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Tips For New Cat Or Kitten Owners

Added September 10, 2009 | Tags:

I’m sorry, readers. This article is 100% off-topic and not technology-centric at all, but it is something I feel that I must put out there. You see, I was given a kitten about a week ago by a friend, and there are some things you learn with experience that you feel necessary to pass on […]

Microsoft Trains Best Buy Employees To Praise Win 7 Over Linux

Added September 9, 2009 | Tags:

So somebody sends me this: http://quaoar.ww7.be/ms_fud_of_the_year/569458-microsoft-attack-linux-retail-level-probably.html Words cannot describe the rage I feel as a result, but read on for a pretty decent attempt.

Facebook Adds New ‘Widowed’ Relationship Option

Added September 1, 2009 | Tags:

As the Facebook Insider reports, Facebook recently added a ‘Widowed’ option to its list of relationship status types in response to a growing petition. You wouldn’t really guess that many widows would be using Facebook, but the group behind the petition is a sign that Facebook is increasing their reach throughout the population – even […]

The Most Annoying Ads On The Internet

Added August 30, 2009 | Tags:

My rule of thumb is this: if you have to advertise something to the point where I can’t go on any site without seeing it, then its either a crap product trying to gain more exposure (after possibly several negative reviews) or its a sham. And in most cases, especially after a little research on […]

“Michael Jackson Alive” Video Confirmed A Hoax

Added August 30, 2009 | Tags:

Once again, Mashable reports on something that is completely unfounded and false. Below is the original YouTube video Mashable claims could be proof that MJ is still alive, and the “making of” video by the Germans that created the hoax in the first place.

When SEO Becomes Spamming: Crossing The Fine Line

Added August 27, 2009 | Tags:

It’s on everyone’s mind every now and again, but nobody ever says it: SEO and spam both have the same goals, yet the ethics involved in the tactics of reaching said goals are what separate one from the other. This post is more of a “Dos and Don’ts” post as far as SEO is concerned. […]

Meet The New Google

Added August 26, 2009 | Tags:

Google: If they ever make any change to their front page, it’s usually just a link to a new product/service or merely swapping out their logo to celebrate some event (including April Fool’s). But now the search engine giant is radically changing their entire search engine, behind the scenes at least. And it’s not even […]

Why We Were Offline: The Coffee Desk 4chan DDoS

Added August 25, 2009 | Tags:

As I’m sure some readers noticed, we were temporarily offline for a few hours. Apparently, our recent article that spilled the beans on 4chan’s Facebook account compromises pissed off the lovely folks at 4chan. The whole thing is actually kind of funny, and don’t be surprised if it happens again as a result of this […]

The Internet Knows Everything: MIT PersonasWeb

Added August 24, 2009 | Tags:

Remember in the mid-90’s when people were absolutely paranoid about the Internet, believing that the government knew everything about us and that these “hackers” might be able to steal our information? Those AOL trial-goers would drop dead if they saw the new project being led by MIT‘s Aaron Zinman, titled “Personas” (alternatively “Personas Web” or […]

iPhone vs. Blackberry: Smartphone Showdown

Added August 22, 2009 | Tags:

I currently have a Blackberry Curve as my personal phone, and I have written a lot of software for the iPhone in addition to using one on an almost-daily basis for debugging …and because it is awesome. I love them both, and while I haven’t traditionally leaned towards one or the other in terms of […]

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