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Open Office’s Servers buckle under version 3’s demand

Added October 13, 2008 | Tags:

The recently released Open Office Version 3 has caused such a stir by such vendors like Sun and the Mozilla foundation, OOO’s servers were briefly taken offline due to enormous amounts of requests (something thecoffeedesk has suffered from in the past as well). The site has been briefly brought back up now, however, for the […]

Comparison of search engines 2008

Added October 12, 2008 | Tags:

They solve problems, they answer questions, and hell they even make money. Here is an in-depth analysis of the “big three” search engines, and how they compare to other search engines and their behind-the-scenes workings.

Asus does it again!

Added October 11, 2008 | Tags:

A couple of weeks ago we covered the Asus recovery scandal and more importantly how exactly it came to occur. A couple of days ago, however, it was discovered that Asus has graduated from simple keygens and private documents to full on viruses.

AIG execs waste bailout portion

Added October 11, 2008 | Tags:

After a long tug of war over whether or not to pass the large bailout sum, AIG and others finally received the answer to their prayers, and the curse of many whom worried about future taxes. But the first check to be written from the sum was spent by none other than the AIG execs […]

Microsoft’s New ‘M’ Programming Language

Added October 11, 2008 | Tags:

In a software-centric world where we already have many, many languages to program in, from scripting to bytecode compiled languages, to frameworks on top of languages and embedded languages, now Redmond wants to bring ANOTHER language to the table, titled ‘M’ (for Microsoft?).

Wikileaks.org domain expires

Added October 4, 2008 | Tags:

Wikileaks.org, the fearless wiki run by the Pirate Bay masterminds has gone down recently due to an expired domain name from dynadot.com. The site is notorious for hundreds of confidential documents being hosted, and recently made headlines as the site hacker group Anonymous chose to host USA VP candidate Sarah Palin’s Yahoo! emails.

Cider, transgaming for the mac

Added October 1, 2008 | Tags:

This week I will review how porting apps to a new operating system instead of rewriting them to take  full advantage of the operating system they are being moved to. This review is in lieu of a COD4 for mac review as the purchase I made got cocked up in the download process. Instead lets […]

Comcast Hacked Again?

Added September 29, 2008 | Tags:

If you haven’t noticed, The Coffee Desk experienced some downtime over the weekend due to a possible security breach from comcast’s end. A few months ago, the comcast.net domain name was DNS hijacked, redirecting to a (script kiddie) web server where they broadcasted whom they were. Now, however, it appears as though someone has gained […]

Psystar’s countersuit against Apple: Do they have a case?

Added September 25, 2008 | Tags:

Psystar Corporation, popular in the Hackintosh community for being the first OEM to sell prepackaged custom PC hardware running the hacked version of Mac OS X Leopard which has been circulating widely across the internet lately, may or may not have an uphill legal battle against Apple computer regarding precedents for either argument. After being […]

Music coming together

Added September 25, 2008 | Tags:

The game of marketing music is often a challenging one for music companies. Most artists rely on your friends to recommend their music or the radio to advertise for them. However recently such alternatives are becoming less and less needed with the advent of sites that are built around the idea of both social networking […]

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