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So You Want To Watch Free Netflix, Huh? Here’s What To Know Before You Stream Blackmarket Netflix

By Lyn Atwood / November 1, 2016 / Tags: ,

Who doesn’t want to watch free Netflix, right? Well, before you do, here’s what you should know about the risks and how to avoid them.

Watch free Netflix on black market

Ah, the allure of watching free Netflix. Free stuff is awesome, and Netflix is no exception.

But ‘Blackmarket Netflix,’ as it’s called, has its dark side. So if you’re going to stream free Netflix — and, hey, we’re not here to judge — know the risks. Perhaps more importantly, know how to avoid them.

What Is ‘Blackmarket Netflix’

Blackmarket Netflix is Netflix that you watch for free — without paying for a subscription. We’re not talking about the Netflix free trial period here. We’re talking about actually getting Netflix for free, for life.

If you watch Blackmarket Netflix, you are engaging in illegal streaming by most people’s definition of the term. That said, it is a bit of a gray area. There’s an argument that streaming copyrighted content — without downloading it — is not illegal. That ‘no downloads’ argument has yet to be tested in court, as far as Netflix goes. But if it ever is, it probably won’t hold up. After all, nobody downloads anything on Netflix, subscriber or not.

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So the first thing to know before you watch free Netflix is that you are at risk of violating copyright law. And you will definitely make Netflix really, really angry.

Nonetheless, plenty of people are willing to do it. And the number seem to be rising, perhaps spurred by the Netflix crackdown on unblocking (for example, when subscribers in other countries unblock US Netflix to get all the content only available on the American version).

How Do People Watch Free Netflix?

There are a few ways that cunning entrepreneurs of the web’s darker realm have devised to make Blackmarket Netflix available. First, there are the hawkers of Netflix account logins. These are stolen passwords, obtained by hackers. Buy a black market password — for as little as a quarter on some sites — get Blackmarket Netflix. When the password gets flagged and shut down, just buy a new one. It’s a pretty sketchy business.

Then, there is the rather laborious method of signing up for the Netflix free trial over, and over, and over — and over. To pull this off, one has to use fake credit card numbers and create a huge raft of email accounts. It sounds like a lot of work.

Finally, there are those who watch free Netflix on Kodi (XBMC). What is Kodi? Briefly, it’s a media player you can use to stream TV and sports from the internet. It’s particularly popular as a home entertainment platform because one can use Kodi to watch free TV — including free Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, HBO, Showtime, ESPN, and the list goes on and on.

Whether Kodi is legal is an issue of debate, with boisterous arguments on both sides. What isn’t a debate is that it’s highly recommended you use a VPN with Kodi. A VPN will make sure nobody can track or monitor your streaming activities. It will also keep you safe from Kodi’s security issues.

To learn more, and see what you can watch, check out our beginner’s guide on how to use Kodi.

A Better Option Than Blackmarket Netflix

Free is awesome. But not so much when you have to deal with bad picture quality, scummy hackers hawking stolen passwords, credit card fraud, and other not-so-awesome things.

You just want to enjoy some great TV without going broke. So instead of watching Blackmarket Netflix, consider getting more for your $8/month Netflix subscription by unblocking Netflix in other regions of the world.

Yes, You Can Still Unblock Netflix In Other Regions. Here’s How

See, Netflix doesn’t let subscribers watch all the titles in its library. You get restricted to certain titles based on the country you live in. It’s called geo-blocking. It’s annoying. And there is a way around it.

By unblocking Netflix, you can get access to, literally, thousands of new TV shows and movies for your same monthly fee. If you live outside the US, unblock US Netflix to watch all the titles on the American version that you currently can’t get. If you’re in the US, you can get access to Netflix UK, Netflix Canada, and other regions to instantly expand your library.

So if you’re considering Blackmarket Netflix because you thought you could no longer get Netflix in other regions, reconsider. This method still works today to unblock Netflix, even after Netflix tried to put a stop to the practice.

Plus, unblocking Netflix is global. You don’t have to pick a single Netflix version — you get access to all of them. So you can surf a whole world of Netflix content, then switch back to your home version whenever you want.

If you want to try it out, here’s step-by-step help to unblock Netflix everywhere.

You Really Shouldn’t. But If You Do Watch Free Netflix, Take Precautions

To recap, are two main risks of streaming Blackmarket Netflix. One, you could be penalized for violating copyright law and the Netflix terms of service. Two, there are security concerns. The world of illegal streaming is not the most trustworthy. So you have to be careful to secure your connection when streaming content from unofficial sources, such as on Kodi.

The best way to avoid both these risks is to use a VPN. Here’s a good explanation of what a VPN is. In short, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an online security and privacy tool. When you connect to a VPN, and it encrypts your internet connection, essentially making you invisible online. If you can’t be seen, you can’t be hacked or tracked. Today, it’s wise to use a VPN for all kinds of online security reasons — to protect your personal data if you bank or shop online, use public WiFi, or store any private information on your devices or in the cloud.

5 Best VPNs For Streaming, 2016

There are lots of VPN services out there. Most are reliable, but unfortunately, not all of them are. Some have even been found to sell users’ bandwidth to run a spam-bot network. So you may want to stick with one of these VPNs — all of which are highly rated by both security experts and customers.

Besides the risks, watching free Netflix also has some experiential drawbacks. Meaning, the quality is not likely to be as good as if you paid for access. In the end, that monthly subscription fee might start to seem like a pretty good deal.

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