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Meet The New Google

Added August 26, 2009 | Tags:

Google: If they ever make any change to their front page, it’s usually just a link to a new product/service or merely swapping out their logo to celebrate some event (including April Fool’s). But now the search engine giant is radically changing their entire search engine, behind the scenes at least. And it’s not even […]

Why We Were Offline: The Coffee Desk 4chan DDoS

Added August 25, 2009 | Tags:

As I’m sure some readers noticed, we were temporarily offline for a few hours. Apparently, our recent article that spilled the beans on 4chan’s Facebook account compromises pissed off the lovely folks at 4chan. The whole thing is actually kind of funny, and don’t be surprised if it happens again as a result of this […]

The Internet Knows Everything: MIT PersonasWeb

Added August 24, 2009 | Tags:

Remember in the mid-90’s when people were absolutely paranoid about the Internet, believing that the government knew everything about us and that these “hackers” might be able to steal our information? Those AOL trial-goers would drop dead if they saw the new project being led by MIT‘s Aaron Zinman, titled “Personas” (alternatively “Personas Web” or […]

iPhone vs. Blackberry: Smartphone Showdown

Added August 22, 2009 | Tags:

I currently have a Blackberry Curve as my personal phone, and I have written a lot of software for the iPhone in addition to using one on an almost-daily basis for debugging …and because it is awesome. I love them both, and while I haven’t traditionally leaned towards one or the other in terms of […]

Twitter’s Population

Added August 19, 2009 | Tags:

(now that we’re right-side-up again…) I’ve complained about Twitter’s spam-to-human ratio many times before but it seems that since those posts, Twitter spam has only continued to spiral out of control.

In Case You Missed It…

Added August 19, 2009 | Tags:

For about two days following The Coffee Desk’s 100th article, the site was flipped upside-down. It’s back to normal now, but in case you missed it here is a screenshot:

Adobe Flash Cookies: Hidden Web History

Added August 14, 2009 | Tags:

Think deleting your web history and cookies from within your web browser deletes all traces of where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing from the prying eyes of peers and advertisers? Think again. Adobe Flash has its own private storage within your computer which is inaccessible from any browser’s history deletion system – regardless […]

Is Chrome OS Too Orwellian Or Big Brother-ish?

Added August 13, 2009 | Tags:

We’ve talked and complained about Google on many other occasions within this blog, but with many discussions of Google also comes discussions of privacy, and the fact that Google aims to distribute an operating system should be no different – that is to say, not only is Google open to almost everything we do on […]

What Your Email Address Says About You

Added August 8, 2009 | Tags:

Email addresses are a bit of an anomaly nowadays: they’re used to identify you almost everywhere on the Internet, but they also trigger an almost immediate conclusion about your character when viewed by others. Here is a comparison of a few types of email, and what they say about you right off the bat. You […]

Dear Nintendo: Stop Killing Zelda, Please

Added August 7, 2009 | Tags:

So Nintendo is nearing the release of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks pretty soon, and I have some things to get off my chest about this. I’ve read all the information about this latest Zelda title, and Nintendo appears to be raping the series yet again.

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