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CW Puerto Rico WSJP | An Entertainment Channel

CW Puerto Rico is an English-language TV broadcaster based in Puerto Rico. It’s an entertainment channel that airs movie replays, hit television series, comedy shows and reality TV. You can watch the channel online via the CW Puerto Rico live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our CW Puerto Rico review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: CW Puerto Rico
Location: Puerto Rico
Genre: Entertainment > General Entertainment
Website: CW Puerto Rico Homepage

If you want to learn more about CW Puerto Rico than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of CW Puerto Rico

Review of CW Puerto Rico


  • Live Stream
  • Video On Demand

CW Puerto Rico’s rating of 9.2 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that CW Puerto Rico live streams its programs as they air. CW Puerto Rico also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

It is a member of the CW network.

Compare CW Puerto Rico to all the other television stations in Puerto Rico you can watch online.

See how CW Puerto Rico compares to other entertainment stations in Puerto Rico.

Available Job Opportunities at CW Puerto Rico

To see the opportunities available at CW Puerto Rico, from internships and entry-level jobs up to high-ranking roles, click the Jobs button above. Given the diversity of positions the organization needs to operate successfully, there are usually several openings.




Visit this station around the web

Latest on Facebook

May 21st, 7:00 pm

The CW

Matt Ryan returns as #Constantine in City of Demons: go.cwtv.com/conscript ... See MoreSee Less

Constantine: City of Demons on CW Seed


Comment on Facebook

We wanted a "re-boot" of Charmed, not a trashy "re-make". I really can't believe the cw honestly ignores their fans. They do it over, and over. Maybe the president of the cw should read Einstein's definition of insanity. CW has become a knock off Disney channel.

#savelucifer #saveconstantine


Harrison Taylor this looks gooooood

Hisham Hassan

Amr Sherif Nafea

Dear Cw crew, Can you please stop having random drama talks scenes when the actors pull each other aside just to waste minutes of each show. Its getting too repetitive and its annoying. Super girl doesn’t it way too much oh my god. Then its The Flash-Arrow-Legends. Thats what the other Cw shows are used for like Riverdale. Like who’s writing this stuff

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May 21st, 3:00 pm

The CW

They've got a lot to talk about. Stream the latest Life Sentence for free: go.cwtv.com/LFE109fb ... See MoreSee Less

Life Sentence: Talk


Comment on Facebook

So this show is cancelled too?

Fix your satellite.


May 21st, 1:00 pm

The CW

Meet six people who will change your life. My Last Days returns Friday at 8/7c on The CW. ... See MoreSee Less

My Last Days on The CW


Comment on Facebook

Marinda Davis I can’t wait to hear more about your story so brave & beautiful! #staystrong ❤️💪🏼

May 20th, 5:00 pm

The CW

Klaus is just getting started. Stream the FIRST 5 EPISODES of this season of The Originals for free now: go.cwtv.com/ORGFirst5fb ... See MoreSee Less

The Originals - First 5


Comment on Facebook

Pick up lucifer!!!

I do like lucifer but dont mess with king klause

No No No We Don't Need A New Charmed😡




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May 20th, 1:00 pm

The CW

Phoebe Tonkin should explain the plot of every show. See her in The Secret Circle for free: go.cwseed.com/witchfb ... See MoreSee Less

The Secret Circle on CW Seed


Comment on Facebook

Still better than the attempt for the Charmed reboot ;)

This is what needs to be re-booted!! Needs to be completed. It sucked that we only got one season. Even if we have to start over with a new cast from the beginning. The Secret Circle needs to come back.

Made you guys should make a second season?? Then you wouldn’t have to keep sequels of the Vampire diaries *yawn*

Can we please just have this bloody show back The Secret Circle The CW #ReviveTheSecretCircle #Season2 #OrReboot

Witches of east wick would’ve nice to

Stop teasing me. 😩


Really CW, instead of a spin off of The Originals (which I watching), bring back Secret Circle. SC had a real following but not too sure I am going to watch the spin off.

Charmed gets a (poor) reboot and secret circle cant? Come on CW .... your better than this! We NEED the NEW season!

The CW seems to have a nack for listing shows that should go away. Lets start by cleaning house on the do over hero shows that revamp the characters every episode like The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends. Is it really that hard to come up with original material?

(Vince McMahon = The ruler of the world) 1.) (John Joseph Gotti Jr. --- Was born on 10/27/1940) (1940 = 194 = 614 = 6/14 = Donald John Trump's birthday) (Donald Trump's middle name is John) (John sounds like Don depending on your language accent) (John Gotti's nickname was Teflon Don) (John Gotti died on 6/10/2002 at age 61) (Age 61 = sixty number ones = 60111111etc. = 911)(1949+27+10=1986) (8x6=48) (6/10/2002 = (6)(10)(2+2=(4) = (614) (6/14 = Donald Trump's birthday) 2.) (Carlo "Don Carlo" Gambino was born on 8/24/1902 and died on 10/15/1976 at age 74) (7x4=28=82) (Vincent Kennedy McMahon's grandfather Jess McMahon was born in the year (1882=82)(8x2=16) (Vincent Kennedy McMahon was born on 8/24/1945) (Shane Brandon McMahon = Vince McMahon's son was born on 1/15/1970) (Carlo = 10/15) (1+15=(16) (Shane =1/15) (1+15=(16) (Carlo = 1976+10 = (1986) (8x6=(48) (Shane = 1970+15+1= (1986) 8x6=(48) (Carlo's nickname = Don Carlo) (Shane's middle name = Brandon = Bran-Don) (Carlo and Shane both have 5 letters) 3.) (Meyer Lansky --- Was born on 7/4/1902) (7x4=28=82) (Jess McMahon was born in (1882) (Year 1902 = 1x9=(9) 9x2=(11) = (911) (Myer Lansky died on 1/15/1983) (Shane McMahon's birthday is on (1/15) (1983 = 1x9=(9) 8+3=(11) = (911)

Don't waste your time, there is only 12 episodes

Why are they showing this if it got canceled?! It'll just get someone hooked and then sad because they'll be waiting and waiting and then Google when season 2 is coming out. Only to find out that IT'S BEEN CANCELLED!!! 🤦

You should have definitely brought this show back instead of rebooting Charmed.

You need to bring this back. so many good shows you got rid of after one season...I sometimes get so frustrated i just want to quit watching the channel all together.

"You're a witch. We all are. There. Done."

I wish they’d bring this show back. It was sooooo good.


Most of this shows main cast aren’t in a committed tv show anymore! So it’s a perfect time to re-boot The Secret Circle

Emily Morgan we should watch this

I qish they made more of this show

This,needs to,come,back.....I loved this show

kickstarter for new episodes or something? wth cw and your sudden endings

I miss The Secret Circle!

Bring this show back!!!!!

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