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Need A Kodi ISP Unblocker? Here’s What To Do

By Jeremy Evans / December 11, 2019 / Tags: , ,

Getting blocked by your ISP when trying to use Kodi? You need a Kodi ISP unblocker. Here’s what to do– plus how to unblock Kodi add-ons from anywhere.

Kodi ISP Unblocker -- Unblock Kodi Add-ons

The home entertainment platform Kodi (formerly XBMC) will give you access to countless hours of great TV, movies, and sports. But your ISP doesn’t want you to stream TV without a paid subscription. Spectrum is blocking Kodi users, along with other ISPs.

How do you know if your ISP is blocking Kodi? If you see a lack of links in third-party Kodi add-ons, or can’t find any streams to watch, then your ISP is probably blocking Kodi. So if you’re getting blocked by your ISP on Kodi, you need to use a Kodi ISP unblocker — a VPN.

Need A Kodi ISP Unblocker? Then You Need A VPN

A VPN is the best (the only!) Kodi ISP unblocker. It will prevent your ISP from blocking you on Kodi — plus protect your privacy and security while you use Kodi. In fact, you should always use a VPN with Kodi to make sure you stay anonymous and secure. Otherwise, you’re at risk of having your activities monitored (not what you want if you’re streaming bootlegged content), and your network connection hacked, due to the unfortunate but well-known security risks on Kodi.

Do I Need A VPN For Kodi?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) works by encrypting your internet connection. When you’re connected to a VPN, your connection is routed through the VPN’s servers instead of your ISP’s servers. Your ISP, therefore, can’t block you on Kodi or monitor what you’re doing online.

A VPN also prevents snoops and hackers from getting their hands on your personal information. Plus, it hides your IP address (your computer’s digital fingerprint), and your geographical location.

There are lots of VPNs out there, but the best Kodi ISP unblocker we’ve found is NordVPN. Unreliable VPNs can slow your connection speed, and lack critical security and privacy measures. NordVPN has super-fast streaming speeds, easy apps, and offers maximum privacy on Kodi so you stay 100% untouchable by your ISP. NordVPN is configured to work with Kodi, and is the only VPN with ultra-fast servers dedicated to streaming. It’s a PC Magazine Editor’s Choice for VPN 2020-2015 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. NordVPN also has great deal running. Right now, you can get a huge discount with this exclusive deal — the best you’ll find from any VPN (limited-time offer). This gives you unlimited streaming and bandwidth. You won’t find a better value on a working Kodi ISP unblocker.

Best VPNs To Unblock Kodi

> See full comparison

How To Use A Kodi ISP Unblocker

It’s really easy to use a VPN to prevent your ISP from blocking you on Kodi. All the decent VPNs are extremely user-friendly, with great apps for simple setup. Here’s how to set up your Kodi ISP unblocker VPN.

STEP 1) Get a 30-day money-back trial of NordVPN. 

STEP 2) Download the NordVPN app for the device or devices you want to use with Kodi (you can use up to 6 devices at once with a single NordVPN account).

STEP 3) Connect to a NordVPN server. We recommend using one of the ‘Ultra fast TV’ servers.

STEP 4) Fire up Kodi on your device and start watching Kodi TV like you always do. As long as you’re connected to a NordVPN server your ISP can’t block you.

Use Kodi on Amazon Firestick or another streaming device? See how to set up NordVPN on Firestick, Fire TV, or another media streamer to avoid ISP blocking on any device.

Kodi ISP Unblocker NordVPN

UK Users: Unblock Kodi On Virgin, BT, Sky, and Talk Talk

One note for users in the UK — you might also run into firewalls or “parental controls” blocks thrown up by your ISP (Virgin Media, BT, Sky Broadband, and Talk Talk). Here’s how to get around them.

Unblock Kodi on Virgin: Log in to your Virgin account and turn off the Web Safe settings.

Unblock Kodi on BT: Go to your BT account and turn off the Smart Setup wizard.

Unblock Kodi on Sky: In your Sky account and turn off the Sky Broadband Shield.

Unblock Kodi on Talk Talk: Log in to your account and turn off Kid Safe, Homework Time, and Virus Alerts.

How To Unblock Geo-Restricted Kodi Add-ons

There’s another way you might get blocked on Kodi. Unfortunately, many of the best Kodi TV add-ons are blocked based on what country you’re in. Great sources like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ESPN, ITV, AMC, A&E, Comedy Central, HBO, Sky Sports, and many, many more are all geo-restricted.

But there is an easy way to unblock Kodi TV add-ons in the UK, US, Canada, and everywhere else — whether you want to watch Kodi live TV or stream shows and movies on-demand. Below, I show you exactly how to unblock everything on Kodi so you can watch tons more TV, sports, and movies from any location. That includes unblocking all the geo-restricted content sources. Kodi add-ons 1Channel Primewire, Phoenix, NetfliXBMC, and IceFilms, for example, have lots of great content that’s geo-blocked.

⊕ Best Kodi TV Add-Ons

All you need to do is use Kodi with a VPN to unblock content sources and watch great stuff on every Kodi add-on. Yes, the same technology that will keep you safe and anonymous on Kodi also works to unblock streamed content and add ons. It doesn’t matter what country you’re in. Using a VPN will let you bypass the blocks and stream what you want from any add-on.

Step-By-Step Instructions To Unblock Kodi Add-ons

Unblock Kodi add-ons -- Kodi ISP unblocker

We recommend using NordVPN to unblock Kodi because it has superior streaming speeds, maximum security, and unblocks all the best content sources — TV from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and about 30 other countries. They have slick, easy-to-use apps and support every device — iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, router, gaming system, Android TV, and more.

Another big reason we like NordVPN is their 30-day money-back guarantee. (To test it, I asked for a refund at the 29-day mark and they granted it, no questions asked.) Plus, at only a few bucks a month it’s cheaper than Netflix and will give you access to a whole lot more shows and movies.

Without NordVPN:

unblock geo-restricted Kodi add-ons

With NordVPN:

Kodi blocking add-ons

Unblock Kodi — Step-By-Step Instructions

The NordVPN apps make setup pretty fool-proof. Here’s exactly what to do.

STEP 1) Get a 30-day money-back trial of NordVPN. To get the best price, sign up for this limited-time deal.

unblocker Kodi add-on


STEP 2) Download the NordVPN app and get connected.

Spectrum blocking Kodi

Go to the NordVPN downloads section and download the app for the device you want to use. You can download multiple apps and use NordVPN simultaneously on up to 6 different devices. Their apps are super easy to use, and are available for every device: smartphone, tablet, computer, media streamer, router, etc. Pretty much, if you have it, NordVPN will work on it.

Then, once you have NordVPN installed, open the app and connect to a NordVPN server. Just connect to a server that’s in the same location as the content you want to unblock. For example, if you want to unblock a source in the US (like US Netflix), connect to any US server. If you want to watch content from the UK, connect to any UK server.

Kodi ISP unblocker free
To unblock content sources on Kodi, connect to a NordVPN server in the same country as the source you want to watch.


STEP 3) Start watching new content sources on Kodi.

Once you’re connected, NordVPN will take care of everything to let you unblock all content in that region. Just use Kodi with NordVPN on any device and you’ll be able to watch tons of new TV, movie, and sports content. To unblock TV in a different region, just click to switch your location.

It really is that easy to get access to a huge library of new content on Kodi. Plus, you’ll enjoy your TV streaming even more when you know your privacy and security are protected.


Wrap Up

We think you’ll find that having a Kodi ISP unblocker really comes in handy. This should let you access to Kodi on every ISP, plus access to every geo-restricted content source on Kodi. If you want more options, check out our list of the best VPNs for Kodi. All of these do an excellent job of unblocking Kodi, and protecting your privacy and security. If you try a VPN that’s not on our list, do your homework first. Many, many VPN service providers lack critical security measures like zero logs, or will slow your connection or limit your bandwidth.

Want to watch all your new content on your big screen? See how to install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Or, if you need general help getting started, see how to use Kodi in our simple quick-start guide.

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