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Watch ‘Designated Survivor’ Online Free, Without Cable, Live, On-Demand (New Episodes Wednesdays)

Watch 'Designated Survivor' online

Here’s how to watch Designated Survivor online for free, live, or on-demand — even if you can’t get the ABC live stream in your area. If you’re looking for a tension-filled political drama, the new TV series Designated Survivor is a good place to start. The show is still in its first season, but it already has […]

Watch ‘Scandal’ Online Free, Without Cable, Live, On-Demand (New Episodes Thursdays)

Watch 'Scandal' TV show online

Here’s how to watch Scandal online — Season 6 and past seasons. If you’re looking for an addictive drama full of secrets, dirty deeds, and intrigue the TV series Scandal is a good place to start. ⊕ What To Stream Today The premise: Olivia Pope is a “fixer.” She cleans up problems and keeps the damaging secrets […]

Watch ‘The Catch’ Online (New Episodes Thursdays)

Watch 'The Catch' Season 2 online

Here’s how to watch The Catch online for free, without cable, live, or catch up on-demand. Season 2 of the TV series The Catch is now underway on ABC. If you’ve never seen it but you’re looking for an addictive TV drama full of betrayal, intrigue, mystery, and revenge, The Catch is a good one for your watchlist. ⊕ What To Stream Today […]

All The Ways To Watch ‘Taken’ Online — Free, Without Cable, Live, On-Demand (New Episodes Mondays)

Watch 'Taken' TV show online

Here’s how to watch the TV series Taken online for free, without cable, on Kodi, live, and on-demand. If you’re a fan of the Taken movies, starring Liam Neeson, then you’ll want to check out this new TV series. ⊕ What To Stream Today Taken is a prequel to the movie series. Billed as a modern-day, edge-of-your-seat thriller, the show […]

How To Watch ‘The Mick’ Online — Live, On Demand, Without Cable, Free (New Episodes Tuesdays)

Watch 'The Mick' online

Here’s how to watch Fox’s new TV comedy The Mick online, even without cable and for free, whether you want to stream it live or on demand. Okay, the truth is network sitcoms trend toward the unwatchable. But we may have a pleasant exception in Fox’s new comedy series The Mick. The setup: Mackenzie “Mickey” Murphy is a […]

Watch ‘The Walking Dead’ Online Free, Without Cable — Catch Up On Season 7 & More

Watch 'The Walking Dead' online

Here’s how to watch The Walking Dead online, even without cable or for free — including the latest Season 7. The guts, gore, and glory of The Walking Dead was as good in Season 7 as in any other. Now that it has reached its very climactic conclusion, the entire Season 7, A and B, is available to stream on-demand. […]

Watch ‘Colony’ Online For Free, Without Cable — All The Streaming Options

Watch 'Colony' TV show online

The TV series Colony is an under-the-radar hit. Here are all the ways to watch Colony online. USA’s TV drama Colony got off to a bit of a slow start when it debuted early last year. But now, with two seasons under its belt, the show has a solid fan base and strong critical acclaim — and for good reason. […]

Watch ‘Humans’ Online — Stream Seasons 1 & 2 On-Demand Free, Without Cable

Watch 'Humans' online

Here’s how to watch full episodes of the TV series Humans on-demand. Never mind Westworld. The TV show Humans is the robot drama to watch. Unlike HBO’s attempt to merge real with robotic, Humans brings a much-needed human element to what it’s like to co-exist with tech lookalikes. ⊕ What To Stream Today The premise: Forget the smartphone. In a parallel present, […]

Watch ‘Gold Rush’ Online Free, Without Cable, Live, On-Demand — Season Finale Tonight

Watch Gold Rush online: free, live, on-demand

Here’s how to watch Gold Rush online, including options to watch it live, on-demand, and even for free. Gold Rush is one of those shows that sounds like it would be really boring to watch — but turns out to be irresistibly compelling. The premise: Gold Rush is a reality show that follows a handful of gold-seeking crews, […]

Watch ‘Incorporated’ Online Free, Without Cable — Season 1 Now Available On-Demand

Watch 'Incorporated' online

Here’s how to watch the TV show Incorporated online, including for free and without cable. If you haven’t seen the new drama series Incorporated yet, there are a few reasons to put it on your list. First, even though the show only has one season under its belt it has already garnered a loyal fan base. Of course, public […]

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