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BBC iPlayer | Watch BBC TV, Sports, & News Online

The BBC is the United Kingdom’s most popular TV broadcaster. It’s a national channel that airs a diverse mix of news, sports, documentary programs, educational shows, TV dramas, comedies, live events, and other programming. BBC iPlayer is the BBC’s streaming service, covering the range of its channels (BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Sport, etc.). iPlayer streams the BBC’s programs online, both live and on-demand. It is free — no login or subscription required. There are, however, some geographical limitations. See how to watch BBC iPlayer from outside the UK. See our BBC One review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: BBC iPlayer
Location: London, United Kingdom
Genre: News, Entertainment, Sports
Website: BBC iPlayer

If you want to learn more about BBC iPlayer than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of BBC iPlayer

Review of BBC iPlayer


  • Live Stream
  • Video On Demand

BBC iPlayer’s rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that the BBC live streams its programs as they air. BBC iPlayer also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

BBC iPlayer is owned by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

See more BBC channels. Check out how the BBC compares to other news outlets in the United Kingdom. See how to watch BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world.

Available Job Opportunities at the BBC

To see the opportunities available at the BBC, from internships and entry-level jobs up to high-ranking roles, click the Jobs button above. Given the diversity of positions the organization needs to operate successfully, there are usually several openings.




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May 22nd, 5:25 pm


Only the biggest TV addicts will get 20/20! Answers are in the comments. No peeking! ... See MoreSee Less

The Big BBC Theme Tune Quiz


Comment on Facebook

Annnnnnd the answers are: 1. Top of the Pops 2. BBC EastEnders 3. Grange Hill 4. The Royle Family 5. Newsnight 6. BBC Casualty 7. Chucklevision 8. BBC News at Ten 9. Doctor Who 10. BBC Strictly Come Dancing 11. Peaky Blinders 12. Top Gear 13. Gavin and Stacey 14. Bob the Builder 15. Goodness Gracious Me 16. Blue Peter 17. The Great British Bake Off 18. Mrs Brown’s Boys 19. Teletubbies 20. Match of the Day

I heard Laurel.


9 is Doctor Who, most definitely. 2 is East Enders. 12 is Top Gear 14 is Bob the Builder I don't know the rest of them.

You know what? For me is one good enough. Cause it' Doctor f**kin' Who... And it's only theme song I need in my life, all my life... :-D

Top of the pops. Eastenders. Grange Hill. casualty. chuckle vision. bbc news. doctor who. dancing on ice. top gear. bod the builder. teletubbies.

As an American, only one I was expecting to get was Doctor Who and Sherlock. Upset Sherlock wasn't there 😢😭

20 was match of the day can't remember the rest lol

I missed the beginning no idea what was happening!! 🙃

16/20 Megan Sherrer not too bad! 👏🏼

Maxwell Luke I challenge you!

Imogen Lever, I got 12

Paul McGill 😂

Kath Keogh

Nuala Davenport

Karen McLean

youtu.be/fK4zm7SLvbk best top of the pops theme

Melanie Souch

Jahmine van Heukelom-Tromp nr2 😂🤟


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May 22nd, 4:40 pm


Terrina has Tourettes and has never met anyone with the same condition as her, until now. ... See MoreSee Less

MisFITS Like Us


Comment on Facebook

I watched this and I thought it was brilliant. People with Tourettes usually don't mind if you laugh when you first hear their ticks. But I'm sure they would be pretty offended if you continued to laugh or drew attention to them. Having said that, I would dearly love to be able to get away with shouting "Wheeeeeee!" loudly in public. 5 very brave and courageous people.

5 lovely people but bless them their ticks are worse when they are all in the same room. Laughing with them as they admitted they are worn out with the energy used with the ticks so they decided to go for a walk. Great bunch.

And people are laughing about this?? Nothing seemed funny here.... 🙄 God bless them

Oh f***ing hell... I would love to be in a room like that! I'm sorry but it's hilarious xD

Contemporary Christian singer, Jamie Grace, has Tourettes.

Her art work is out of this world, I would love to buy some

I think it WAS hilarious because the people in that video were laughing at their own condition and I think most people watching this would have been laughing with them, NOT at them. The stigma of this condition is fast disappearing as we become more aware and understanding of Tourettes. Well done to those who took part and helped to educate people.

Paul I'm in a moral dilemma: Should I feel bad for laughing at this video or not?

Such a fun meetup,I adore this sassy pin up style of this lady here 😍😍😍 hope you guys have more meet ups like this and you bring joy to this meetup

They are more lucky than us, coz they’re so happy every minute,hour and seconds.

Im so evil for laughing at this

Bénine Romuald can't help but laugh. But they're too, so I guess I'm good😭😂

It was so funny when she said... This was a bad idea XD

i hope they'll continue to get together to share their experiences

Sarah Robson Louise Duke I feel so bad but I’m wetting myself

dont let tourette knock you down, folk. cheers up. they dont define your self inside. i wish you all the best.

David Pierce-Roberts John Welch love the way they respond to each other’s ticks x

Loved the programme, and Terrinas drawings,, espesh the one of pink, Terrina should defo sell them 😊

My sister has Tourettes...she is 53

Imane Kerchouche tkhlas 3lina hagda if we keep dealing m3a 3ibad ki zbel u knw .. ya ndeprsou ya tehkemna tourette hadi

Anna Neema c'est une maladie..mais quand ils sont réunis dans un même espace, c'est trop marrant!!

I’m so offended by this... Robyn, how the hell has my name been spelt?!!!!! 😏

Alicia Pitman the girl that goes "weee".....you!!! This kind of sounds like a day at work. And it makes me feel bad 🙃

Eliza Oluszczak howlin n a feel awful for it

Tamara Rached look u know I'd never laugh at anyone with any condition but I'm bursting here ... I keep on comparing them to us when we are drunk I feel terrible

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May 22nd, 3:10 pm


A message from the Royal Family to all you commoners out there… 👑 ... See MoreSee Less

Message from the Royal Family - The Mash Report


Comment on Facebook

If you don’t care about your own monarchy, don’t expect anyone else too. All the women who work for BBC ONE who find this funny that ‘we are nothing’ probably should quit and go make a sammich. This was nothing but rude, tasteless and an addition to the decline of society. God save the Queen 🇨🇦

Crikey I’m a bit shocked at this from the bbc...bit disrespectful and quite nasty really

Can’t believe the bbc reposted this!!😮😮😮

Jealous much

What crap

Is this suppose to be funny. Some people will take it to be true

Oh dear the BBC trying to be funny

Ya know, you could always move to a different country

Is this an attempt at humour? If so it failed.

Rubbish programme, not the least bit funny

Disappointingly bad segment. These guys either hit the mark, or miss by a galaxy.

I don't find this clever or funny. Who writes this rubbish?

Who finds this shite funny?

Not very funny

We the working slaves. Now bathing in capitalism and feeling so fresh and free.

Wasn’t even funny 😩

Sigh at people not appreciating Satire

Get a real job instead of piss taking

all need an extremely hard kick right up the backside.

Have we reached the funny part yet ?

You should be ashamed of yourselves. Insulting your own patron . Have you nothing better to do disgusting hang your heads in shame. Your wit is vile, childess and throughly pathetic 😠😠

Lucy Wright give this a watch, bet there's a little element of truth

Is this supposed to be funny?

Hahaha people not understand this just shows marx was right Stanimir Tsvetkov

Sue Brown might be good to show this too dad

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May 22nd, 1:40 pm


With knife crime more in the news than ever, EastEnders' Shakil speaks about his stabbing storyline.

**Warning - spoilers!**
... See MoreSee Less

Eastenders: behind the scenes at Albert Square


Comment on Facebook

Is this they guy from the singing talent show that Simon had him sing a Michael Jackson song?

I think it was disgusting putting that on Eastenders and the time it was on.......especially with all the knife crime in London !! How must the latest parents feel who lost their children last week

i think the way this story has been written is fantastic last nights episode was really quite sad but it holds power brilliantly acted well done to both the actors

It's Good that EASTENDERS take time to do a story about this 👍👍👍

Katie Cameron Eithne Paramor Shaki dies?!?!

Skailk was one of my most fave I can't believe he was killed off loved him I'm going to miss his story's x

Monday episode of Eastenders was well portrayed both brilliant actors ,

Why do people waste their time watching s*** programs like soap operas

Great actor gotten rid of. Bad mistake as there is loads of dead wood on Eastenders these days!

Well done EE for tackling a very real subject and doing it brilliantly.. Congratulations to the cast and crew.

Daniel Brooks Sarah Ford Shorthouse oooo tonight I wonder who’s finds them x

Daniel Brooks Sarah Ford Shorthouse oooo tonight I wonder who’s finds them x

Well tonight was a real shocker!! Mick and Keegan??

Sarah Virgo you need to catch me back up

This is heart breaking 😭

Dayna Heaney SHAKIL 😭

Spoiler alert! Jeeze


Caitlin Jones

Tanya Blackwell

Lisa Wooldridge

Shane Keogh

Jess Whatley

Daniel Sparrowhawk

George Fletcher

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May 22nd, 12:10 pm


It takes two people to destroy a marriage...unless you cheated with your partner's best friend... ... See MoreSee Less

BBC One - The Split: It Takes Two


Comment on Facebook

We're now on episode five, but you can watch The Split from the very beginning by heading to BBC iPlayer. It's available for another month: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0b15gk7/the-split-series-1-episode-1

The Split continues at 9pm tonight www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/b0b15b16

I love this great series hope they make more....

It’s the best thing on tv at moment 😃

I can't wait to watch it. It is getting so good. I love the show.

Such a good series. I watched all the episodes again at the weekend. Can't wait for tonight!

This looks like a great show. Too bad the BBC in America doesn't carry it.

A good series, well acted but it’s a pity there is not one likeable person in the show.

Wish this would air in the US!

Another cracking episode; gutted it’s the final next week x

I’m loving this...I actually gasped when Nathan confessed, the dirty dog! 😱😱

Fantastic show with very talented actors x

I wish this was available in Canada!! Looks like a great show.

Really enjoying the series ! Cant wait for next weeks..absolutely brilliant :)

No. He. Didn't, naughty Nathan 😢😳. This is getting grittier and better with each episode 😌 x

Love it 😍 just wish he’d not cheated I thought he was a gud one!! 😡😡

Michelle Wood Our Fav Programme At The Minute!

Love this series xx let's hope they make more....

I’m loving this programme, an awesome watch

Clarice Bray you need to watch this ..... so good

Alex Holderness if you can get i player watch this it is sooo good x

Andrea Posnett-payne u been watching this. So good.

Jennifer Dodd Emma Kelly either of you watched this? If so, recommend?

Loved her in RIVER.

She's a great actress!

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