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ICANN’s New Global TLDs Might Get Scrapped

Added June 3, 2009 | Tags:

Naseem Javed wrote us some feedback on the article “Reasons Why Nobody Uses Tailored Top Level Domain Names“, posted a few days ago, to inform us of ICANN’s new Global Top-Level Domain names, and why they may get scrapped before they even become available: The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names & Numbers, ICANN, is up […]

Facebook and the Severe Lack of Privacy Within

Added June 2, 2009 | Tags:

When we first got an AOL Internet connection back in the mid-90’s, my parents used to always warn me about my online activity and to watch what I put “out there” on the Internet. Standards have relaxed these days, needless to say, partly due to the heavy online presence of today’s current generation of parents […]

Calling All Gaming Writers

Added June 2, 2009 | Tags:

The Coffee Desk is looking for a writer solely dedicated to the latest gaming news as well as insightful commentary on the subject. If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact us via email on our contact page (above) inquiring about the position. Thanks, The Coffee Desk staff

Questions For Twitter

Added June 1, 2009 | Tags:

I love Twitter. I visit the site from a variety of applications, and probably during 85% of my day. It’s becoming a bit of a disease for me, but I still can’t get enough and have sort of generated my own set of burning, unanswered questions for the Twitter developers, listed below. They aren’t meant […]

Meet Bing, Microsoft’s “Google-killer” Version 3

Added June 1, 2009 | Tags:

If anybody noticed, Microsoft recently relabeled Windows Live Search to Bing, it’s new name. The release was preceded by a sexy video on the new website, depicting what was apparently an idiotic housewife twitching her nose while using the “new” service. I’m no marketing expert, but continuously throwing money at this attempt to suffocate Google’s […]

What Is A Linker And Why Do We Need It?

Added June 1, 2009 | Tags:

Beginning programmers ask this all of the time, and in my circles I’m usually the one to answer this although I’m met with blank faces in response. It became more apparent that we need a good, solid article explaining exactly what a linker does when I saw a whole section on Wikipedia about the “debate” […]

Reasons Why Nobody Uses Tailored Top Level Domain Names

Added May 31, 2009 | Tags:

Almost everybody knows about the “specialized” top-level domain names, e.g. .name, .biz, and .info. But how come newly registered domain names still 99% of the time go for .com .net or .org? I’ll discuss several reasons why, covering the typical reasons in addition to some lesser-known reasons why.

MagicJack USB Device Worth The Hype? An Honest Magic Jack Review

Added May 29, 2009 | Tags:

Magic Jack is the home VoIP solution that is taking on the big boys like Vonage and enjoying great success. The MagicJack, which is primarily advertised as an “as seen on TV” product is gaining some serious traction among the thrifty that are looking to cut costs on their monthly bills. With phone companies usually […]

Intel Unveils 8 Core, 16 Thread, 24MB Cache CPU

Added May 27, 2009 | Tags:

That’s right – Intel continues to break barriers down with new processor technology every day, although the only software company able to take advantage of the new design currently is IBM. The new “Nehalem-EX” CPU microarchitecture is a pioneer in hyperthreading and multicore technology, and is currently unmatched by any other architecture at the moment […]

Internet Explorer and CSS Border-radius: Adapt or Die

Added May 26, 2009 | Tags:

Internet Explorer is the most widely used browser today, no doubt about it (the numbers don’t lie). However, as alternative browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox continue to eat away at IE’s market share, web designers are not only getting tired of supporting that which cannot be supported, but are also implementing standard […]

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