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Apple TV Review (Why It’s An Insulting Waste Of Money)

Apple TV

Of the major streaming devices, Apple TV is the worst. There’s only one reason to waste your money on this overpriced product. [tabby title=”wTVPC Review”] The Cult of Apple If you’re blinded by the aura of Apple–and if you don’t care about 4K streaming or HDR content–then you might enjoy the latest version of Apple […]

Apple TV—Plex duo woos and wows users

Apple TV Plex app

The new Apple TV has added Plex support, much to the delight of customers and critics. While the older, 3rd generation Apple TV garnered ample praise, users have long lamented the absence of Plex. For those who don’t know, Plex is a free software program that serves as a media library. It helps to organize […]

New Apple TV on sale Monday

The new Apple TV will be available for purchase on Monday (except on Amazon, that is) and start making its way into consumers’ living rooms. The wait for the new Apple TV 2015 was far too long for many cord cutters. But now, consumers can have their hands on the device as early as next […]

New Amazon Fire TV upstages Apple TV with 4K streaming

The new Amazon Fire TV will come with 4K UHD support—a feature lacking in the new Apple TV.  On the heels of the new Apple TV 2015 unveiling, Amazon made an announcement of its own. Not to be outmaneuvered by Apple, Amazon has its own product upgrade on the way. The company is releasing a […]

Plex arrives on new Apple TV—but what is Plex, exactly?

The new Apple TV will finally support for Plex. Don’t know what Plex is? You’re not alone. The new Apple TV 2015, unveiled last week at Apple’s San Francisco event, has had both the tech and TV worlds buzzing. The updated model of Apple’s media streaming device comes with a number of both new and […]

New Apple TV will arrive in stores in October

Apple unveiled the new Apple TV at their company event yesterday. The device will hit shelves in October and come with a number of new features. Apple CEO Tim Cook at last lifted the veil on the new Apple TV 2015. Cook announced his company’s latest set-top box model at their annual San Francisco event. […]

New Apple TV will feature live streaming via Periscope, latest rumors say

In the swirl of excitement around the new Apple TV and what it will look like, fresh hints say the live-streaming app Periscope will make an appearance. Today is the day Apple reveals the new Apple TV. Anticipation during the lead-up to Apple’s official unveiling is high, and rumors are flying. One of the latest […]

What to expect from the new Apple TV

Apple is set to reveal a new Apple TV device tomorrow at their annual company event. Amid swirling rumors, potential surprises, hopes and cautionary notes, here’s what to expect when the veil is lifted.  All eyes in the tech and TV industries will be on Apple tomorrow as the company holds their event in San […]

New Apple TV sticker shock could open door for Roku 4

The new Apple TV will sell for between $150 and $200—a price that could doom the device before it even hits shelves, opening opportunities for major competitors like Roku. TV fans and anyone interested in cutting the cable cord have been eagerly awaiting the next-generation Apple TV. Apple TV 2015 will finally be unveiled Sept. 9 […]

Apple TV beat by Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast in device sales

Apple TV has fallen to the fourth most popular media streaming device, but the release of the new Apple TV model next month could help it reclaim a top spot. It looks like Apple will be releasing the new Apple TV set-top box just in time. New sales data puts Apple’s media streaming device at […]

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