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Ultimate Guide To Watch Live Sports Without Cable 2020

By Jeremy Evans / January 3, 2020 / Tags: , ,

Here are today’s best options to watch live sports online for free, cheap, or without a cable subscription.

Watch sports online -- live stream sports free, without cable
Today there are lots of great options to watch live sports online, even without cable.

If you want to watch live sports online without cable, you’re in luck. It no longer requires a cable subscription. You can stream live sports from a number of sources to get full access to all major US professional and college sports. Note, however, that most of the websites out there promising “free live sports!!” are sleazy. They’re also unreliable. So whether you canceled your cable, or are just looking for some other sources, you’ll want better options. We’ve rounded up the best ways to watch live sports online without cable. Here they are.

Stream live sports free online


Stream MLB Baseball

Stream NFL Football

Stream College Football

Stream NBA Basketball

Stream NHL Hockey

Unblock Live Sports Everywhere

Avoid Regional Blackouts For Any Sport

Stream Free Live Sports On Kodi

*Note: This is written for US viewers, but much of it will also get you the best sport TV online if you’re outside the US. If you need to digitally appear to be inside the US in order to access a stream or service, you can use a VPN to reroute your internet connection through a US server and bypass any geo-blocks. Similarly, if you want to appear to be outside the US for some reason, you can use a VPN to digitally relocate to the UK, for instance. In general, consumer advocates widely recommend using a VPN for online privacy and security, especially if you use public WiFi or stream from insecure sources. Pretty much any VPN will work, but for the best speeds and reliability you may want to stick with one of these.

Best Sources To Stream Live Sports Online

+ League Streaming Services

NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and MLS all offer subscription services to live stream games on a variety of devices.

NFL Game Pass: This is an important service for cord cutters who are NFL fans. The US version of Game Pass, however, will only let you watch games on-demand after they’re over. Very lame. But the international version will let you live stream every game — even in quad box! Here’s how to get NFL Game Pass international in the US.

NBA League Pass: This will let you watch live NBA basketball games from all around the league.

MLB.TV: This is a great service to have during baseball season. You can watch live MLB games on any device, all the way through the playoffs. See how to avoid MLB.TV blackouts.

NHL.TV: Hockey fans in the US and Canada have an excellent option with NHL.TV.

MLS LIVE: This is the service for US soccer fans to get access to live MLS games.

These services are a great way to get access to your all favorite sports and teams. The downside is that many hit subscribers with game blackouts. But the upside is that, unlike with cable, you can get around blackouts. See below for how to avoid blackouts on these services so you can use them to live stream every game. (This also works to get access to these services if you’re outside the US and they’re not available.)

live stream sports without cable

+ Kodi (Free Live Sports — But Use Caution)

Kodi is a media player you can use to stream TV, including live sports. Kodi is free to download and use, and works on almost every device (computer, smartphone, gaming system, Amazon Fire TV, etc.). (What is Kodi?)

By installing add-ons on Kodi, you can stream a lot of live sports. You can use Kodi to watch sports apps that you pay for, like WatchESPN. But Kodi is popular because you can also use it to watch tons of live sports for free — NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, soccer, & more.

⊕ How To Use Kodi: A Simple Quick-Start Guide

In fact, you can stream just about every sports channel and event on Kodi — live and for free. But there are a couple catches. One, the live sports streams aren’t always the best quality. Plus, some of the most popular Kodi add-ons for sports streaming may not exactly be legal. Kodi isn’t illegal, per say, but you can get into trouble with it if you don’t use it the right way. See: Why You Should Always Use Kodi With A VPN.

To see what you can watch on Kodi and how to get started, check out beginner’s guide on how to use Kodi or how to watch Kodi live TV. If you already use Kodi and need help finding the best sources to stream live sports on Kodi, see our list of the best Kodi Add-ons.


+ FuboTV

FuboTV used to be just a soccer streaming service. But now it’s expanded into other sports. You can use fuboTV to watch NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA basketball, NCAA football, soccer, racing, golf, tennis, and more on channels including FOX, NBC Sports, NBA TV, NFL Network, and many others.

Stream live sports free online

One of the best things about fuboTV is that you get tons of regional sports channels. That means you can watch your home team games without cable on fuboTV — something the other streaming services don’t provide without the workaround described below.

Plus, you can also stream other TV shows and popular channels. You can try it free for 7 days.

+ YouTube TV

YouTube TV is an up-and-coming TV streaming service. Here’s what you get:

– Watch popular cable and broadcast channels live and on-demand
– Live stream sports on ESPN, FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, and 17+ more popular US sports channels
– Unlimited DVR space
– Six users can watch at the same time
– No contracts or commitments — cancel anytime.

YouTube TV is a solid streaming service to get access to lots of the best live sports events. They offer a 1-month free trial, so take advantage and try it out.

The downside is that YouTube TV only available in a handful of cities: Chicago, LA, New York City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. That leaves a lot of people in the lurch — which is a shame, because YouTube TV does a lot of things right.

If YouTube TV isn’t available where you are, don’t fret. There’s a simple workaround. See how to get YouTube TV in any location.

+ Sling TV & PlayStation Vue

Sling TV is an internet TV service you can use to stream live sports online to your devices or your big screen. For the basic, ‘Best of Live TV’ package, $20/month, you get sports coverage from: ESPN, ESPN 2, TNT, and TBS.

⊕ Cord Cutters Club — Simple Help To Cancel Cable

Or, for $20, you can get a package with Fox Sports, TNT, TBS, Fox Sports 1, and TruTV. For another $5/month you can get the Sports Add-on with ESPNU, ESPNews, beIN, Bases Loaded, Outside Television, and a couple others. If you travel or live abroad, you can get Sling TV outside the US.

PlayStation Vue is another internet TV service, and very similar to Sling TV. It starts at $35/month, but you get access to more channels and more sports on-demand.

Compare sports channels on Sling TV vs. PlayStation Vue.

+ World Sports Channels

There are some cool sports channels from other countries that stream tons of live sports online, such as beIN and SportsNet, among others. The downside — viewers outside the channel’s home country are usually blocked from live sports streams. But, you guessed it, there’s an easy workaround. You just need to use to use a VPN service to bypass the location restrictions so you can stream live sports on any site, from anywhere.

⊕ How To Unblock Live Sports Everywhere

With a VPN, you can instantly unblock sports streams around the world. You can use a VPN to stream sports on any device — computer, phone, tablet, SmartTV, gaming console, router (to stream on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV), and etc.

See our list of the top 5 VPNs for streaming. Any of these will let you unblock sports streams across the globe — but our top pick for sports streaming is NordVPN. It’s the fastest, most reliable, has super-easy apps for every device, and has a 30-day money-back guarantee — plus lots of other cool features so you can stream anywhere, anytime. NordVPN is also an easy one to set up on your router to use with a streaming device.

Watch live soccer


The world’s leading source for sports journalism is a must-have. You have a few options to stream ESPN without cable.

One is Sling TV, for $20/month. Another is the paid USTV Now service, also $20/month — but the same terms as mentioned above apply.

Hulu’s live TV service also includes ESPN, ESPN2, and a slew of other ESPN channels. Finally, you can stream ESPN with YouTube TV. (If YouTube TV isn’t available in your area, here’s a workaround to get YouTube TV in any location.)

ESPN has also recently launched ESPN+, which you can subscribe to for a few bucks a month without cable. The channel does not live stream games, however. Rather, it features shows that provide game analysis, documentaries, and similar content.

Sling TV
Fans can stream ESPN live on Sling TV, one of the best ways to watch live sports online.

 + Network TV

NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX all show free, over-the-air sports coverage of both professional and college events. This is great news, particularly during the NFL season. You can live stream some games online, on the networks’ sports sites — NBC Sports, CBS Sports, and Fox Sports. (ABC owns ESPN and streams most games on WatchESPN instead of on ABC.com. A notable exception is the NBA Finals, which does stream live on ABC’s site.)

Sometimes, network TV streams are even free. For example, CBS Sports aired a free live stream of the Super Bowl last year. However, streaming from the networks themselves is hit or miss. Many of the games aren’t streamed online. Most often, you have to log in with a TV provider to get access.

If streaming isn’t a necessity, you can watch all the major broadcast channels, and 20-30 others, for free with an antenna. See how to choose the right kind of antenna for your home and location.

⊕ Best Cable TV Alternatives

There is a way to watch all the US networks online if you’re a US citizen living or traveling outside the country. Then you can use USTVnow to stream NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC for free. USTVnow’s setup is slick, and they have apps for multiple devices. We know that plenty of people use a VPN to appear to be outside the US so they can use the service. But, this is a violation of USTVnow’s terms, which they must have to stay out of trouble with the networks. Similarly, checking the box that you’re a US citizen when you’re not, and thereby getting free access when you shouldn’t, is also a violation of terms. Hey, I’m not here to judge — just pointing it out.

 + USTVNow Paid Service [For US Citizens Living Abroad]

The USTVNow “All Channels” plan, $20/month, includes ESPN, TBS, and TNT. For a bit more per month, you can add unlimited DVR access to record games you can’t watch live. Again, note this service is only meant for Americans living overseas. If you try to use the service from inside the US, you will get blocked.

5 Best VPNs For Streaming

Again, we’re aware that some sports fans use a VPN to make it appear they’re logging on from outside the US, thus unblocking access to all of USTVNow. But this is definitely breaking the rules. It’s a shame, because this really is a great service, especially during the NBA season.

+ Standalone Subscriptions

CBS, HBO, and Showtime all offer standalone subscriptions (meaning you don’t need to have cable) that will let you live stream their programming. CBS All Access is $6/month, but live TV isn’t available in every area so check their listings before you buy. HBO and Showtime, which periodically air sports specials, are each around $10/month.

+ Niche Sports Streaming Services

This is limited, but not bad for soccer and tennis. FuboTV and KlowdTV are two that offer a lot of live soccer streaming. Tennis TV will give you access to ATP World Tour and WTA matches — but no Grand Slams. It’s $120 for a year, $20/month, or $10 for 24 hours.

The Ultimate Guide to Watch Live Sports Online Without Cable
Niche sports streaming services will let you watch live sports online on a variety of devices.

How To Avoid Blackouts On Sports Streaming Services & Apps

Regional game blackouts suck. MLB.tv, NBA TV / NBA League Pass, NFL Game Pass, NHL TV, MLS TV and others subject subscribers to blackouts. It’s a bad business model to shut paying customers out of certain games, if you ask us. So here’s how to get around it on any streaming service, website, or app. (See specific instructions on how to avoid NBA blackouts, or how to avoid NFL blackouts.)

The best and easiest way is by using a handy tool called a VPN. A VPN will pass your Internet connection through a different location, so that you are not subjected to any game blackouts. (What is a VPN?)

There are lots to choose from, but we like NordVPN the best. It has the fastest streaming speeds, is very easy to use, doesn’t throttle or disrupt connections, and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, right now you can get a huge discount with this exclusive deal — the best you’ll find from any VPN (limited-time offer). I’ll show you exactly what to do to avoid all game blackouts with NordVPN — so you won’t miss a single NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, or MLS game.

1. Get a 30-day money-back trial of NordVPN, the best VPN for sports streaming. NordVPN is the fastest VPN out there — unlike others that will slow your connection — so you can stream live games at super-high speeds and in HD and Ultra-HD with no ISP throttling. For the lowest price take advantage of this exclusive deal — the best you’ll find from any VPN (limited-time offer).

Unblock Sports With NordVPN

2. Use the NordVPN app to connect to a server, so you can bypass all game blackouts. To avoid regional blackouts in the US, connect to any US server. To avoid national blackouts, connect to a server outside the US.

NordVPN connect

3. Start live streaming every on your favorite streaming services, on any device! As long as you’re connected to a NordVPN server, you’ll have access to every game.

It really is that easy, so take advantage of the 30-day money-back offer from NordVPN to try it out risk-free. Your friends will be very jealous.

Plus, you can do more than just avoid blackouts. You can unblock live sports of all kinds with NorVPN — in fact, you’ll get access to about every geo-dblocked website out there.

If you’re a light streamer, a good option for free access is TunnelBear. It’s not as fast, but you can stream up to 500MBs of data a month for free. It works on computers and mobile devices. They also have nice browser extensions for Chrome and Opera. To unblock sports streams with TunnelBear, just set your location to the UK and start watching.

How To Watch Sports Streams On Your TV

Watching a game on a tiny phone screen just doesn’t cut it. There are a few ways to get online content onto your big screen.

First, for whatever service or site you’re using, check if they offer apps that work with media streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. Sling TV, MLB.tv, NBA TV, CBS All Access, and many others all have several different apps for different streaming devices.

If you’re using a service that doesn’t have an app, the next easiest way is to use Chromecast to send whatever is streaming on your computer/device to your TV. There are other gadgets like Chromecast, but we find it to be the most powerful and reliable, and a bargain at only $35.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to the wonderful world of watching live sports online without cable. We think you’re gonna like it here. Return to this article now and then, because we update it as new info is available. To see how to stream TV shows without cable, check out the best cable TV alternatives.

If you have questions or comments, hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.





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