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Watch ‘Lucifer’ Online Free, Without Cable, On-Demand, Live — Seasons 1-2

Watch 'Lucifer' online -- 'Lucifer' TV show

Here’s how to watch the TV series Lucifer online — including ways to stream it free, without cable, on-demand, and live. A comedy-drama starring the Lord of Hell? Yup — it exists. And Lucifer pretty darn entertaining if you like that sort of thing. ⊕ What To Stream Today Here’s the premise: Lucifer Morningstar, the Devil, […]

Watch ‘The Americans’ Online Free, Without Cable, More Ways To Stream Season 5 & More

Here’s how to watch The Americans online — live, on-demand, on Kodi, without cable, even for free. Season 5 of The Americans, the hit TV drama on FX, has concluded. Which means it’s now available to stream on-demand. ⊕ What To Stream Today As a huge fan, I envy anyone who gets to enjoy this show for the first […]

Watch ‘Better Call Saul’ Online — Season 3 Now Streaming

Here’s how to watch Better Call Saul online for free, without cable, or on Kodi — live and on-demand. Season 3 of Better Call Saul is now underway. This season we’ll find out how Gus made his entrance into the life of Jimmy, aka Saul Goodman — among other things. ⊕ What To Stream Today If you want […]

All The Ways To Watch ‘Prison Break’ Online — Seasons 1-5

Watch 'Prison Break' online

Here’s how to watch Prison Break online — live, on-demand, without cable, on Kodi, even for free. Season 5 of Prison Break, the hit TV drama on FOX, has ended. Which means you can now stream the entire season on-demand. ⊕ What To Stream Today As a huge fan, I envy anyone who gets to enjoy this show for […]

Watch ‘Designated Survivor’ Online — Free, Without Cable

Watch 'Designated Survivor' online

Here’s how to watch Designated Survivor online — even for free, without cable. If you’re looking for a tension-filled political drama, the new TV series Designated Survivor is a good place to start. The show only has one season under its belt, but it already has a solid fan-base. ⊕ What To Stream Today The premise: Tom […]

How To Watch ‘Survivor’ Online — Free Live Stream & More Options

Here’s how to watch Survivor online — live, on-demand, and even for free — so you don’t miss any of Season 34. A new season of Survivor is now underway on CBS. This is the 34th season of the hit reality show, featuring a fresh crop of competitors. Survivor: Game Changers features a cast of castaways from previous seasons — back […]

Watch ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Online Free, Live, On-Demand — Season Finale Tonight

Watch 'Dancing With The Stars' online -- DWTS 2017

Here’s how to watch DWTS online — live, on-demand, and even for free — so you don’t miss any of Season 24. A new season of Dancing With The Stars is now underway on ABC. This is the 24th season of the hit dance competition show, with a fresh crop of celebrities seeking fame for their fleet moves on the dance floor. ⊕ […]

Watch ‘The Voice’ Online, Season 12 — Season Finale Tonight

Here’s how to watch The Voice online — live, without cable, and even for free — so you don’t miss any of Season 12. A new season of NBC’s The Voice is now underway, with a fresh round of super-star hopefuls. ⊕ What To Stream Today This is Season 12 of the singing competition reality show. This year’s “coaches” (aka […]

Watch ‘Scandal’ Online Free, Without Cable, Live, On-Demand (New Episodes Thursdays)

Watch 'Scandal' TV show online

Here’s how to watch Scandal online — Season 6 and past seasons. If you’re looking for an addictive drama full of secrets, dirty deeds, and intrigue the TV series Scandal is a good place to start. ⊕ What To Stream Today The premise: Olivia Pope is a “fixer.” She cleans up problems and keeps the damaging secrets […]

Watch ‘The Catch’ Online (New Episodes Thursdays)

Watch 'The Catch' Season 2 online

Here’s how to watch The Catch online for free, without cable, live, or catch up on-demand. Season 2 of the TV series The Catch is now underway on ABC. If you’ve never seen it but you’re looking for an addictive TV drama full of betrayal, intrigue, mystery, and revenge, The Catch is a good one for your watchlist. ⊕ What To Stream Today […]

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