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NFL Today: Bears-Packers Live Stream Free, Without Cable

By Jeremy Evans / September 28, 2017 / Tags: ,

Watch the Bears-Packers live stream free, without cable, or if the game isn’t available where you are.

Bears-Packers live stream free
Watch the Bears-Packers live stream free, without cable today.

In the NFL today, Thursday, September 28, you can live stream the Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers for free, without cable. Live coverage starts at 8:30 PM EST.

→ LIVE STREAM: Watch Bears-Packers live online for free, no cable (fuboTV free trial)

If you don’t have cable, the best way to live stream NFL games is to use NFL Game Pass International. This is the only way to watch every game live online this season.

NFL live streaming

Another option is to use fuboTV to watch the Bears-Packers live stream free, without cable today. Just sign up for a free trial of fuboTV to live stream Chicago at Green Bay tonight for free — plus tons more NFL, MLB, and other live sports. (Note: Some channels, like NBC, FOX, and CBS, block access to games if you’re not in a team’s “local market.” So if a channel or game isn’t available in your area, go here to see how to get access anyway.)

NFL Live Stream Central

Stream the NFL with fuboTV

If you have cable, you can watch the Bears-Packers live stream free on NFL Network. If the live stream isn’t available where you are you, can still get access. See how to unblock live sports on geo-restricted channels.

Watch Chicago Bears Online

Watch Green Bay Packers Online

For other options, read on to see how to watch today’s — and every — NFL game live online, even for free or without cable.

ServiceStreamingCoverageTry It Free
Live & On-demandAll gamesWatch Now
On-demand onlyAll games (but no live)Watch Now
Live & On-demandGames on CBS, FOX, FOX Sports, NBC, NFL Network, NFL Red ZoneWatch Now
Live & On-demandGames on CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPNWatch Now
Live & On-demandGames on CBSWatch Now
LiveGames on ESPNWatch Now
LiveGames on FOX, NBC, ESPN; Select markets onlyWatch Now
LiveGames on FOX, NBC, ESPN, NFL Network; Select markets onlyWatch Now
LiveGames on FOX, NBC, ESPN, NFL Network; Select markets onlyWatch Now
ServiceStreamingCoverageTry It Free

Live Stream Today’s NFL Games Without Cable

If a game you want to stream requires login with a TV provider but you don’t have one, there are a couple ways you can get access.

NFL Game Pass International

The international version of NFL Game Pass is the best way to live stream NFL games, period. This is the ONLY service that will let you watch EVERY game live online.

How To Get Game Pass International In The US

Don’t confuse it with the US version of NFL Game Pass. The US version will only let you watch games on replay after they’re over. Useless.

The NFL doesn’t let US fans sign up for Game Pass International. But thankfully there’s a simple workaround. See how to get NFL Game Pass International in the US.


You can also use fuboTV to stream NFL football without cable. FuboTV has expanded to cover all major sports, and live streams lots of NFL games. You can watch games on CBS, NBC, FOX, and FOX Sports with fuboTV. Get a 7-day free trial to watch today’s games for free. To see which games are streaming live on fuboTV today, go here.

FuboTV free live stream -- summer sale

YouTube TV

Another option is to use YouTube TV.  You can stream live sports on ESPN, FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC with a 1-month free trial. The only drawback is that it’s only available in a couple of US cities. But even if YouTube TV isn’t available where you are, you can still get access. See how to get YouTube TV in any location.

For more of today’s best options to watch NFL games without cable/satellite see How To Watch NFL Football Online, or see how to live stream your favorite NFL teams.

Watch NFL Live Streams From Anywhere

Broadcast networks and streaming services may block access to games depending on where you’re located. For example, if you’re outside of New England, you might get blocked from Patriots games. If you’re not in Wisconsin, Packers games may be blocked.

There’s a workaround though. If you want to watch a game that isn’t available in your area, you can bypass the geo-blockers and get access.

See How To Unblock NFL Live Streams Everywhere. Note that this does not bypass login requirements — only to get around location restrictions.

More Ways To Watch NFL Football Live Online For Free

Streaming services like fuboTV and YouTube TV offer free trials, so take advantage. Past that, you can use Kodi to watch NFL live online for free (plus lots of other sports). See How To Use Kodi for more.

One note — NFL live streams on Kodi tend to be unreliable. You’re likely to get frustrated by streams that go dark in the middle of a game. Plus, whether Kodi is legal is an issue of debate.










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