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Review of Roku Stick & Roku Boxes

Roku streaming stick screen

Roku is the streaming device to beat for cord cutters and cable-holdouts alike. I’ll get it out of the way upfront–I call it the Roku Rule of Streaming: It doesn’t matter whether you want a stick or a box–the Roku devices are the best streaming devices on the market. There are a couple exceptions to the […]

Live Stream Rio 2016: How To Watch The Summer Olympics On Roku

Watch Summer Olympics On Roku, 2016

Here’s how to watch the 2016 Summer Olympics live on Roku. This year’s Summer Games in Rio will make history as the most accessible Olympics to watch online and on streaming devices. Anyone with a Roku can live stream all the action from the Games. Here’s exactly what to do to make it work. [Related: After the […]

How To Watch On Roku Without Blackouts blackouts workaround for Roku devices

Here’s how to avoid blackouts on Roku, so you can actually watch home games this baseball season. Use Roku’s app to stream baseball games? Then you’re going to want a way to avoid the blackouts on your Roku box or stick. MLB fans in the US and Canada are subject to local and […]

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