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‘Ad-vertainment’ arrives on Roku devices—and no, you can’t skip it

The ads on Roku players are about to get more personal—and more entertaining, so the company says. The Roku media streaming device is one of the most popular around thanks to its huge selection of content and user-friendly interface. Now, the ads that play on set-top boxes are getting overhauled to be even more pleasing […]

Roku adds more content for kids—but requires pay-TV subscription

Nickelodeon is now streaming on Roku to the delight of children and parents alike. If, that is, users already have a cable or satellite subscription. Grab the kids! Nickelodeon is now available on Roku players and TV models. The popular children’s network, home to the cult hits SpongeBob SquarePants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles finally […]

Major media streaming devices add new channels in the fight for cord cutter customers

Chromecast and Roku media devices now give users even more access to popular channels and streaming content.  Roku 3 and Chromecast users alike will find some new channels available on their respective media streaming devices. Both of the popular brands have expanded their selection recently. Google’s Chromecast 2015 added Fox, CBS, FX and HGTV. The […]

Roku TVs will now come with an affordable price tag and household brand name

Roku, the maker of popular media streaming devices, has had Roku TVs on the market for some time, but the TV brands were a bit unknown to U.S. Consumers. Now Roku has partnered with Sharp, and the Sharp-Roku TV offspring is high-quality, affordable, and available across the country. Why have a TV with a separate […]

More ways to watch live sports for Roku and Apple TV users—but there’s a catch

As the demand for alternative TV gains ground among viewers, networks are steadily increasing access. Even the options to watch live sports, a stubborn holdout, have improved of late. Now Roku and Apple TV users can stream sports live from NBC sports—but the offering has a major flaw and will fall flat with cord cutters.  […]

Goodbye Roku 3, Hello Roku 4! Why the next model will hit shelves by this fall

The Roku 3 has long held its status as the top-of-the-line media streaming device. Thanks for the great times Roku 3. But it’s time to step aside and let Roku 4 show the world what it’s got. For a number of reasons, we can expect to see Roku 4 make its debut no later than […]

Roku adds extreme sports to channel lineup

  Roku users can now watch Red Bull TV The channel is available to users in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland  Roku users will now be able to watch Red Bull TV, including live sporting events and other music and entertainment programming. Roku has launched Red Bull TV in the US, Canada, UK and […]

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