PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is similar to Sling TV. You can use it to watch NFL football online on FOX, NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network. However, Vue will cost you around $45/month,  a bit more per month than Sling TV. Plus, location restrictions apply — meaning not all customers get all channels. This kind of fine print makes me hesitant to sign up for a service.

7. Watch NFL Online On DirecTV Now, Hulu Live TV

Live stream NFL on DirecTV Now

You can also use DirecTV Now and Hulu to live stream NFL 2017. But each service has its limitations.

With Hulu, you can only watch games on ESPN. With DirecTV Now, you can watch NFL football online on more networks (FOX, NBC, and ESPN) — but this is only for customers in select markets. Which markets? That’s a great question, and DirecTV Now doesn’t make it easy to find the answer.

8. Watch NFL Football Live Online Free On Twitter

Yup, this year you can even watch NFL football online on Twitter for free. Twitter and the NFL have partnered to stream 10 games on the social platform. Viewers outside the US, however, won’t be able to watch without using a workaround. See how to watch live football on Twitter from outside the US.

How to Live Stream NFL Football Outside The US

If you’re a US citizen living abroad, you can watch live NFL games with USTVNow. USTVNow will let you watch NFL games live online for free on CBS, NBC, and FOX. For $19/month you can get a package that also includes ESPN.

It’s an excellent service with impressive streaming speeds and a nice interface. If you’re tempted to try to use USTVNow from inside the US, don’t bother. You’ll be blocked. Theoretically, I suppose, one could use a VPN to bypass the geo-blocks and use the service in the US…. If one was so inclined.

Other international football fans can watch NFL football online with NFL Game Pass International (see above). Tip: You can actually get Game Pass International cheaper by using VPN during sign up. See, Game Pass charges people in different countries different amounts. Canada, you have some of the highest prices. But if you use a VPN to route your connection through the UK you can get a big price cut. Just follow the same steps you see above to sign up using a VPN.

Live in the UK, Canada, or Ireland? See how to avoid NFL blackouts on Game Pass International.

Go here to see how to watch NFL live on Twitter from outside the US. To watch NFL live for free on CBS Sports or Fox Go from outside the US, see how here.

A third option for UK fans is NOW TV. NOW TV will give you access to all the Sky Sports channels with live streaming of regular season and preseason games.

Live Stream NFL Matchups On The NFL Mobile App (Verizon Wireless Customers Only)

You may want to invest in a large magnifying glass if you plan to use this as your main option. Nonetheless, with mobile provider Verizon Wireless and you can get the NFL Mobile app and stream just about every live game all season long.

Stream NFL On Demand with NFL Game Pass (US Version)

The domestic US version of NFL Game Pass is great if you don’t mind watching games after they’ve aired. That’s right — games are only available on-demand with NFL Game Pass US. They make their pricing very hard to figure out, but you can plan on spending about $100 bucks for a year of service. To me, that’s not worth it. When I want to watch NFL football online, that means watching live.

Watch Games Live Over-The-Air With An Antenna

One great thing about NFL games is that lots of them air on the major broadcast networks. So if you can’t watch NFL football online, it’s fairly easy to pick up NBC, CBS, and FOX over-the-air with a decent antenna. NBC and CBS will air the NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football games, so an antenna is a great option to get these games.

There are a lot of antenna options out there, and it can be downright maddening to try to sort through reviews and find a good one. So here is an indoor HDTV antenna that will make the majority of people very happy, with some of the best overall ratings from multiple review groups. You’re welcome. (Or see this guide to how to choose a TV antenna.)

That should have you covered so you can watch NFL football online this year without missing a single game. Enjoy.






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