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Live Stream Local TV Networks With This New Device

Retro TV with antenna

A new device called AirTV will let you watch over-the-air broadcast TV channels with an app. The downside — you still have to use an antenna. There’s a new device due out soon that promises to make cord-cutters’ lives easier. The product […]

Best Cable TV Alternatives — Watch Your Favorite Shows & Channels Online Without Cable

best cable TV alternatives - cancel cable

Here are today’s best cable TV alternatives, so you can cancel cable and stream TV online — without missing any of your favorite shows or live sports. (And if you’re outside the US, here’s how to watch US TV online.) […]

How To Use Kodi: A Simple Quick-Start Guide

Kodi Home Media Center

Here’s how to use Kodi to watch free TV, movies, live sports, and more — plus a basic intro to what Kodi is and what you should know before you use it. [Last updated: Jan. ’17] So you have Kodi and you’re […]

Ultimate Guide To Stream Live Sports

Watch NFL online

Here are today’s best options to watch live sports without cable or satellite. Watching live sports no longer requires a cable subscription. You can stream sports from a number of sources to get full access to all major US professional […]

Is Kodi Legal? Safe?

Is Kodi legal or illegal? Is Kodi safe and secure?

Whether Kodi is legal could come down to how you’re using it. Anyone using Kodi to stream TV faces some real legal and security concerns. [Last updated: January ’17] In Brief Kodi is one of the best TV streaming platforms out there […]

Sling TV Is More Confusing, Less Worth The Money Than Ever

Sling TV is not worth the money

Sling TV made some changes recently. And now it’s even harder to tell what you will or won’t be able to watch. Sling TV debuted with great hype and anticipation. Perhaps the world finally had a decent cable TV alternative, we […]

Which TV Networks Can You Watch Online Without Cable? Here’s The Complete List

TV networks you can watch online without cable

Trying to figure out which channels or shows you can stream without a cable or satellite subscription? Here’s the full list — plus a roundup of other ways to watch your favorite TV and sports for free or cheap. Can you watch your […]

New Option To Live Stream ESPN, ABC and CBS Without Cable Coming Soon

Live stream ESPN, ABC, CBS on YouTube

Cord cutters will soon have a new way to get ESPN, ABC, and CBS without a cable or satellite subscription. Cord cutters and cord nevers will soon have another TV streaming option on the table. Video behemoth YouTube is finalizing a deal […]

Soon You Can Watch Netflix With No Internet, And Thus No ISP Throttling

Netflix streaming

Netflix is about to make long car rides, traveling in internet-poor countries, and sitting in the dentist’s office a whole lot more fun. No internet? Soon you’ll be able to watch Netflix anyway. The world’s most popular streaming service will soon […]

Hulu’s New Live Streaming Service: A Viable Cable TV Alternative [With ESPN]?

Hulu TV Streaming

Hulu is entering into direct competition with cable companies with the launch of a live TV streaming service. Here’s what we know so far about the new bundle, its prospects as an alternative to cable, and the good news for […]

New Roku Stick Gets Speed And Power Boost; Goes Back To Black

Roku Streaming Stick 2016

The newest model of the Roku Streaming Stick packs faster speeds and more power into its tiny package. The newest member of the Roku streaming device family has arrived and is ready to start making its way into consumers living […]

Still Haven’t Tried The #1 Netflix Accessory? Here’s What You’re Missing

Unblock Netflix everywhere

Netflix is great. But more Netflix is way better. When Netflix went global earlier this year, the couch potato in me did a major happy dance. At last I would be able to watch all the movies and TV shows […]

How To Use Kodi The Safe Way (To Watch Tons Of Free Stuff)

Here’s how to take advantage of all the great TV and movies on Kodi without putting yourself at risk. Kodi is an impressive media platform. The free application (formerly known as XBMC, for Xbox Media Center) is now one of […]

The Ultimate Guide To Cutting Cable In 2016 (Simple, Step-By-Step Help For Regular People!)


Cut the cable cord. Save money. Watch awesome TV. Live happily ever after. If you’re reading this, you’ve already made up your mind. You want to get rid of cable. You want to. But you’re not sure what sacrifices are […]

9 Cool Channels To Stream Free TV Online

Comedy Central

Here are some popular channels that let you stream full episodes of TV shows for free—no cable required! Looking for ways to watch TV for free? You’re in luck. Not a lot of the top channels — but some great […]

Amazon courts Cyber Monday shoppers with $25 off new Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV reviews, deals, videos

The new Amazon Fire TV is on sale for $75. For shoppers looking to buy a new Amazon Fire TV, today’s Cyber Monday deal offers the lowest price yet. The latest Fire TV model is selling for $74.99 with free […]

Abroad for the holidays? How to stream your favorite shows from afar

Unblock Netflix everywhere

When visiting foreign countries, here’s how to still get access to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Going somewhere exotic for the holidays—awesome. Missing the new episode of The Walking Dead—major downer. Traveling outside the US can be exciting, stressful, […]

For sports fans, Roku’s 4K streaming is worthless

The new Roku 4 streams in 4K, sure, but there aren’t any 4K sports channels available. Among sports fans, Roku is a popular choice of media streaming device. Roku’s selection of sports channels is extensive and diverse. From the major […]

New Roku player only $25, streams HBO NOW, Netflix, others

When the new Roku SE hits shelves for Black Friday, it will be the most affordable streaming device on the market, which also makes it the cheapest way to get HBO and other popular channels. Just weeks after debuting the […]

Survey says: Roku is the most popular streaming device

Roku 4

More people use Roku as their media streamer than Apple TV, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire TV devices combined. A new survey by Parks Associates says Roku is the most popular media streaming brand among consumers today, by a big margin. […]

Sling TV lands on Chromecast

Sling TV Chromecast

The Internet TV service Sling TV is now streaming on Chromecast—and is giving away devices to new subscribers. Chromecast users will now be able to watch live TV and sports from over two dozen popular channels with Sling TV. Sling […]

Apple TV—Plex duo woos and wows users

Apple TV Plex app

The new Apple TV has added Plex support, much to the delight of customers and critics. While the older, 3rd generation Apple TV garnered ample praise, users have long lamented the absence of Plex. For those who don’t know, Plex […]

Should you upgrade to Chromecast 2? Techies weigh in with a surprising answer

Chromecast 2 has received high reviews from experts and consumers alike, but upgrading may not be necessary. Millions of customers use Google’s Chromecast media streaming device to play whatever is on their mobile device on a TV. Chromecast has become the low-cost […]

New Amazon Fire TV reviews remain poor

Amazon Fire TV 2015

Many customers who bought the new Amazon Fire TV are reporting bugs, glitches, and a generally disappointing performance–despite Amazon’s rush to try to fix the device after launch. The new Amazon Fire TV 2015 model launched last month with much […]

New Apple TV on sale Monday

The new Apple TV will be available for purchase on Monday (except on Amazon, that is) and start making its way into consumers’ living rooms. The wait for the new Apple TV 2015 was far too long for many cord […]

Top Roku sports channels to stream live games and watch on-demand action

For sports fans who want to cut the cable cord, Roku offers access to a full lineup of sports channels. Sports has long been a hold-out for hopeful cord cutters. Getting access to live sports games from the major professional […]

Roku gets HBO NOW

HBO NOW is finally available for Roku owners on the new Roku 4 device and prior models. Roku owners don’t have much to complain about in the content department. Roku devices get over 3,000 channels and apps loaded with streaming […]

New Chromecast 2 disappoints iPhone, iPad users

Google’s new Chromecast device is making its way into consumers’ living rooms—where users with iOS devices are finding it lacking. Last week, Google unveiled the next generation of its media streaming device, Chromecast 2. The original Chromecast, having recently marked […]

Roku 4 is here with new features, more memory, and other upgrades

Roku’s next generation media streamer, the Roku 4, has finally been revealed, and features some popular improvements and updates. Roku’s poorly-kept secret surrounding its newest media player is officially out. After several recent leaks, including a photo of the Roku […]

Google unveils new Chromecast 2—faster, more powerful

Chromecast 2 has come on the market just in time to compete with the new Apple TV, new Amazon Fire TV, and Roku 4. Google has released its redesigned Chromecast 2 media streaming device, now available for purchase in 17 […]

First glimpse of Roku 4 leaked online

The elusive Roku 4 release appears to be drawing nearer as the latest sign of its emergence has surfaced online. A photo of the new Roku 4 has been discovered on Roku’s website, igniting excitement that the new media streaming device […]

New NBC shows now streaming on Roku via updated app

NBC has launched a new Roku app, making its upcoming fall lineup of new shows available for streaming. Starting today, Roku users have access to a new NBC app in the Roku Channel Store. The new app is free and […]

Roku 4 release coming soon — with 4K

Things are heating up in the media streaming wars as Roku makes moves toward the release of a new Roku 4 device. The Roku 4 could hit shelves just in time to give the new Apple TV 2015 and new […]

New Amazon Fire TV upstages Apple TV with 4K streaming

The new Amazon Fire TV will come with 4K UHD support—a feature lacking in the new Apple TV.  On the heels of the new Apple TV 2015 unveiling, Amazon made an announcement of its own. Not to be outmaneuvered by […]

Plex arrives on new Apple TV—but what is Plex, exactly?

The new Apple TV will finally support for Plex. Don’t know what Plex is? You’re not alone. The new Apple TV 2015, unveiled last week at Apple’s San Francisco event, has had both the tech and TV worlds buzzing. The […]

Analysts say Apple’s TV streaming service will launch

Apple investors are predicting that the company’s Internet TV streaming service will make it off the ground and into people’s living rooms. Apple’s big plan to do for TV what it’s done for phones and music doesn’t stop with hardware. […]

New Apple TV will arrive in stores in October

Apple unveiled the new Apple TV at their company event yesterday. The device will hit shelves in October and come with a number of new features. Apple CEO Tim Cook at last lifted the veil on the new Apple TV […]

New Apple TV will feature live streaming via Periscope, latest rumors say

In the swirl of excitement around the new Apple TV and what it will look like, fresh hints say the live-streaming app Periscope will make an appearance. Today is the day Apple reveals the new Apple TV. Anticipation during the […]

What to expect from the new Apple TV

Apple is set to reveal a new Apple TV device tomorrow at their annual company event. Amid swirling rumors, potential surprises, hopes and cautionary notes, here’s what to expect when the veil is lifted.  All eyes in the tech and […]

Roku putting pressure on customers to upgrade devices

Roku is dropping support for older media streaming devices, leaving customers to choose between upgrading to a newer model or getting left behind. In an email notice sent to customers this morning, Roku broke the news that it will no longer support […]

New Apple TV sticker shock could open door for Roku 4

The new Apple TV will sell for between $150 and $200—a price that could doom the device before it even hits shelves, opening opportunities for major competitors like Roku. TV fans and anyone interested in cutting the cable cord have been […]

Apple TV beat by Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast in device sales

Apple TV has fallen to the fourth most popular media streaming device, but the release of the new Apple TV model next month could help it reclaim a top spot. It looks like Apple will be releasing the new Apple […]

HBO Now starts streaming on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick; Roku coming soon

HBO’s popular standalone service is now available on Amazon’s Fire TV devices. Amazon Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick are the latest media streaming devices to get HBO’s standalone service, HBO Now. For $15/month, the popular app gives users […]

Amazon isn’t saying when the Fire TV will be back in stock. Is an update on the way?

Amazon Fire TVs are out of stock on the company’s website, with no details on when they’ll be back.  The Amazon Fire TV is currently unavailable on Amazon. The absence of information on when the devices will be back in […]

HBO NOW is coming soon to Roku players

Don’t panic Roku users—HBO’s popular standalone service will soon be available on Roku devices. HBO NOW, the a-la-carte subscription service from HBO, will arrive on Roku media streaming devices in the coming months. HBO NOW gives customers access to all […]

New Apple TV won’t come with TV streaming service

Apple has delayed its plans to launch a TV streaming service. The new Apple TV 2015 will hit shelves next month, but won’t come with Apple’s planned TV streaming service. The company has postponed its plans to launch its new […]

HBO NOW arrives on Chromecast—Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices coming soon

HBO’s standalone service now works on Chromecast  devices, and will soon support Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Roku devices.  HBO’s popular standalone subscription service, HBO NOW, has rolled out on Google’s Chromecast media streaming device. HBO NOW first […]

Netflix and Foxtel locked in TV streaming vs. broadcast battle in Australia

Netflix has its sights set on destroying traditional TV in Australia. But Foxtel isn’t going down without a fight. When TV streaming giant Netflix arrived in Australia early this year, it was nearly an overnight hit. Residents had long been […]

New Apple TV will arrive in September

Apple is reportedly planning to unveil the next version of its media streaming set-top box next month. Fans who were sorely disappointed during Apple’s WWDC conference, when the company failed to unveil a new Apple TV version, will see their […]

For Roku 4 release, price will be a big factor in popularity

With other media streaming devices coming down in cost, Roku 4 will have a narrow line to walk in order to be both profitable and popular with consumers. The hotly-anticipated next generation Roku player, Roku 4, is expected to be released […]

Roku arrives in Australia as Telstra TV–but high hopes may be dashed

Roku is going down under. The Roku 2 is launching in Australia as a rebranded media streaming device, but it won’t be the same as in the US.  Just like US entertainment fans, Australians have been embracing new TV technology. […]

Chromecast turns two–collect your free movie gift from Google

Google’s Chromecast device is now two years old and the company is marking the occasion by giving away gifts to loyal users. How the time flies—and especially tech time. The Chromecast media streaming device has hit its second birthday. In […]

NFL games will stream online and on media devices this fall

The NFL will launch ‘Game Pass’ for Android, iOS, Xbox, Apple TV and more in time for the start of this year’s football season.  The NFL is planning a new ‘Game Pass’ app for online streaming that’s expected to be […]

HBO Now escapes Apple-only sentence—lands on Android and Amazon devices

HBO Now has moved beyond its exclusive deal with Apple. The popular app is now available on Amazon and Android devices, with others expected to follow. Earlier this year HBO forged a new path toward an entertainment future with fewer restrictions […]

Comcast trying to woo cord-cutters but doing a terrible job

Comcast’s new streaming service is essentially HBO Now, plus basic network channels, minus flexibility and accessibility.  As more people look for alternative options over traditional pay-TV, cable provider Comcast is trying to hang on to customers with a new streaming service. […]

Slow Internet messing up your Chromecast stream? Now there’s an easy fix

Chromecast users who don’t have a high-speed WiFi connection can now improve stream strength with a simple adapter. Chromecast is a great little media streaming device. At only $35 the dongle from Google makes it easy to stream TV shows, […]

Amazon Fling will make Amazon Fire TV even better

Amazon’s latest project in the media streaming space, Amazon Fling, will make sending online videos and other media from a device to Amazon Fire TV fast and easy. With Amazon Fire TV, the Fire TV Stick, and Amazon Instant Video, […]

Showtime joins the cord cutter movement—now available without cable

Fans can now stream Showtime without a pay-TV subscription.  Showtime has launched a standalone service to give viewers access to its content via multiple devices and without requiring a cable or satellite TV package. The network’s new a la carte […]

Comedy Central streaming on Roku at last

Comedy Central has finally released a Roku app to make their shows and specials available via Roku players and streaming stick. It took longer than Roku fans would like, but users of the media streaming devices can finally stream Comedy Central. […]

Rise of the Cord Cutters: HBO’s standalone streaming service racking up subscribers and profits

HBO launched their standalone service only a couple months ago, and already it’s topping the charts of the world’s most profitable apps.  When HBO stepped outside the cable box in April, it was a bold move. The network risked angering […]

Amazon Fire TV adds Rdio music streaming, gets another step closer to equaling Roku’s content

The Rdio music streaming service is now playing on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. (Says Amazon to Roku: Anything you can do we can do at least as well.) Rdio has just arrived on Amazon’s media streaming devices […]

‘Ad-vertainment’ arrives on Roku devices—and no, you can’t skip it

The ads on Roku players are about to get more personal—and more entertaining, so the company says. The Roku media streaming device is one of the most popular around thanks to its huge selection of content and user-friendly interface. Now, […]

How Amazon Fire TV beat Roku, Chromecast and Apple TV to become most popular media streaming device

There’s a new frontrunner in the media streaming wars. Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are the best-selling streamers so far this year—and with good reason. In the past few years, media streaming devices have surged in both popularity […]

Apple TV will be a no-show, but conference could still surprise 

Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference kicks off today. TV fans have already been disappointed by advanced new of the Apple TV delay. But there could still be some surprises in store.  When Apple’s annual conference, the WWDC or Worldwide Developer’s Conference, […]

Is Google’s Chromecast revamp a harbinger of Roku 4?

Chromecast just got a makeover and is now more attractive than ever. What does the timing say about the Roku 4 release?  Google recently revealed a handful of updates to its small, powerful and popular media streaming stick, Chromecast. The […]

More media and communications merger talks as Internet TV challenges traditional TV

Another major media company, DISH Network, is in talks to merge with a communications provider, T-Mobile. Alternative TV providers are increasingly putting pressure on standard satellite and cable companies. DISH Network Corp. is currently in merger negotiations with T-Mobile US […]

Apple TV streaming service squashed (at least for now)

The eagerly awaited TV streaming service from Apple has been delayed indefinitely, and could be altogether dead.  Rumors had it Apple would be unveiling both their new TV streaming service and the new Apple TV 2015 media streaming device at […]

Sling TV hooks up with Android TV

Internet TV’s hottest name, Sling TV, has made a new conquest, Android TV. Sling channels will now play on all devices running the Android TV platform. TV fans interested in cutting the cable cord and getting more options outside of […]

Why Apple chose right in scrapping its TV set plans

Despite lots of rumors to the contrary, it’s now confirmed that Apple abandoned its plans to develop an HDTV set a year ago. That leaves the company free to focus its efforts to take over television in a way that […]

Major media streaming devices add new channels in the fight for cord cutter customers

Chromecast and Roku media devices now give users even more access to popular channels and streaming content.  Roku 3 and Chromecast users alike will find some new channels available on their respective media streaming devices. Both of the popular brands […]

Roku 4 release date draws nearer—but has the wait already made it out-of-date?

Roku’s next generation media streaming device, the Roku 4, is expected to come out sometime this summer or fall—though earlier predictions had slated it for a springtime launch. With the Roku 4 release date revised later, will its expected features […]

Sling TV improves basic package and adds Latino sports and entertainment channels

Sling TV added Bloomberg News to the basic subscription package New add-on packages deliver Spanish-language sports and TV channels Sling TV has been steadily adding to the content it offers subscribers. The Internet TV company, owned by DISH Network and […]

Roku TVs will now come with an affordable price tag and household brand name

Roku, the maker of popular media streaming devices, has had Roku TVs on the market for some time, but the TV brands were a bit unknown to U.S. Consumers. Now Roku has partnered with Sharp, and the Sharp-Roku TV offspring […]

New details about the new Apple TV model for 2015

Apple TV’s much-anticipated next model already has customers excited. Now, new details have emerged about what Apple TV 2015 will look like—including big changes to a key piece of hardware—and what it will do differently than the current version. Apple […]

Comcast’s loss of cable users could be great news for TV fans everywhere

For the first time, Comcast has more Internet than cable subscribers. The undeniable trend in TV watching habits could signal welcome changes are on the horizon for cord cutters and TV fans everywhere.   Comcast executive Niel Smit confirmed that […]

Chromecast gains ground in the race for world domination

The media streaming device wars aren’t only playing out in the U.S., where the big-name developers are based. The race is on to get devices to customers around the world. Most recently, Google Malaysia announced some good news for residents […]

Reviewing Apple TV among the 2015 competition

Apple TV is one of the most popular media streaming devices. But with the current 3rd generation now over three years old, how does it stack up against today’s competition? When Apple TV’s first generation device debuted in 2007, it had […]

More ways to watch live sports for Roku and Apple TV users—but there’s a catch

As the demand for alternative TV gains ground among viewers, networks are steadily increasing access. Even the options to watch live sports, a stubborn holdout, have improved of late. Now Roku and Apple TV users can stream sports live from […]

Fans can finally watch sports without cable as Internet TV, standalone channels open new options

As alternate ways to watch TV have been gaining popularity, access to live sports events has presented a major obstacle. But all that is finally changing. For sports fans, the scant coverage outside a cable TV subscription has remained a […]

The way we stream TV is about to get even better

The next big thing to hit media streaming is here, and it’s sure to please fans who stream TV from the Internet to the living-room screen. It’s called high dynamic range. Even if you don’t know what it is, don’t […]

Goodbye Roku 3, Hello Roku 4! Why the next model will hit shelves by this fall

The Roku 3 has long held its status as the top-of-the-line media streaming device. Thanks for the great times Roku 3. But it’s time to step aside and let Roku 4 show the world what it’s got. For a number […]

Netflix wants to stream the same around the world—but obstacles won’t be easily overcome

Netflix wants to make its TV shows and movies available to subscribers across the globe. Issues like piracy and international licensing, however, may prove insurmountable, sending the dreams of TV fans around the world up in smoke. Currently, Netflix users […]

The rumors, questions and confusion surrounding Apple TV, Apple’s TV streaming service

Consumers who aren’t heavily dialed into Apple and the company’s current and future forays into television are likely to find themselves confused by recent news. For that matter, even some who are pretty in touch with Apple and the state […]

Apple plans to offer Internet TV service

  Apple is in talks to offer a TV subscription service later this year The service would offer around 25 channels and work with Apple TV and iOS devices Apple has revealed plans to launch a subscription TV service this […]

New streaming service lures customers with free Chromecast deal—but still, can it compete?

There’s a new media streaming service, Ownzones, trying to jockey for customers alongside the likes of Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video. To win over some customers, Ownzones is giving away free Chromecast media streaming devices with a $9, […]

Roku adds extreme sports to channel lineup

  Roku users can now watch Red Bull TV The channel is available to users in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland  Roku users will now be able to watch Red Bull TV, including live sporting events and other music […]

HBO steps outside the cable/satellite box

    HBO will soon be available to customers without requiring cable or satellite service. The network, which is home to the popular TV show Game of Thrones, will reportedly launch ‘HBO Now.’ Customers will be able to subscribe to […]

Sling TV adds more channels and shows, releases EPIX movies add-on 

  Sling TV subscribers will now be able to watch even more shows, movies, and sports Sling has released a new “Hollywood Extra” add-on pack with EPIX movies AMC, IFC and ESPN3 content is also now available  Sling TV has […]

Roku 4 due out soon—what does it have Roku 3 doesn’t? 

  Roku has long been a major player in the media streaming device competition. With a popular streaming stick and multiple box-style devices, the company certainly has plenty of entries in the increasingly crowded marketplace that caters to consumers who […]

Chromecast in 2015 is all grown up

    Google’s media streaming device, Chromecast, has come a long way since its debut in July 2013. Last month, Chromecast hit the one billion mark for the number of cast sessions it’s been used for. That’s a lot of […]

Sling TV adds more movie and on demand content

    Internet TV provider Sling TV announced a deal with EPIX Over 2,000 movie and entertainment titles, plus the full EPIX channel lineup will be available to Sling subscribers Sling TV has announced another expansion of its offerings for […]

Android TV wants to turn “smart” TVs into geniuses with personalized recommendations of what to watch

    Google is working on Android TV, a platform to improve “smart” TVs Android TV is expected to launch this Spring Google is working on plans to have Android TV built into some TV models When Google pulled the […]

Sling TV debuts—what you get and what it costs

    Sling TV is now available nationwide The Internet TV provider offers 16 channels, including AMC and ESPN, in its basic package for $20/month The next generation of television has arrived—and customers interested in cutting the cable cord couldn’t […]