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Is There An NCAA Basketball Streaming Service?

By Bitfu / November 13, 2018 / Tags: ,

ncaa basketball streamingUnfortunately, the answer to the question about a streaming service specifically for NCAA College Basketball is ‘NO’.  The reason is that the NCAA is made up of separate conferences (ie SEC, Big 10, etc). Each (major) conference has its own TV deal. No streaming service — or TV network for that matter — has put all the conferences together to create one large streaming package. The same goes for NCAA Football.

As a result, we’re left with what you see out there. First, there are the major networks (ESPN/NBC/CBS) and their weekly offerings. Then, there are the conference-specific TV networks that only show their specific conference games. The SEC Network, for example will show Georgia vs South Carolina (assuming that game isn’t being shown on the major networks). The same goes for games in the Pac 12, Big 10, etc. What’s more, these conference-specific networks each require a separate subscription.

And what about the smaller conferences? Many of them also have their own networks. Thankfully, more and more of these smaller conferences provide streaming capabilities as well. Even better, many of these services are free. Take the West Coast Conference (WCC), for example. The WCC provides a great live streaming service along with a plethora of on-demand offerings from recent games. There are others like it, but you have to do some sleuthing to find them.

It’s all quite frustrating. That said, the large streaming services like YoutubeTV, Fubo, SlingTV, and PSVue still manage to provide a great selection for the vast majority of games. And they show these games much more inexpensively than cable. If you’re not terribly specific with your NCAA Basketball consumption, then a streaming service with ESPN, plus the addition of ESPN’s new streaming service (ESPN3) will get you access to a ton of games. Additionally, ESPN lets you watch these games up to a week after being shown live. Chances are, you won’t miss any meaningful game this way.

In conclusion. There is no streaming service for NCAA Basketball, like the NBA (NBA Leaguepass). But it’s still possible to stream a slew of NCAA Basketball games at a reasonable price. Simply sign up with a major streaming service, like YouTube TV, or Sling, or Fubo and make sure it includes ESPN. Then, get ESPN3 (and additional $4.99/mo) and you’re get pretty close to a comprehensive NCAA Basketball streaming service.
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