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Natalie Dormer Almost Declined To Be On ‘Game Of Thrones’

This story is really just an excuse to post a picture of Natalie….   Nonetheless, this is what she told Den of Geek: “I contemplated not taking the role of Margaery Tyrell because I thought it was too close to what happened to Anne,” Dormer said. [She is referring to her role as Anne Boelyn […]

New Roku player only $25, streams HBO NOW, Netflix, others

When the new Roku SE hits shelves for Black Friday, it will be the most affordable streaming device on the market, which also makes it the cheapest way to get HBO and other popular channels. Just weeks after debuting the new Roku 4 player, Roku has another device hitting shelves, the Roku SE. Roku SE […]

Roku gets HBO NOW

HBO NOW is finally available for Roku owners on the new Roku 4 device and prior models. Roku owners don’t have much to complain about in the content department. Roku devices get over 3,000 channels and apps loaded with streaming entertainment. But one glaring gap in the offerings has been access to HBO NOW. HBO […]

HBO Now starts streaming on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick; Roku coming soon

HBO’s popular standalone service is now available on Amazon’s Fire TV devices. Amazon Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick are the latest media streaming devices to get HBO’s standalone service, HBO Now. For $15/month, the popular app gives users access to all of HBO’s entertainment content via the Internet without requiring a cable or […]

HBO NOW is coming soon to Roku players

Don’t panic Roku users—HBO’s popular standalone service will soon be available on Roku devices. HBO NOW, the a-la-carte subscription service from HBO, will arrive on Roku media streaming devices in the coming months. HBO NOW gives customers access to all of HBO’s popular content—including its hit original TV series like ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘True […]

HBO NOW arrives on Chromecast—Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices coming soon

HBO’s standalone service now works on Chromecast  devices, and will soon support Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Roku devices.  HBO’s popular standalone subscription service, HBO NOW, has rolled out on Google’s Chromecast media streaming device. HBO NOW first launched on Apple TV earlier this year. The app quickly became one of the most […]

HBO Now escapes Apple-only sentence—lands on Android and Amazon devices

HBO Now has moved beyond its exclusive deal with Apple. The popular app is now available on Amazon and Android devices, with others expected to follow. Earlier this year HBO forged a new path toward an entertainment future with fewer restrictions and greater flexibility. HBO stepped outside the cable box and started offering a standalone subscription—no […]

Rise of the Cord Cutters: HBO’s standalone streaming service racking up subscribers and profits

HBO launched their standalone service only a couple months ago, and already it’s topping the charts of the world’s most profitable apps.  When HBO stepped outside the cable box in April, it was a bold move. The network risked angering cable providers by sidestepping their service and giving subscribers direct access to its content. HBO […]

HBO steps outside the cable/satellite box

    HBO will soon be available to customers without requiring cable or satellite service. The network, which is home to the popular TV show Game of Thrones, will reportedly launch ‘HBO Now.’ Customers will be able to subscribe to HBO Now for $15/month, independent of whether they have another pay-TV subscription. The release of […]

Rogue Fan Leaks Game of Thrones Season Five Trailer Online

The age of digital media strikes again—the trailer for Game of Thrones’ upcoming season has been leaked online. HBO’s highly popular fantasy-esque show finished airing its Season 4 last summer. Fans are eagerly awaiting Season 5, which will start on April 12. Now, thanks to a rogue fan, Thrones enthusiasts can watch the TV show […]