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Can You Unblock US Netflix? What Works To Get Netflix Abroad

By Steph Myers / January 3, 2020 / Tags: , ,

Netflix has been trying to keep non-US customers from getting access to US Netflix. But there’s one way that still works to unblock US Netflix in Canada, the UK, Australia, and anywhere else.

Unblock US Netflix

When Netflix went global, TV fans around the world rejoiced. With Netflix in over 100 countries around the world, all one needed to do was get around the streaming service’s geographical restrictions and bamwatch your Netflix library exponentially expand.

In the US? Unblock Netflix Canada, UK, Netherlands, and more

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for Netflix to crack down on the practice. Then, Netflix struck again, shutting down other unblocking services across the UK. While Netflix has been successful in nixing many of the workarounds (Unblock Us, Blockless, and others — full list of what doesn’t work below — are now dead), my colleagues and I conducted an extensive study to see if any method survived.

We found one way that works extremely well, with almost 100% reliability: NordVPN. Nord works today — and in fact has always worked — to unblock US Netflix in the UK, Canada, and elsewhere. Right now you can get their limited-time deal.

Get NordVPN Today — Exclusive Deal

Unblocking US Netflix Means Tons More Titles In Your Library

Unblocking Netflix in other regions is in demand because of the fact that Netflix doesn’t treat all its subscribers the same. It treats them differently based on the country they’re in — selectively restricting access to thousands of TV shows and movies. For example, subscribers in Canada have access to one group of titles on Netflix, while those in the US have access to a different selection. But, if those choices could be combined to give a subscriber access to them all — well, that’s the dream Netflix users have been chasing. To get the most out of Netflix unblock the restricted titles and you’ll be in a streamer’s paradise.

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And until recently, Netflix didn’t make it very hard. But even as the world was still celebrating the company’s global expansion, Netflix was taking steps to crack down on the practice of bypassing its geo-blockers.

What Doesn’t Work To Unblock Netflix US

Netflix unblock solution
Whoops — proxies no longer work to unblock US Netflix.

Lots of customers who were using services to unblock Netflix found that they no longer did the trick. SmartDNS and proxy services stopped working overnight, leaving Netflix users to mourn their shrunken libraries.

As for VPNs, there are lots of them out there making claims and promises. However, many don’t work at all to unblock Netflix, while others are so slow, unreliable, frustrating, and generally offer a poor user experience that they aren’t worth using.

Some services we tried that do not work anymore to unblock US Netflix are: Unblock-Us, Blockless, CactusVPN, Unlocator, PureVPN, Flixed, UnoTelly, TunnelBear VPN, OverPlay, VPN4All, Expat Telly, AceVPN, Getflix, IPVanish, WiTopia VPN, and Private Internet Access. Lots of people were left in the lurch when the Unblock-Us Netflix proxy went down. The Blockless Netflix solution crash also left a lot of unhappy users in its wake.

What Does Work To Unblock US Netflix — The Netflix Unblock Answer

Unblock US Netflix with NordVPN
NordVPN is one of the few VPNs that offers a reliable way to unblock US Netflix from outside the U.S.

Even through the worst of the upheaval one company remained steadfast, and today still works to let users unblock Netflix US from abroad: NordVPN. In our testing, NordVPN performed the best and fastest, with zero downtime. It unblocks US Netflix, Netflix UK, Netflix Canada, and others. You can use to watch Netflix on a laptop or desktop computer, iOS or Android device, or streaming device like Apple TV.

NordVPN works seamlessly 99% of the time to give users abroad access to Netflix titles available in different regions. Streaming speeds are also incredibly fast thanks to maximum server bandwidth — in fact, often faster than without using NordVPN, since it also prevents ISP throttling. Their 30-day money-back guarantee is a nice touch to reassure customers who’ve been burned. Plus, you can get this exclusive deal — the best you’ll find from any VPN.

Unblock US Netflix with a VPN
NordVPN is tested and working to unblock US Netflix for users around the world.

We also had good results using ExpressVPN to get American Netflix. However, ExpressVPN is expensive (about $9/month) compared to NordVPN with no improvement in performance or speed.

When you want to switch to a different Netflix region to check out more titles, just change your VPN settings or turn it off if you want to return to your home version of Netflix. (Note: A VPN will also let you unblock lots of other region-restricted websites like HBO, Showtime, Amazon Video, and more.)

Best VPNs To Unblock US Netflix

Netflix Will Have A Hard Time Stopping VPN Users

Although Netflix won the battle against SmartDNS, it will prove much tougher against the best VPN service providers. VPNs are becoming increasingly important for online security and privacy, as those threats mount. They are recommended for anyone who does online banking, shopping, or uses public WiFi. Using Kodi with a VPN is a must. And because so many people use a VPN to stay secure online, blocking them all would be a big problem for Netflix. While nothing is infallible, a good VPN is the single best option for Netflix region unblocking.

The fact that NordVPN works so well to unblock Netflix is a big win for Netflix subscribers who feel the company’s geo-restriction policies cheat them out of content option. The issue itself is a controversial one. For a long time, it seemed that Netflix didn’t care too much about users bypassing its geo-blocks. But content providers likely started objecting too loudly for Netflix to endure.

If you’re wondering, the geo-restrictions exist because of licensing agreements, where a network gives permission for its content to be shown in the US but not in Canada, for example. Personally, as an advocate of ‘TV Without Borders,’ I think the restrictions are arbitrary and unfair. And the Netflix block may even backfire on the company, as already the trend to watch free Netflix (Blackmarket Netflix) is on the rise — even though the user experience is poor and the practice is very sketchy. So thankfully for ‘our’ side, some companies are fighting the good fight to let TV freedom ring and let TV fans unblock US Netflix.


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