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TNF: Watch Broncos @ Chargers Free Online Thursday, Oct. 13

By Jeremy Evans / October 12, 2016 / Tags:

Here’s how to watch this week’s Thursday Night Football game, Broncos vs. Chargers, live online for free — even from outside the US.

Live stream Broncos-Chargers free online

On Thursday Night Football this week the Denver Broncos take on the San Diego Chargers. Fans can live stream the game for free on any connected device — phone, tablet, computer, SmartTV, etc.

To watch Broncos @ Chargers for free online, just turn to Twitter. This will be the fifth Thursday Night Football game to be live streamed on Twitter. The first four were streamed without any major problems.

Live Stream Broncos @ Chargers Free Online

Here’s what to do so you can watch the Chargers-Broncos game live online for free.

On a smartphone or tablet, open the Twitter app and select ‘Moments’ from the menu. From a computer, go to tnf.twitter.com. On an internet connected TV, get the Twitter app for your favorite streaming device (Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, etc.) and find the live events section.

The game starts at 8:25 PM EST.

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In addition to live streaming the game, Twitter will also show in-game highlights and live pre-game broadcasts from players and teams using Twitter’s live stream platform Periscope.

After you go to the ‘Moments’ tab or tnf.twitter.com to watch the Broncos-Chargers live stream, you’ll also see live timeline of related tweets below the video feed.

Live Stream NFL Football On Twitter From Outside The US

Football has been slow to catch on outside the US, but its popularity is steadily growing in Canada, the UK, and other countries. Some international fans, however, may not be able to access the live stream on Twitter. Geo-blocking will be in place for some regions. But you can still live stream NFL football on Twitter for free from outside the US.

If you run into region restrictions when trying to watch the live stream, you just need to bypass the geo-blockers (what Twitter uses to limit access for viewers in certain countries). To do this, you can use a VPN to route your connection through the US so you can get access.

A good VPN to use is TunnelBear. It’s free for up to 500MBs of data per month, and it’s safe and reliable (unlike some free VPNs). Just get a free TunnelBear account, connect to the US, and then you can live stream Broncos @ Chargers on Twitter for free from any location.

The Future Of Football?

The NFL has estimated that live streaming NFL games on Twitter makes them available to an audience of over 800 million viewers, tuning in on a variety of devices.

Stream quality is a big issue for the Twitter-NFL partnership. So far, quality has been excellent, even rivaling HD.

“Twitter is where live events unfold and is the right partner for the NFL as we take the latest step in serving fans around the world live NFL football,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said.


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