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How To Avoid MLB Blackouts This Baseball Season

Avoid MLB.TV blackouts

Here’s how to get around those infuriating MLB blackouts so you can stream any game you want in the 2016 season. Is there anything more maddening than settling in to watch a ball game only to find it’s not available because of a blackout? Baseball streaming services MLB.tv and MLB At Bat inflict local, regional, and national […]

Still Haven’t Tried The #1 Netflix Accessory? Here’s What You’re Missing

Unblock Netflix everywhere

Netflix is great. But more Netflix is way better. When Netflix went global earlier this year, the couch potato in me did a major happy dance. At last I would be able to watch all the movies and TV shows on Netflix I hadn’t been able to before. See, all us dutiful Netflix subscribers actually […]

How To Stream ‘Better Call Saul’ On Netflix

Watch Better Call Saul on Netflix

Here’s how to watch AMC’s hit show Better Call Saul on Netflix, Season 1 and Season 2. The Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul, was a bit of a gamble, given how most spinoff shows go (not very well). But the AMC series starring Bob Odenkirk has hit it big with audiences and critics. Season 2 started this month […]

How To Use Kodi The Safe Way (To Watch Tons Of Free Stuff)

Here’s how to take advantage of all the great TV and movies on Kodi without putting yourself at risk. Kodi is an impressive media platform. The free application (formerly known as XBMC, for Xbox Media Center) is now one of the most popular choices of home entertainment system out there. One of the biggest reasons […]

Watch The Olympics Online: Definitive Guide To Live Stream Rio 2016

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics live stream guide to watch live online

See all the ways to live stream the Summer Olympics 2016 once the Games begin in Rio. [Last updated: Saturday, August 13, 2:05pm EST] This is the definitive guide for fans in the US and worldwide who want to watch this year’s Summer Olympics live online. We update this constantly, so the information here is always […]

Now That Netflix Is Global, Here’s How To Quadruple Your TV & Movie Options


Netflix just launched in 130 countries, which means you can make your entertainment library explode with a simple SmartDNS or VPN. The announcement that Netflix is now streaming around the world isn’t only big news for the countries that just got the service. It’s also a victory for viewers in the US. Now, with a […]

The Ultimate Guide To Cutting Cable In 2016 (Simple, Step-By-Step Help For Regular People!)


Cut the cable cord. Save money. Watch awesome TV. Live happily ever after. If you’re reading this, you’ve already made up your mind. You want to get rid of cable. You want to. But you’re not sure what sacrifices are involved or whether you’d actually save money. And you definitely don’t where to start sorting […]

How To Watch Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video When You’re Outside The US


When traveling abroad, here’s how to get access to your favorite video streaming services. When in Rome… you might still want to relax with some TV comforts from home. But many travelers are surprised to find that access to video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video is blocked outside the US. These services, along with many popular […]

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