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S4 League: a quick look at the beta

By Peter Barber / September 15, 2008 / Tags:

S4 League is yet another Korean online shooter game where you simply compete for points which you spend on customizing and arming you anime like character, if you are the kind of person who can look past the “anime style” of this game then you will really have fun with it. (though lets note that the style is not actually Japanese)

If you find the japanese style of cartoons offensive then you will find the art in this game annoying unless you where into Jet Set Radio future and the like but then again these days it seems like the world is opposed to the idea that anything good can come out of anything that remotely resembles a fad.

Either way the game’s cell shaded setup is something I actually find pleasing and while all of your characters motions are exaggerated like in your typical anime they actually all work fluidly and make sense.

The in-game store has some expensive items (they almost all are) but you don’t need them to win. True Gun A maybe more power-full than Gun B but it will have something about it that makes it just as weak. You don’t really see much in this game that gives players an unfair advantage that can’t work against them and that is one of the high-notes. With my default gear and appearance I was able to decimate people who had tricked out their characters beyond my 5 hours of game play means.

As far as combat is concerned its split between sword meelee, which is all smooth and natural, and gun play which works very fluidly.

The targeting system is an over the shoulder system reminiscent of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition only this system is fast and fluid to the point where it works well for the twitchy game play.

It’s a bit unstable but very much worth playing (especially because its free)

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