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TV Land | A General Entertainment Channel

TV Land is a TV broadcaster located in New York, NY. It’s an entertainment channel that airs a variety of shows from the 70s, 80s and 90s. You can watch the channel online via its video-on-demand collection, updated regularly. See our TV Land review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: TV Land
Location: New York, New York, United States
Genre: Entertainment > General Entertainment
Website: TV Land Homepage

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Review of TV Land

Review of TV Land


  • Video On Demand

TV Land’s rating of 8.2 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is the channel’s video collection, giving viewers access to watch on demand. However, there’s no TV Land live stream available, losing the channel some points. More about our rating method.

TV Land is owned by Viacom Media Networks. It is a member of the TV network.

See how TV Land compares to other entertainment stations in the US.

Available Job Opportunities at TV Land

To see the opportunities available at TV Land, from internships and entry-level jobs up to high-ranking roles, click the Jobs button above. Given the diversity of positions the organization needs to operate successfully, there are usually several openings.



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10 hours ago

TV Land

Which kind of friend are you? Watch The Golden Girls all morning on TV Land! ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

I don't know how anyone could be as self centered, mean, and slutty as Blanche. I love the show but I thought her character was too extreme and actually took a little away from the show.

Hehe both depending on how sensitive the friend is, I say beautiful, if I am being honest I am Blanche*;)*

Je te laisse le choix de deviner qui tu es entres les deux! πŸ˜’ JJanny Thibault

Viviane Ramos Loures kkkkk eu sou a de verde vc se identificou com quem ?????

Hahaha I feel like this you Sarah Willett and Dana Jourdan you'd say I look beautiful!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Christine Ward You would be Blanche

Bri proudly a Blanche. Though most days my sarcasm level is Dorothy

I love the show

Go back and change!

I'm watching them right now!

Erin lol which one am I and which one are you?!?!

A Lil bit of all them mood swings. Love them.πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†βœŒβœŒπŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜

Monika Lina Go back and changeeeeeeeeee

proudly a BlancheπŸ˜‚

Love the Golden Girls. Pure magic ❀

I grew up watching this show & still watch it today.


I went to my high school prom with a " Yankee", lol

Watching now. Love the girls

Which one do u think u are Desiree Waag-Garcia πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

My favorite show

Melissa D Santos Jennifer Smith-Apple

Sydney Graebner Chelsey Zirkle

Hayle Lovelady Tyler Osborn πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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22 hours ago

TV Land

β€œStarring” Larry, Rachel & Hugh, from executive producers Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone. Nobodies is coming to TV Land Wednesday at 10p! ... See MoreSee Less

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Why do you feel the need to show commercials for this every five minutes? That's extremely annoying and makes me not want to watch it at all.

Cant wait for new show

1 day ago

TV Land

Don’t test us. Watch Roseanne right now on TV Land! ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

What's crazy is that this show before the lottery BS was really like how a lot of low mid class working families in the late 80's early 90's were.

Love this show!! I watch every Sat. and whenever it's on! I also have the dvd collection! :)

I love this show I watched it when it was originally on and still love the reruns my kids even like it

Welcome to Rosezanado!

Watching right now!

Love Roseanne

Uconn game more important

miss this show wish they bring it back on the air

Watching πŸ‘€!!

Lol, Mario Hernandez Welcome to CatMaradu πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Amanda take a note from The Conners!!

Watching it now on LAFF TV

Been watching all morning

David moved in right

Watch it on Saturdays

Next show to watch? Vincent Brown

Best show

I love her!!

I like it.

Love Rosezanado❀

Trevar Lobdell us one day :p

Thurman Ed Cochran this is so us lol

Sandie Wagner Sue Englesby John Adamczyk From my favorite show πŸ˜„

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2 days ago

TV Land

An all new season of Lopez on TV Land is only 5 days away!

Lopez on TV Land
5 days and counting until the return of Lopez!
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Can't wait

Love him!

Are you freaking kidding me? He is absolutely insufferable...makes me want to NEVER watch your channel again.

This guy is an idiot I can't believe his show is airing guess l will be watching something else

I can't even stand to watch the commercials! YUCK!

Yes, he so his own mind. Read what he's done below and let's make sure his show fails.

No thanks

i use 2 watch him,,,,,,,,,,won't anymore ,,,,,lol i thought he was laving

Really funny guy

Nope sticking with METV !!!


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2 days ago

TV Land

TGIF! Watch The New Adventures of Old Christine late nights on TV Land. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

LOVE THIS SHOW! Every night from 2-3 am, no wonder I'm an insomniac!! At 3 is Roseanne!!

Florenzia Vineyard why do I picture you doing this?

You today. Running towards the pike. Maria

Princess Elizabeth this is me in about 40min lol

Jay this is so me! πŸ˜‚

Me! Today!!!!!!

They should move this show to a reasonable time

Or on a Thursday when you have Friday off!

I LOVE Fridays!

Truth EVERY shift! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Pay watch shows not advertising. Who is in charge greed

LOVE this! I am literally laughing out loud!

Yep πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

That's me!

Me today especially without my buddy Kerrie πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

EstΓ‘ mujer es excelente actriz

Great show!!!

I LOVED THIS SHOWED...ended much too soon!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Every Friday like clockwork

Laurita I bet this was you today :)

It looked something like that Lisa Grant?!?

Robbie Robertson: don't forget your jacket this time

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