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Kodi Live TV: Channels, Add-Ons, & How To Watch

By Steph Myers / September 16, 2018 / Tags: ,

Here’s how to watch Kodi live TV channels, including which add-ons to use to live stream your favorite channels and shows as they air.

Watch Kodi live TV channels

One of the coolest things about Kodi is that you can use it to watch live TV, just like with a cable/satellite subscription — only better, because it’s free! On Kodi live TV, you can watch most (if not all) of the most popular channels live, including AMC, HBO, ABC, CBS, FX, ESPN, and many more.

Watching live TV channels on Kodi is super easy, and works on any device. The hardest part is finding the best Kodi add-ons to use.

This guide will show you how to watch Kodi live TV. We’ll give you the best live TV add-ons to use, and show you how to install them. You’ll be watching your favorite TV shows live on Kodi in no time. At the bottom of this article, you’ll find a list of Kodi live TV channels. (You might also want to check out the best Kodi build — with all the top live TV add-ons already installed.)

For Kodi Beginners

If you’re new to Kodi, welcome to a wonderful world full of tons of free content streamed from the internet! You’ll want to start with this Beginner’s Guide To Kodi. This will show you how to download Kodi and get ready to install the Kodi add ons you’ll use to watch live TV. So check it out, then come back here for the best live TV add-ons.

Before Watching Kodi Live TV

Some Kodi live TV add-ons may violate copyright laws. Kodi users are known to get copyright infringement notices from their ISPs. The issue of whether Kodi is legal is an ongoing debate. Plus, as great as the media player is, there are known security vulnerabilities on Kodi that can leave you open to hackers, copyright trolls, and internet spies.

So you need to stay anonymous and secure on Kodi by always using it with a quality VPN service. This will prevent you from being tracked or monitored and will keep hackers at bay.

How To Set Up A VPN With Kodi

Not all VPNs take privacy seriously, so choose wisely. Based on extensive testing, NordVPN is the best VPN to stay secure and anonymous on Kodi (and I use it myself). It offers total protection on Kodi and is a PC Magazine Editor’s Choice for online security 2019-2015. Only NordVPN has dedicated ultra-fast TV servers that are optimized to work with Kodi, so you get complete protection without slowing your connection. NordVPN will also let you unblock geo-restricted content sources on Kodi, so you can watch tons more TV. You can try NordVPN risk-free for 30 days. Plus, you can get a huge discount with this exclusive deal — the best you’ll find from any VPN (limited-time offer).

Stay anonymous & secure on Kodi with these trusted VPNs

⊕ See full comparison


Best Add-ons To Watch Kodi Live TV

There are lots live TV add-ons available, but not all of them are worth installing. Here are the 5 best Kodi add-ons for live TV — with an emphasis on US channels. Below, we’ve added a list of TV channels on Kodi and which add-on(s) to use to watch them live.

cCloud TV (free)

Kodi live TV -- cCloud TV add-on for KodicCloud TV has one of the biggest selections of live TV channels and is a must-have for watching live TV on Kodi. You can find nearly every US channel, plus UK, Canada, and international channels. The other great thing about cCloud TV is its search function. Just search for the channel you want to watch and start streaming. Install cCloud TV with Fusion Add-on Installer.

UK Turks Playlist (free)

Kodi live TV -- UK Turks Playlist Kodi Add-onThe downside of UK Turks Playlist is it isn’t as easy to navigate as cCloud TV. But the ‘Live TV’ section is chock full of popular channels and the quality and reliability of streams is high. If you’re looking for how to watch CNN on Kodi, try this add-on first. Install UK Turks Playlist with Fusion Add-on Installer.

How To Watch TV Shows On Kodi

USTVNow Plus (free; paid upgrade)
Kodi live TV -- USTV Now Kodi Add-onIf you wondering how to watch ABC live on Kodi, this is the add-on to use. USTVNow will let you watch live streams of the major US networks: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, MyTV, and PBS. This is also a great way to watch live news on Kodi. These channels are all available for free after you register on USTVNow’s website. If you upgrade to a paid subscription (about $20/mo) you can get 28 channels, including ESPN, AMC, A&E, Comedy Central, Nat Geo, FX, TNT, and more. Viewers in the US will need to bypass the geo-restrictions to sign up, since USTVNow is only supposed to be for Americans abroad. Just use your VPN to connect to a server outside the US when you sign up. Install USTVNow from the official Kodi repository (go to ‘Video Add-ons’ -> ‘Get More’ and look for USTVNow).

Phoenix (free)

Kodi live TV -- Phoenix Kodi add-onPhoenix may have fallen some from its position as add-on royalty. But for live TV, Phoenix is still a gem of an add-on. You can watch lots of channels live in HD, and the reliability of streams tends to be very good. Install Phoenix with Fusion Add-on Installer.

SALTS (free)

Kodi live TV -- Salts Kodi add-onSALTS stands for “Stream All The Sources.” This add-on searches a huge list of streams and sources to find the content you’re looking for. Install SALTS with Fusion Add-on Installer.

Watch Live Sports On Kodi

The live TV add-ons above are also great for watching live sports on Kodi. Just find the channel that’s airing the sports event you want to watch and start streaming it live. For more add-ons devoted to sports, see our list of the best Kodi add-ons.

Bypass Location Restrictions On TV Add-ons

Some Kodi TV add-ons have geographical restrictions. They block users in certain countries from accessing their content.

If you run into any geo-blocks, it’s easy to get around them using your VPN. Just connect to a server in an approved location to “trick” the add-on into “thinking” you’re a local viewer. See step-by-step help to unblock Kodi add-ons. 


Kodi is free, Kodi add-ons are free, and the content on Kodi live TV is free. The compromise for all this is that you often won’t get the same convenience as with a paid subscription.

Periodically, you’ll find streams that don’t work. For this reason, it’s a good idea to install more than one live TV add-on. That way you have options if one add-on isn’t working right or has dead links.

If you run into other problems, the Kodi community forum is a great resource. You can post any question or problem and get advice from Kodi veterans.

Kodi Live TV Channels

Here are just some of the US entertainment channels you can watch on Kodi live TV. This is by no means exhaustive. We do our best to keep this updated, but things can change quickly on Kodi so if you find an error cut us some slack — then let us know about it. Before you watch any TV without a subscription, remember to take steps to stay anonymous and secure on Kodi.

Popular Kodi Live TV Channels (US)

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