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Top Roku sports channels to stream live games and watch on-demand action

By Deon Freeman / October 15, 2015 / Tags: , , ,

For sports fans who want to cut the cable cord, Roku offers access to a full lineup of sports channels.

Roku sports channels

Sports has long been a hold-out for hopeful cord cutters. Getting access to live sports games from the major professional leagues has been slow to come to streaming media. This left many sports fans clinging to cable boxes.

But networks and sports associations have finally begun to embrace alternative viewing options. Fans can now watch live sports on streaming devices from a long list of providers.

Roku devices, including the new Roku 4, have a substantial selection of sports channels (though no sports streams support 4K so far). Channels range from the big-time, like the NFL channel, to the somewhat obscure, like The BILLIARD Channel.

Many offer free sports access—but for the most popular channels viewers will need to sign up for a paid subscription. Depending on how many different channels a person wants, the cost can still confer savings over traditional cable or satellite TV packages. Here’s a list of some of the most popular sports channels on Roku.

Watch ESPN — Features a ton of live sports, from college-level to professional, plus news, highlights and analysis shows

NBC Sports Live Extra — Shows all the live sports coverage from NBC, NBC Sports, and the Golf Channel

CBS Sports — News, analysis, and game coverage from CBS, including professional, college and fantasy football

NFL Sunday Ticket — Lets subscribers stream live NFL football games, and watch all the action from the highly popular NFL Red Zone Channel

NFL Channel — The “best, pure football channel” fans can ask for

NBA Game Time — The channel lets basketball fans follow teams all season long

MLB.TV — Watch over 2,430 regular season games live or on-demand

NHL — Get statistics, team standings and follow hockey action throughout the season

WWE Network — A favorite for wrestling fans, it gives access to every live pay-per-view match.

Extreme sports favorites include Red Bull TV and GoPro. For outdoor sports, Pursuit Channel, Bowhunting.com, Sport Fishing, and Hunt Channel offer quality programming for viewers passionate about hunting and fishing.

Roku also has many more sports channels that cater to diverse interests, from car enthusiasts to fight fans. Even poker and, yes, billiards have dedicated channels.

To see the full selection, go to channelstore.roku.com.


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