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Killer Cord-Cutter Tip To Watch Free (Legal) TV (That Doesn’t Suck)

By Lyn Atwood / April 28, 2017 / Tags:

If you’re not watching free, legal TV from the UK, you’re missing out on a treasure trove of great content — for zip, zilch, nada.

Watch free UK TV

Looking for free (legal) TV? Having trouble finding stuff that’s not either illegal or unwatchable?

Then check out all the high-quality TV from the UK.

UK TV — A Treasure Trove Of Free Entertainment

If you’ve canceled or cut back on your cable, then you need some new sources for shows, sports, and movies — preferably low-cost and ideally free. One of the best free sources is UK television.

There’s actually a pretty long list of free UK TV channels. Called “Freeview,” they’re the equivalent of our over-the-air networks. But unlike here in the US, the UK’s Freeview channels are available to watch free online — with no login required.

Free UK TV: Watch Now

That means anyone around the world can enjoy free, legal TV from the UK. That includes the highly-popular BBC channels, ITV channels, Channel 4, Channel 5, 5 Star, Film 4, and many others.

These channels put out a huge amount of high-quality original content, including TV dramas, comedies, sports programs, music specials, and documentaries. There’s almost always a good free movie to watch. Plus, many Freeview channels air content from the US, both current and concluded shows.

Here are just some of the shows you can watch for free on UK TV:



Game of Thrones


Doctor Who


The Big Bang Theory

Family Guy


Peaky Blinders

Call the Midwife

Where To Watch Free UK TV

The best place to watch free UK TV is in our dedicated UK TV section. We set this up to make the experience more convenient and enjoyable. You can watch all the best channels in one place, without the hassle of going to multiple, ad-clogged websites.

All channels are available to watch live, and many have great on-demand libraries with full episodes of shows. See what’s on in our UK TV guide.

You can also watch on each channel’s website. Note, however, that you will run into location restrictions.

While UK TV is free to stream, some channels block access to their content for users outside the UK. So you will need to bypass the geo-blockers to get access. See how to unblock UK TV channels for free in three easy steps in our UK TV section.

There really is some great stuff available on the UK’s Freeview, so check it out. Your cord-cutter or cord-never entertainment options will expand at no additional cost.



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