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Roku 4 due out soon—what does it have Roku 3 doesn’t? 

By Lyn Atwood / February 24, 2015 / Tags: ,


Roku device

Roku has long been a major player in the media streaming device competition. With a popular streaming stick and multiple box-style devices, the company certainly has plenty of entries in the increasingly crowded marketplace that caters to consumers who want to cut the cable cord and get more viewing flexibility for less money. Roku 3, the latest generation and most powerful device, will soon lose its position, though, when Roku 4 comes out in the coming months.

Roku 4 is widely rumored to be in development with an anticipated release date later this year. Given the media streaming trends that have been strengthening since Roku 3’s debut, Roku 4 will likely include some predictable upgrades, improvements and fixes.

Ultra high-definition, or 4K resolution, has been gaining ground. UHD/4k means a TV displays a horizontal resolution of around 4,000 pixels. The effect is like watching a TV that’s two 1080p screens tall, and two 1080p screens wide.

Roku 4 will probably be compatible with 4K TV. This will follow in the footsteps of Netflix, which is already offering 4K support for some programs.

Roku may also add wireless antennae to their next device. This would improve signal strength, especially for users who have their wireless router in a different room than their TV.

One fix that could be added to Roku 4 is the presence of a reset button. With Roku 3, a reset can only be achieved by yanking out all the wires if the device freezes.

Other probable upgrades are that Roku 4 will be faster, have more memory, and have a new, even sleeker design. When it finally comes out, provided it doesn’t cost much more than Roku 3 and competitor devices like Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, Roku 4 will likely attract a swath of new buyers interested in cutting the cable cord.


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