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Comcast’s Stream TV service gives users unlimited data, but may violate net neutrality

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Customers of Comcast’s streaming service can watch as much TV as they want without it counting against their data limit—a policy that critics say doesn’t abide by net neutrality rules. Comcast is rather infamous for its poor customer service. But their latest policy has subscribers delighting in the way the cable giant conducts business. Customers […]

Facebook scores again in video realm: Instagram launches new video channel

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Dogs on halloween

During the Halloween photo frenzy, Instagram rolled out its new video channel, yet another step in Facebook’s plan to dominate online video. As far as photo-sharing goes, Halloween may be the biggest occasion of the year. So what better time than to launch a new video channel? Instagram did just that over the weekend, as […]

New Amazon Fire TV reviews remain poor

Amazon Fire TV 2015

Many customers who bought the new Amazon Fire TV are reporting bugs, glitches, and a generally disappointing performance–despite Amazon’s rush to try to fix the device after launch. The new Amazon Fire TV 2015 model launched last month with much fan-fare from Amazon. The company was eager to get the next generation of their media […]

Internet ‘fast lanes’ will stay open in Europe


The European Parliament has voted in favor of net neutrality laws, but against amendments that close loopholes. In the European Union, the Internet’s ‘fast lanes’ will remain open following Parliament’s rejection of amendments that would close loopholes. The European Parliament passed net neutrality laws for the union. But critics say that without also passing key […]

Yahoo NFL streaming trial gets mixed reviews

Yahoo made history by live streaming the first NFL game in a test that has received a decidedly split decision. On Sunday, Yahoo executed the world’s first global live-stream broadcast of an NFL game. The Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Buffalo Bills matchup, played in London, England, was the first NFL game to be transmitted primarily via […]

New Apple TV on sale Monday

The new Apple TV will be available for purchase on Monday (except on Amazon, that is) and start making its way into consumers’ living rooms. The wait for the new Apple TV 2015 was far too long for many cord cutters. But now, consumers can have their hands on the device as early as next […]

NY Times to release virtual reality short films and new VR app


The New York Times is launching a virtual reality app and original VR short films. The New York Times is venturing far from its print journalism roots and into the realm of virtual reality. The media organization has partnered with Google to literally deliver virtual reality to subscribers’ doorsteps. The NY Times says that starting […]

Facebook doubles down on plan to dominate online video


Facebook is on a mission to be the Internet’s top video destination. Facebook is taking the next step in its push to become the web’s top online video platform. The social media platform announced plans to test what it called a “dedicated place” for users who want to watch videos. Facebook is trying out a […]

Facebook’s ‘Internet for all’ plan will expand streaming media market


Facebook is on a mission to give people everywhere access to the Internet—a move that will dramatically expand the market for streaming media. Facebook has announced major progress this week in the company’s efforts to make Internet access available around the world. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave the update (on Facebook, of course) that his […]

New Chromecast 2 disappoints iPhone, iPad users

Google’s new Chromecast device is making its way into consumers’ living rooms—where users with iOS devices are finding it lacking. Last week, Google unveiled the next generation of its media streaming device, Chromecast 2. The original Chromecast, having recently marked its second birthday, was in need of a revamp, and the new model came on […]

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