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Can You Unblock US Netflix? What Works Today To Get US Netflix Abroad

Get US Netflix outside the US

Netflix has been trying to keep non-US customers from getting access to US Netflix. But there’s one way that still works to unblock US Netflix in Canada, the UK, Australia, and anywhere else. When Netflix went global earlier this year, TV fans around the world rejoiced. With Netflix in over 100 countries around the world, all […]

So You Want To Watch Free Netflix, Huh? Here’s What To Know Before You Stream Blackmarket Netflix

Watch free Netflix on black market

Who doesn’t want to watch free Netflix, right? Well, before you do, here’s what you should know about the risks and how to avoid them. Ah, the allure of watching free Netflix. Free stuff is awesome, and Netflix is no exception. But ‘Blackmarket Netflix,’ as it’s called, has its dark side. So if you’re going to […]

Will The Netflix Crackdown On VPNs Encourage Piracy?

Netflix VPN crackdown

Netflix is trying to tighten its geographical restrictions by closing a loophole that lets users unblock Netflix content in different regions. But there are reasons to think the crackdown will backfire. To put it simply, the answer is yes: piracy will rise in the aftermath of the Netflix crackdown. Until this year, Netflix hadn’t done much to […]

Best Of What’s New On Netflix US In September

Top Gun, new on Netflix in September

Fresh for fall, here’s the best of the new TV and movie titles arriving on US Netflix in September. It’s time for a fresh influx of TV shows and movies on Netflix. Here are our picks for the best of what’s arriving on Netflix next month. (Not in the US? See how to unblock US […]

Best Of What’s New On Netflix U.S. In August, And How To Get Access Abroad

New on Netflix in August

Here are our picks of the best new titles on Netflix this month (August), and how to watch if you’re outside the US. There aren’t a huge number of new titles coming to Netflix in August, but there are still some great ones to check out. Here’s our list of the best new movies and […]

Soon You Can Watch Netflix With No Internet, And Thus No ISP Throttling

Netflix streaming

Netflix is about to make long car rides, traveling in internet-poor countries, and sitting in the dentist’s office a whole lot more fun. No internet? Soon you’ll be able to watch Netflix anyway. The world’s most popular streaming service will soon launch a feature that  lets subscribers binge watch content anywhere, any time — with no […]

Watch It Now On Netflix Or Forever Miss Your Chance

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Here’s what’s leaving Netflix next month so you can add the must-sees to your watch list. Netflix will start its monthly flush of content for the month of May in only a few days. A whole slew of titles — some great, some good riddance — will leave the Netflix library forever next month. So you better […]

How To Stream ‘Better Call Saul’ On Netflix

Watch Better Call Saul on Netflix

Here’s how to watch AMC’s hit show Better Call Saul on Netflix, Season 1 and Season 2. The Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul, was a bit of a gamble, given how most spinoff shows go (not very well). But the AMC series starring Bob Odenkirk has hit it big with audiences and critics. Season 2 started this month […]

Deal: Unlock Everything Behind The Netflix Geo-Wall For $1

Unblock content

Here’s your chance to watch all the titles Netflix is blocking in your region for only a dollar. Of all the TV shows and movies on Netflix, subscribers only have access to a portion. The rest are locked up behind the Netflix geo-blockers, which keep users from watching certain titles based on their region. The […]

Now That Netflix Is Global, Here’s How To Quadruple Your TV & Movie Options


Netflix just launched in 130 countries, which means you can make your entertainment library explode with a simple SmartDNS or VPN. The announcement that Netflix is now streaming around the world isn’t only big news for the countries that just got the service. It’s also a victory for viewers in the US. Now, with a […]

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