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Watch Jamaica TV Live Online To Celebrate Heroes’ Day, Monday, Oct. 17

By Steph Myers / October 14, 2016 / Tags:

Celebrate National Heroes’ Day in Jamaica by watching the festivities live online from anywhere in the world.

Watch Jamaica's Heroes' Day live online

Jamaica’s National Heroes Day holiday is this Monday, October 17. Those interested can take part in the celebration by watching Jamaica TV live online.

Heroes’ Day is a national day of celebration, featuring parades, live concerts, lots of food and dancing, and other fun-filled diversions for all ages.

In 2012, following that year’s Summer Olympics, Heroes’ Day featured the nation’s star athletes, including Usain Bolt.

Jamaicans living abroad, anyone interested in taking in some Jamaican culture, or even local citizens may enjoy live streaming some Heroes’ Day activities from Jamaica’s leading TV channels.

To check out the Heroes’ Day festivities, you have two good options. One, try out the TVJ live stream. TV Jamaica is one of the country’s two most popular channels. It airs a mix of news, cultural programs, soaps, and more. TVJ will air a variety of programming focused on Heroes’ Day.

Another option is Jamaica’s CVM TV live stream. CVM is the nation’s other most popular network and is particularly known for its Indian soap operas.

Note that both channels both block access to their live streams for viewers outside Jamaica. So if you’re not local, you can still watch live, but you’ll have to take an extra step to be able to stream blocked content on TVJ and CVM.

Honoring A Distinguished Jamaican

The Heroes’ Day holiday in Jamaica is when the country bestows the Order of National Hero Award on one of its citizens. The award is given to Jamaican citizens for “services of the most distinguished nature” to the nation. It can be awarded to either posthumously or when the recipient retires from public life.

Some past recipients include Paul Bogle, Sir Alexander Bustamante, Marcus Garvey, George William Gordon, Norman Manley, Nanny of the Maroons, and Samuel Sharpe.

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