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How To Watch Mobdro TV

By Jeremy Evans / October 3, 2017 / Tags:

Here’s how to watch Mobdro TV. Watch Mobdro online TV on your devices, including sports and live TV, all for free.

Mobdro TV -- How to watch Mobdro TV

Mobdro TV may be on its way to replacing Kodi TV, as Kodi’s legal issues mount.

Mobdro TV has a lot of similarities with Kodi. Namely that you can use it to watch tons of free shows, sports, and movies on popular channels — all for free.

Here’s how to watch Mobdro TV, plus a bit more about what it is.

Mobdro TV — Free Online TV

Mobdro TV channels

Mobdro is a streaming app you can use to watch TV on your devices. Mobdro TV, also called Mobdro online TV, is simply TV streamed via the internet from a wide selection of popular channels.

The Mobdro app doesn’t host any content, though. It acts as a search engine for streams of shows, sports, movies and online videos that are hosted by third-party sites around the web. Mobdro makes it easy to find streams of content and start watching for free.

What Is Mobdro?

Note that the streams on Mobdro are pirated. The sites making them available are doing so without the permission of copyright holders. So if that bothers you, you’ll want to stay away from Mobdro.

Mobdro live TV lets you watch free live TV on channels like CNN and BBC. Mobdro sports features top live sports events and channels. Mobdro movies includes hit releases on channels like HBO. And there’s lots more to explore with Mobdro online TV.

How To Watch Mobdro TV

What is Mobdro TV? How to watch Mobdro online TV

The Mobdro app is really easy to use to watch Mobdro TV. Here’s what to do.

ONE) Download the Mobdro app or apk files. (A Google search will turn up several different places to get the Mobdro download.) You can use Mobdro on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Kindle, Fire TV, and Kodi.

TWO) Launch the app and check out the TV categories, including shows, sports, movies, news, and more. Click on a category to browse the available streams.

THREE) Start watching TV. When you find a stream you like, click it to start watching. It’s that easy.

How To Use Kodi

Mobdro TV Vs. Kodi TV

Mobdro and Kodi are a lot alike when it comes to streaming TV. Both will let you stream a ton of popular channels and content from the internet, totally for free.

One big difference is that Mobdro can only be used to stream TV, while Kodi has lots of other functions. For example, you can add your own media collections to Kodi. With Mobdro, you can only watch the streams that are available at any given time.

Kodi Live TV

But, since Mobdro TV is simpler, it’s easier to use than Kodi, especially for beginners. The app is pretty well dummy-proof. The Mobdro Kodi add-on offers the best of both worlds for dedicated Kodi users.

One big advantage of Mobdro may be that, at least for now, it’s flying under the radar of authorities trying to prevent illegal streaming of copyrighted content.



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