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Kodi Pirates Are Fair Game, Says New Court Order; “Criminal Offense” Says IPO

By Lyn Atwood / March 13, 2017 / Tags:

Those who stream copyrighted content on Kodi are now fair game for pursuit by Premier League, says a new UK court order.

Illegal streaming on Kodi under attack

In a surprising court decision, the Premier League has been given permission to pursue copyright violators who use Kodi to illegally stream content.

While illegally downloading content is clearly against the law, streaming content without paying for it was seen by many as falling outside current laws. Until now.

How To Stay Anonymous On Kodi

The UK court issued the order to the Premier League, one of the biggest names in sports, to help the league combat piracy of its soccer matches via Kodi. (What is Kodi?)

Previously, Premier League could only take down individual video streams. Streams would pop back up in almost no time, giving pirates a clear edge.

Now, Premier League can block computer servers used to transmit pirated streams. Premier will work with various ISPs in the UK to find and block illegal streams.

Just The Latest Move To Combat Kodi Piracy

As Kodi increases in popularity, and more people use the free software to watch TV, sports and movies for free, broadcasters have taken notice and taken action.

Just recently, 5 people were arrested for selling “loaded” Kodi boxes — set-top streaming boxes with Kodi and piracy add-ons already installed. Premier League was part of that takedown as well.

While the UK is the current epicenter for a Kodi legal crackdown, the movement is likely to spread to the US. Here too, copyright holders are feeling the pain of online piracy. For example, ESPN is losing ten thousand subscribers a day, and Kodi is likely playing a role. Broadcasters like ESPN, HBO, and others may also look to get court orders to pursue pirates.

Watching Free Content On Kodi A ‘Criminal’ Offense?

The question of whether Kodi is legal has caused confusion among both users and those who wish to stop Kodi users from watching free content. But the defense that streaming content does not violate copyright law now has a huge hole in it.

According to the UK Intellectual Property Office, streaming copyrighted content is illegal. “It is a criminal offence to knowingly receive subscription broadcasts without paying for them, and there are also provisions restricting the manufacture, sale or use of equipment designed to circumvent the encryption that protects many TV broadcasts,” said Matt Cope, deputy director of intellectual property enforcement.

Current US laws put streaming copyrighted content without permission in a sort of gray area. (See a detailed discussion of the debate here.) But it’s likely only a matter of time before big-name broadcasters win some battles, if not the war.

It’s Now Even More Important To Stay Anonymous On Kodi

Given these recent developments, it’s even more important that users take steps to stay anonymous on Kodi. The way to do this is by using Kodi with a VPN.

Best VPNs For Kodi — Stay Private & Secure

A VPN encrypts your internet connection, keeping your identity private and your activities untraceable. Not every VPN takes privacy seriously, however, so it’s important to choose a highly-rated VPN for Kodi.


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