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HBO NOW is coming soon to Roku players

By Steph Myers / August 18, 2015 / Tags: , , ,

Don’t panic Roku users—HBO’s popular standalone service will soon be available on Roku devices.

HBO NOW on Roku

HBO NOW, the a-la-carte subscription service from HBO, will arrive on Roku media streaming devices in the coming months.

HBO NOW gives customers access to all of HBO’s popular content—including its hit original TV series like ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘True Detective’ and premium sports programs—without requiring a cable or satellite subscription. TV fans pay $15 per month for a standalone subscription with no annual contract.

When HBO NOW launched earlier this year, it was one of the first to test out the standalone subscription model. The move quickly paid off. HBO NOW soon became one of the most downloaded apps of all time, even though for an app it’s relatively high-priced.

HBO NOW ended it’s exclusive deal with Apple TV last month, adding support for Android devices and the Amazon Fire tablet. This month, Chromecast devices got HBO NOW. Soon, the app will add support for Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick and Roku players.

Getting HBO NOW on Roku has been somewhat of a question among consumers. HBO has clearly advertised the app will launch on Amazon Fire devices, but Roku has been left out of the messaging—raising suspicions of whether or not HBO NOW would ever arrive on Roku.

Concerns have been heightened by the fact that HBO’s website no longer lists Roku as one of the app’s “coming soon” platforms.

But those concerns have been allayed. An HBO spokesperson recently told TechCrunch the omission of Roku shouldn’t be taken to mean anything significant. “I don’t have specific details to share about Roku timing, but our goal has always been to make HBO NOW have parity with HBO GO in terms of devices supported,” the spokesperson said.

Roku players do already support the network’s mobile app, HBO GO. But, eager minds will roam, and the slow rollout on Roku has raised other questions as well.

Some have wondered whether the media streaming company was waiting for the Roku 4 release to add HBO NOW to its channel lineup. That would also suggest the Roku 4 release date is imminent, as Roku wouldn’t want to be the only player in the competitive media streaming space that doesn’t offer HBO NOW for long.

It’s possible Roku and HBO will still wait until the Roku 4 launches to add HBO NOW to the channel lineup, hence the air of uncertainty. If that is the case, customers could see the next-generation Roku on shelves by this fall.

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