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Where To Stream It: Local Coverage Of President Obama’s Visit To Cuba

By Jeremy Evans / March 20, 2016 / Tags:

President Obama is embarking on a historic visit to Cuba — one he hopes will usher in an era of change.

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On Sunday, President Barack Obama sets foot on Cuban soil, marking the end of around 50 years of separation between the nation and the U.S. Obama is making a statement to back his foreign policy strategies of engaging with enemies of America.


The President started his Cuban visit Sunday, March 20. He’ll remain in the country for three days.


For those who want to watch coverage of Obama’s visit from local TV news channels in Cuba, there are a few different options. Cubavision International live streams its newscasts online, and is the best Cuba news channel to watch for live coverage. Perla Vision Cuba is another local news station. It doesn’t live stream online, but does have a video on demand collection featuring their latest news clips.


President Obama’s trip marks the first time a US president has visited Cuba in 88 years. Even the thought of a US president setting foot on Cuban soil has been unthinkable until December 2014, when Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro reached an agreement to and their nations’ estrangement.

Cuban and US ties were severed when the Cuban revolution ousted pro-American rule in 1959.

Locally, Cubans are rolling out the welcome mat for President Obama, hopeful of change themselves. The regime in Havana has not made much progress toward improving human rights.

Both Obama and many in Cuba want to see a shift away from the Communist rule toward a government that’s more open and grants more freedoms to its people. Watching the local news coverage will offer a unique view of how citizens feel about Obama’s visit and their future.


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