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Review of Roku Stick & Roku Boxes

Roku streaming stick screen

Roku is the streaming device to beat for cord cutters and cable-holdouts alike. [tabby title=”wTVPC Review”] I’ll get it out of the way upfront–I call it the Roku Rule of Streaming: It doesn’t matter whether you want a stick or a box–the Roku devices are the best streaming devices on the market. There are a couple […]

Live Stream Rio 2016: How To Watch The Summer Olympics On Roku

Watch Summer Olympics On Roku, 2016

Here’s how to watch the 2016 Summer Olympics live on Roku. This year’s Summer Games in Rio will make history as the most accessible Olympics to watch online and on streaming devices. Anyone with a Roku can live stream all the action from the Games. Here’s exactly what to do to make it work. [Related: After the […]

How To Watch MLB.tv On Roku Without Blackouts

MLB.tv blackouts workaround for Roku devices

Here’s how to avoid MLB.tv blackouts on Roku, so you can actually watch home games this baseball season. Use Roku’s MLB.tv app to stream baseball games? Then you’re going to want a way to avoid the MLB.tv blackouts on your Roku box or stick. MLB fans in the US and Canada are subject to local […]

New Roku Stick Gets Speed And Power Boost; Goes Back To Black

Roku Streaming Stick 2016

The newest model of the Roku Streaming Stick packs faster speeds and more power into its tiny package. The newest member of the Roku streaming device family has arrived and is ready to start making its way into consumers living rooms. The tiny bundle of TV joy has some fresh features and promises even better […]

New Roku player only $25, streams HBO NOW, Netflix, others

When the new Roku SE hits shelves for Black Friday, it will be the most affordable streaming device on the market, which also makes it the cheapest way to get HBO and other popular channels. Just weeks after debuting the new Roku 4 player, Roku has another device hitting shelves, the Roku SE. Roku SE […]

Survey says: Roku is the most popular streaming device

Roku 4

More people use Roku as their media streamer than Apple TV, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire TV devices combined. A new survey by Parks Associates says Roku is the most popular media streaming brand among consumers today, by a big margin. More households have a Roku player in their living room than devices from other major […]

Top Roku sports channels to stream live games and watch on-demand action

For sports fans who want to cut the cable cord, Roku offers access to a full lineup of sports channels. Sports has long been a hold-out for hopeful cord cutters. Getting access to live sports games from the major professional leagues has been slow to come to streaming media. This left many sports fans clinging […]

Roku gets HBO NOW

HBO NOW is finally available for Roku owners on the new Roku 4 device and prior models. Roku owners don’t have much to complain about in the content department. Roku devices get over 3,000 channels and apps loaded with streaming entertainment. But one glaring gap in the offerings has been access to HBO NOW. HBO […]

Roku 4 is here with new features, more memory, and other upgrades

Roku’s next generation media streamer, the Roku 4, has finally been revealed, and features some popular improvements and updates. Roku’s poorly-kept secret surrounding its newest media player is officially out. After several recent leaks, including a photo of the Roku 4 that surfaced online, Roku has put an end to the rumors with the formal […]

First glimpse of Roku 4 leaked online

The elusive Roku 4 release appears to be drawing nearer as the latest sign of its emergence has surfaced online. A photo of the new Roku 4 has been discovered on Roku’s website, igniting excitement that the new media streaming device will soon be making its debut. AFTVnews associate Elias Saba first found and posted the […]

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