Stop Wasting Money On Cable!

Cut cable and save money--without missing

any of your favorite shows, sports, or movies.

STOP paying for channels you don't watch!

Did you know you can get most of your favorite programming for FREE -- without cable? You should only pay for the stuff that isn't already free. You no longer have to pay for a bunch of channels you never watch.

NO more contracts. NO more monthly equipment fees.

You can own your equipment for the price of a single month of cable. No complicated leases. No monthly fees. No taxes. No commitments. YOU are in control.

EASY set up in minutes.

Cutting the cord doesn't require tech skill or knowledge. With our help, you can do it yourself with ease. We walk you through it in simple, easy-to-follow steps.

IT is all here. And it's simple.

You will still be able to watch live and on-demand TV. You will still be able to pause and record live TV. You can still watch live sports. You can still rent or buy the same shows and movies. You can still stream your favorite music.

DID you know you can watch up to 100 FREE broadcast channels?

ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, PBS -- they're all free, plus dozens more. Stop paying for them.

DO you still want to watch your favorite cable channels?

You can. With a TV streaming service you can watch ESPN, FX, Discovery, TNT, CNN, AMC, and many other popular channels. Subscriptions start at only $20/month, with NO contracts.

DO you want to watch live sports?

You can watch EVERY game in EVERY major sport, LIVE, without cable. That includes NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, soccer, tennis, and more. In fact, you can watch more live sports than with your cable plan, because you can avoid all the blackouts and restrictions. Sound too good to be true? Well it is true--even though your cable company REALLY doesn't want you to know about it.

DO you like movies and TV shows?

You can watch thousands of movies and shows on Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, and VUDU without cable, for the same prices you've always paid for these services. If you've never used these services, you're missing out. They're outstanding! Now, you'll be able to enjoy them with all the money you're saving by cutting cable.

DO you like premium channels, like HBO?

You can watch HBO, Showtime, CineMAX, Starz and other premium channels without cable. Just sign up directly from the network and watch ALL the same content with NO contracts for only around $15/mo.

WHAT about YouTube and Pandora?

Of course. Easy and FREE. You can watch everything on YouTube right on your TV screen. And you can listen to your favorite Pandora channels just like when you had cable.

WE are here to help.

wTVPC does not provide any service, or make any products. We're here to teach you how to cancel cable and save money. We offer unbiased help you can trust based on our own experience and research. Sometimes we recommend products/services, and sometimes we tell you what to stay away from. We may get a small commission if you buy something we recommend--or even if you buy something we hate! Since we get a cut either way, you can be sure the stuff we recommend is stuff we like, and strongly believe others will like.

TV freedom feels like cable. But it isn't. It's better.

Cutting cable really IS easy when you have the right help. We've put together the web's best, simplest guides that ANYONE can follow to successfully cut the cord and save money. If you're ready to cancel cable, you've come to the right place. So let's get to it!


Average amount of content you're paying for that's FREE without cable or satellite TV.


Average amount of your cable bill that's for sports programming you never watch.


Average number of channels in a cable/satellite package. How many of those do you actually watch?


Average number of channels people actually watch of the 200 they pay for with cable.

2 years

Average length of a cable/satellite contract, with heavy fees for early cancellation.


Number of channels customers can get for FREE without cable.


Average amount you can save every year by cutting cable.


Appx. number of TV shows and movies you can watch without cable -- including current shows.