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Watch ‘Taboo’ Online Free, Without Cable, On Demand, Live — All The Streaming Options (New Episodes Tuesdays)

By Steph Myers / February 21, 2017 / Tags: , ,

Here’s how to watch FX Network’s new TV drama series Taboo online — live, on demand, without cable, even for free.

Watch 'Taboo' online

One of this season’s most anticipated new shows is Taboo. The show premieres tonight, and already it has audiences excited to see what it will bring.

Taboo‘s lead actor has something to do with the anticipation. The strong, stony, sexy Tom Hardy plays ‘James Keziah Delaney.’

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A brief synopsis: The year is 1814. James Keziah Delaney has long been presumed dead after he left for Africa and never came back. Only now James has returned home to London — though he isn’t the same man he was when he left. He has come to claim his inheritance and what’s left of his father’s shipping empire, and, hopefully, to rebuild his life. But the legacy left to James is toxic. Surrounded by unknown enemies, he must navigate unfamiliar obstacles to avoid his own death sentence. Conspiracy, betrayal, murder, treachery, and love abound in this dark family mystery.

What To Stream Today

With a solid cast and crew, Taboo has all the elements for a huge hit. New episodes air Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on FX. If you want to watch Taboo online you have several options.

How To Watch The Taboo Live Online

If you have cable or another TV subscription that includes FX, you can watch Taboo live online on the FX website. Go here to watch the Taboo live stream on FX after logging in with your TV provider.

If you don’t have a TV login, see the best cable TV alternatives for other ways to get access. For example, two internet streaming services will let you live stream FX shows, including Taboo: Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. To get FX, Sling TV will cost you $25/month for the ‘Blue’ package. PlayStation Vue is $30/month for a package that includes FX. Both offer a free trial if you want to test them out.

Keep reading for more ways to stream Taboo without cable for free — live and on demand.

How To Stream Full Episodes Of Taboo On Demand

Watch 'Taboo' online free
Tom Hardy bares it all in his role as ‘James’ in the new TV drama ‘Taboo.’

If you have cable, you can also watch full episodes of Taboo on demand on and the FXNOW app (available for phone, tablet, and streaming devices) after logging in.

If you don’t have a TV login, you can still watch Taboo online on demand. First, you can buy full episodes on Google Play.

Hulu will also reportedly have episodes of Taboo available to stream as part of a Hulu subscription. Other services may also start to offer episodes to buy or rent a-la-carte, so check back for new details.

Watch Taboo Online Free, Without Cable

You can also stream Taboo for free — but stay away from those scummy “free live TV!!!” sites. There’s a better way.

You can use Kodi to watch Taboo online for free (plus lots of other shows). What is Kodi? Briefly, it’s a media player you can use to stream TV episodes and other content from the internet.

How To Use Kodi: Quick-Start Guide For Beginners

One note — whether Kodi is legal is an issue of debate. Yes, the networks frown upon watching their content for free. Hey, I’m not here to judge. But it is highly recommended you use a VPN with Kodi to stay private and secure.

To see what you can watch on Kodi, and how to get started, check out our beginner’s guide on how to use Kodi or our Kodi review. If you already use the media player and need help finding the best sources to stream TV, see our list of the best Kodi add-ons. This includes several great options to watch shows on the major networks like FX.

One More Way To Stream Taboo Free Online

Taboo is also now playing on another network — BBC One from the UK. BBC One is free to watch online, both live and on demand, with no login needed.

Browse Free UK TV

Viewers outside the UK will need to bypass the geo-blocks in order to get access. This is as simple as using a free tool called TunnelBear. This handy little service will route your connection through the UK, so you can access all the content on BBC One (and lots more channels). You can use it to stream up to 500MBs of data per month for free. It’s as little as $3/month for unlimited streaming. (Or, see more options to unblock UK TV.)

Once you’ve signed up with TunnelBear, and you’re connected to the UK, go here to watch Taboo free online on BBC One.