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An Overview of embedded languages

Added September 24, 2008 | Tags:

Sometimes, the standard C libraries just aren’t enough for a large project involving a lot of high-level programming that just isn’t the easiest to do in C code. But, when the project absolutely has to be written in C whether its avoiding a pre-installed (or extra-install) JVM for users that may have plugin-phobia, or just […]

Is Ruby on Rails dead?

Added September 23, 2008 | Tags:

The Ruby on Rails phenomenon started by David Heinemeier Hansson in 2004 (fully open sourced in 2005) has had its share of hype, but lately it seems as if the trend is starting to die down, as ISPs have never really been that enthusiastic about it, and as a completely different scripting language amongst the […]

Asus Recovery DVD scandal: How it happened

Added September 20, 2008 | Tags:

For those who haven’t already heard, the PC OEM company Asus was involved in a major scandal where a directory on the recovery DVD and inside c:WindowsConfigSetRoot contained a software crack for the WinRar program, software serial numbers, a resume (presumably for a now-jobless Asus employee), an internal Asus powerpoint describing “known compatibility issues”, Asus […]

Sarah Palin’s email hacked, political fallout expected

Added September 17, 2008 | Tags:

Sarah Palin, Vice President candidate under John McCain’s Yahoo! email account was hacked Wednesday, and several email were leaked to the confidential document website At least one email to Amy McCorkell of Palin’s advisory board has been confirmed, and the FBI is investigating the hack and the group behind it, titled “Anonymous”.

Ubuntu’s OEM scare

Added September 16, 2008 | Tags:

A couple of major manufacturers, most notably Dell, have started to offer Ubuntu as their Linux choice pre-installed on Desktops, a place long held by Microsoft Windows. However, seeing as how Ubuntu (and therefore Linux in general) is now slowly creeping into Windows territory, could Ubuntu start to inherit Windows attributes that users hate about […]

S4 League: a quick look at the beta

Added September 15, 2008 | Tags:

S4 League is yet another Korean online shooter game where you simply compete for points which you spend on customizing and arming you anime like character, if you are the kind of person who can look past the “anime style” of this game then you will really have fun with it. (though lets note that […]

Yahoo!’s third party edge over Google

Added September 15, 2008 | Tags:

Yahoo! is trying a new approach to Open Source in an abvious attempt to gain an edge over the dominant engine, Google, by opening up their API to not only be used, but modified by third party developers.

Business Week website compromised

Added September 15, 2008 | Tags:

The website for Business Week magazine was compromised recently via an SQL injection, effectively making the website a virus replicator.

The Coffee Desk is UP

Added September 14, 2008 | Tags:

Hello everybody, After 10 minutes of well-planned configuration, The Coffee Desk is finally 100% up and ready to begin serving the news, as soon as the authors get some. The “About Us” page tells our short story, and other than that, expect articles of many categories to come, as well as static pages full of […]

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