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Popular UK TV Channels To Stream Free Online

By Steph Myers / December 16, 2015 / Tags: , , ,

Here are some of the UK’s most popular streaming TV channels.

Doctor Who

Whether you’re from the United Kingdom and missing TV from home, or you’re a USA-er who appreciates what the Brits bring to entertainment, England has some great channels to check out.

Telly across the pond doesn’t have as many stations as here in the US, but the selection is still quite large and includes some world-class entertainment. Many of the most popular channels stream live online for fans around the world to enjoy. Best of all, in contrast to lots of US channels, lots are free—no logins or subscriptions needed.

There is one caveat. Certain websites restrict access based on the location of the viewer (called geo-restricted content). So viewers outside the UK will need to use a SmartDNS or VPN service in order to get around the geo-blocks and unblock content. Using SmartDNS tends to be faster, easier, and cheaper than a VPN, making it the best way to unblock streaming sites anywhere in the world. The downside is that, sometimes, it can be less reliable than a VPN. (Personally, I use ExpressVPN and highly recommend it to anyone who wants a no-fuss, reliable, cheap way to bypass restrictions on tons of great sites and services.

⊕ Want to watch from outside the UK? See how to unblock BBC, ITV & more

Once you’re set up, you’ll be able to stream UK TV to your heart’s content. Here are some popular channels that stream TV online for free—live and on demand.

BBC One (Live & On Demand) — The BBC’s flagship channel has an incredibly diverse lineup of programming, from news to quiz shows to some wildly popular dramas and comedies.

BBC Two (Live & On Demand) — Watch even more documentaries, TV series, and reality shows from the BBC.

BBC Three and BBC Four (Live & On Demand) — See even more of the BBC’s award-winning programming, including syndicated shows from the US. And in fact, there’s still BBC Sport, BBC Parliament, and several other BBC TV channels.

CBEEBIES (Live & On Demand) — This children’s channel from the BBC is a huge hit with kids and parents alike, offering both entertaining and educational programs.

ITV (Live & On Demand) — ITV (Independent TV) is right up there with the BBC in British TV popularity. Check out its original scripted dramas, talk shows, news programs, movies and more.

Channel 4 (On Demand Only) — This public television channel airs news, documentaries, and a number of TV series (some of the most popular of which are from the US).

Film4 (On Demand Only) — With the slogan “Great films for free” this channel is a big fan favorite. It primarily shows mainstream Hollywood movies, but be sure to check out its theme nights.

Channel 5 (On Demand Only) — 5 (formerly called Five) is a general entertainment channel that airs both locally commissioned and foreign programs.

There are many more UK TV channels worth checking out (just use the search box above to see what else is available; tip—if you like the horror genre then British TV is your bag, baby). With so much great entertainment available to stream online, a $5/month SmartDNS service will pay you back in spades if you need to unblock access.


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