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How can I watch my favorite channels without cable/satellite?

First, you can get 30+ channels for free with an antenna — including NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, PBS, CW, and more. More about antennas. Second, you can use what’s called a “streaming service.” You can use a live TV streaming service to watch all your favorite channels live. And you can use video-on-demand streaming services to watch shows and movies on-demand. More about streaming services.

Do I have to watch on my computer or mobile? Or can I still watch on my TV?

You can watch on your TV. Just use what’s called a “streaming device” to enjoy all your shows, sports, and movies on your nice big TV screen. More about streaming devices.

What about live sports? Will I miss out without cable?

No. You can watch EVERY game in EVERY major US sport LIVE without cable. You may not be able to watch games on the same channels you’re used to with cable, but you can watch any team, game, league, etc. See how to stream live sports.

Which channels can I get with a TV streaming service?

We have the full list of channels you can watch without cable using a streaming service. You can find it HERE, in the ‘Channels’ tab.

Which channels can I get free with an antenna?

At a minimum, you can get ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, and PBS. Most people can also get a few dozen other local and regional channels. It’s possible to get up to 90 channels. The best way to tell which channels you can get in your area is to use our Broadcast Tower Search. You can find it HERE.

Will I actually save money by cutting cable?

Most people will save around $1,000 per year. But if you pile on subscriptions to streaming services, at some point you will reach or even surpass the price of cable. So in other words, if you do it wrong then no, you won’t save any money. We’ll show you how to do it right so that you do save money. See how to cancel cable the right way.

Does cutting the cord require technical knowledge or skill?

None. It can be overwhelming and confusing because of all the new terms–but it’s really very simple, and anyone can do it, no tech savvy needed. But you will need to put in some work. For starters, you’ll need to take the time to learn how to cut cable in the right way, so that you actually save money and can watch the content you love. We’ve worked hard to take the confusion and common mistakes out of the cord-cutting process with our series of guides. See how to get started.

I don’t live in a city. Can I still get free TV with an antenna?

Yes. Even people in rural areas can pick up the major networks, and usually more with a good antenna. See how to choose the right antenna for your location.

I don’t have home internet. Do I have to get it?

Without cable or internet, you can still watch free over-the-air TV with an antenna. But if you want more than that then yes, you will need to get an internet plan. More about how to find affordable internet.

Do I need a DVR?

If you want to record live TV to watch later then, you’ll need a DVR. The exception is if you use PlayStation Vue as your live TV streaming service, as it has DVR capabilities. More about live TV streaming services.

I’m not in the US. Can I stream US TV from abroad without cable?

Yes, quite a lot, in fact. You can get live TV streaming services Sling TV and PlayStation Vue outside the US with a simple workaround. You can also get US Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu with the same workaround. See how to stream US TV from abroad.

I want to get ALL my shows, sports, and movies 100% FREE. What do you recommend?

One word: Kodi. More about what Kodi is, and how to use it.

Can I DVR TV shows without cable?

Yes. You can DVR everything on your live TV streaming service. You can also DVR everything you get over-the-air with your antenna. More about live TV streaming. More about watching free over-the-air TV with an antenna.

Do I need a “Smart” TV?

No. In fact, Smart TVs tend to be slow, making streaming very frustrating, and also won’t let you add other apps/services. Streaming devices work much better than Smart TVs for streaming, and you can use them with any TV with an HDMI port. More about streaming devices.

Wait — you didn’t answer my question!

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