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What To Watch Today — Thursday, August 10

By Becky Duncan / August 10, 2017 / Tags:

Editor’s picks of today’s top live TV and sports — and where to watch online without cable.

(For more ways to stream a particular TV channel, use the chart below. If you can’t get a live stream because it’s blocked in your location, see how to get access.)

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Watch NFL Football Online 2017 — All The Options


Live Sports for Thu 10 Aug 2017

Hover over the matchups you’re interested in to see available live streams. For more options to watch sports online without cable, GO HERE.


* If you don’t have a VPN, then YouTube TV is only available in the following areas: Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington, D.C.See how to get a free trial of YouTube TV in any location.


+ If you’re serious about watching sports online, then you need a VPN. A VPN will let you bypass location restrictions on both channels and live sports events. For example, NBC is only available in certain markets on Sling TV and other services; many Vikings games are only available to fans in Minnesota. No matter what streaming service you use, you’ll run into geo-blocks. With a VPN, you can change your digital location with a single click, and unblock every channel and game no matter where you live. You can watch a LOT more sports online and avoid the frustrations of spotty coverage and blocked streams. We recommend ExpressVPN. It has the fastest streaming speeds in HD and UHD. Learn more about using a VPN to unblock sports.


+ Each major US sports league has its own streaming service. Since each sports league will stream all of its own games, we don’t list them in our daily schedule. Here are the links to NFL Game Pass,NBA League Pass, NHL TV Pass, MLB TV Online, MLS Live, UFC Fight Pass. While these league passes are great, they are expensive and limited to just that league’s televised games. Even after these restrictions, the league streaming services still have game blackouts (unless you have a VPN).


Complete List Of TV Networks You Can (Legally) Stream Online Without Cable

In alphabetical order by network. If you want a way to watch online for free — and don’t care about taking money from TV networks or maybe violating some copyright laws — you can try Kodi.

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