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Watch ‘NCIS’ Online Free, Without Cable

By Steph Myers / September 26, 2017 / Tags:

Here’s how to watch NCIS online free, no cable needed — whether you’re looking for a live stream or want to watch on-demand. 

Watch NCIS online
There are several ways to watch NCIS online free, without cable.

Want to watch NCIS online free, without cable — either live or on-demand? Just use any of the streaming services below. There’s no cable or satellite TV subscription required, and all offer a free trial.

Service Streaming Watch
Watch 'NCIS' Online Free, Without Cable 1 Live & On-demand WATCH FREE NOW
Watch 'NCIS' Online Free, Without Cable 2 Live & On-demand WATCH FREE NOW
Watch 'NCIS' Online Free, Without Cable 3 Live & On-demand WATCH FREE NOW
Watch 'NCIS' Online Free, Without Cable 4 Live & On-demand WATCH FREE NOW
Watch 'NCIS' Online Free, Without Cable 5 Live WATCH FREE NOW
Watch 'NCIS' Online Free, Without Cable 6 Live WATCH FREE NOW
Watch 'NCIS' Online Free, Without Cable 7 On-demand WATCH FREE NOW
Service Streaming Watch

Take advantage of the free trials to see which streaming service you like best.

* YouTube TV is only available in select cities. See how to get a free trial of YouTube TV in any location.

Note: If you can’t get access to a live stream because of your location, there is a way to bypass the geo-restrictions and get access. See how here.

What To Watch Today

What’s The Best Way To Watch NCIS Online Free?

Watch NCIS online free

The best way to watch NCIS online free of charge, no cable needed, is fuboTV. With fuboTV, you can stream NCIS live or on-demand. You can also watch shows on a bunch of other popular channels with fuboTV. Get a 7-day free trial to test it out and watch NCIS online free for a week.

Stream free TV live and on-demand

If you’re a CBS junkie and don’t care about other channels, then CBS All Access might be your best option. For other options, use the table above. All the streaming services listed have free trials. So take advantage and watch NCIS online free while you test them out.

How Can I Watch The NCIS Live Stream?

To watch NCIS live online without cable, you can use any of the live TV streaming services in the table above. Just look in the ‘Streaming’ column to see which services will let you watch NCIS live stream at the same time new episodes air on TV.

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CBS All Access

Many streaming services will let you watch NCIS online live and on-demand. If a streaming service only as full episodes of NCIS on-demand, then you have to wait until after episodes have aired on TV to get access.

How Do I Watch NCIS Online On-Demand?

Need to catch up on past seasons or episodes? Check the table above for all the ways to watch NCIS on-demand without cable/satellite TV.

Streaming services like Amazon Video will let you watch NCIS online on-demand and have the full set of episodes. So if you’re looking to catch up on previous seasons, or if you missed an episode, this is your best bet. You can buy/rent  individual episodes, or even whole seasons. You can stream NCIS free with Amazon Prime.
Amazon Prime Video free trial

Many other streaming services offer both live and on-demand access (see the table above) via DVR capabilities. So if you can’t catch NCIS live stream, you can DVR it to watch later.

Can I Stream NCIS With Cable?

If you have a cable or satellite TV subscription that includes CBS, then yes. You can stream NCIS online on CBS’s website. You can watch NCIS live online, or stream full episodes on-demand.

Some streaming services like fuboTV will also give you access to watch NCIS online on CBS’s website and apps.

How To Watch NCIS On Kodi For Free

There’s another way to watch NCIS online free of charge, without even needing to sign up for a free trial. You can use Kodi to stream episodes of NCIS free online (plus lots of other shows). What is Kodi? Briefly, it’s a media player application you can use to stream TV shows and other content from the internet. Kodi is free to download and use.

How To Use Kodi: A Simple Quick-Start Guide

One note — whether Kodi is legal is an issue of debate. Yes, the networks frown upon watching their content for free. Hey, I’m not here to judge (especially because I use Kodi myself) — just letting you know.

To see what you can watch on Kodi and how to get started, check out our beginner’s guide on how to use Kodi. It’s really easy to learn, so you’ll be ready to watch NCIS on Kodi in no time.

If you’re already familiar with Kodi, see the best way to watch Kodi live TV — including a list of channels and which Add-ons to use. For on-demand viewing, see how to watch TV shows on Kodi. For more help finding the best sources to stream free TV on Kodi, see our list of the best Kodi Add-ons.



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