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Apple TV beat by Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast in device sales

By Lyn Atwood / August 25, 2015 / Tags: , ,

Apple TV has fallen to the fourth most popular media streaming device, but the release of the new Apple TV model next month could help it reclaim a top spot.

Apple TV

It looks like Apple will be releasing the new Apple TV set-top box just in time. New sales data puts Apple’s media streaming device at the back of the pack.

According to data from Parks Associates, Apple TV has now dropped behind Google, Amazon and Roku in devices sold in the US. The current US market leader, Roku, sells 34% of all media streamers.

⊕ New Apple TV will hit shelves in September

Given that the current Apple TV model is more than two years old, the data doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. Apple customers have been clamoring for an updated device for some time—and they’ll finally get their wish in only a few short weeks.

Apple TV 2015 will hit shelves next month. It will feature a new design for the remote, more memory, and a faster processor.

Consumers had hoped to see the proposed Apple Internet TV streaming service come standard in the new Apple TV. However, Apple has been forced to shelve their plans to launch a TV service after failing to reach agreements with content providers.

In a nutshell, Apple wants to do for TV what it has already done for music and mobile phone service. Cord cutters and entertainment fans around the world want the same. However, content providers aren’t so sure that would be a good thing for their bottom lines.

If Apple can’t get networks to make their content available, the company’s Internet TV dream could die.

Apple TV 2015, even without a built-in streaming service, is expected to be a big hit with consumers. Apple clearly needs the sales boost in order to avoid falling even farther behind its competitors.

The pressure is especially heavy considering Roku is expected to be the next media player with a device upgrade on the market. Experts predict the Roku 4 release will happen before the end of the year.

There’s also been some buzz about a new Amazon Fire TV, but so far that revamp remains in the rumors phase.

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