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Watch ‘Hairspray, Live!’ Free Online — Full Streaming Options

By Lyn Atwood / December 8, 2016 / Tags: ,

Here’s how to watch Hairspray Live! online, even if you can’t get access to the NBC live stream.

Watch 'Hairspray Live!' online

UPDATE, Thurs: You can now watch Hairspray Live! for free online on ITV. Watch it as it airs on Friday, Dec. 9, at 3 PM ET, or anytime on-demand after it airs. 

It’s time for TV’s next big musical production! This time it’s Hairspray Live! — a remake, of course, of Hairspray, the hit Broadway musical.

A brief synopsis: In 1962 Baltimore, overweight teen Tracy Turnblad becomes a local celebrity after landing a role dancing on “The Corny Collins Show,” and embarks on a campaign to integrate the all-white program.

The Broadway production won eight Tony Awards in 2003, including Best Musical. In the new remake, the cast includes a star lineup: Maddie Bailie, Kristin Chenoweth, Ariana Grande, Harvey Fierstein, Jennifer Hudson, Martin Short, Dove Cameron, and Sean Hayes.

Hairspray Live! starts at 8:00 PM EST on NBC, Wednesday, Dec. 7. There’s also a preview show at 7:30 PM, 1st Look: Countdown to Hairspray Live!

Watch Hairspray Live! Online On NBC’s Live Stream

If you won’t be near a TV, you can still watch Hairspray online. Go here to watch the Hairspray Live! live stream on NBC.com.

You will need to log in with a pay-TV provider. If you don’t have one — or if NBC’s live stream isn’t available where you are — keep reading to see some other ways to get access.

How To Live Stream Hairspray Live! If The NBC Live Stream Isn’t In Your Area

Watch NBC live stream from any location

NBC’s live stream is only available in certain areas. If it’s not available in your location — if you see a message like the above when you try to watch it — then you’ll need to take an extra step to get access.

You need to bypass the location detectors on NBC.com. Here’s the easy way to do it: How To Watch NBC’s Live Stream From Anywhere.

How To Watch Hairspray Live! Online For Free

To watch Hairspray Live! online for free you’ll need to be willing to bend some copyright rules perhaps. Hey, I’m not here to judge. I’m just here to tell you the best way to stream free TV.

The best way to watch Hairspray Live! online free is to use Kodi. See ‘What is Kodi?‘ for more, but briefly, Kodi is a media player you can use to stream TV online. That includes using Kodi to watch free TV, like Hairspray Live!.

Since there’s some legal fuzziness involved, it is highly recommended you use Kodi with a VPN. To see what you can watch with Kodi, and how to use Kodi, check out our beginner’s guide or Kodi review.

Other Hairspray Live! Live Stream Options

You can also watch the Hairspray Live! live stream without cable. Check out the best cable TV alternatives for other options to watch Hairspray Live! online.

Finally, if you still can’t get access to an Hairspray Live! live stream, then find a TV to park yourself in front of. Even if you don’t have cable, you can watch Hairspray Live! for free since NBC is an over-the-air broadcast channel. A decent indoor antenna should pick up NBC even if you’re not in an urban area.


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