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Turner Classic Movies | A Movie Channel

Turner Classic Movies is a TV broadcaster based in Atlanta, GA. It’s a movie channel that airs a wide range of popular and critically-acclaimed movies, films, and documentaries. You can watch the channel online via the Turner Classic Movies live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our Turner Classic Movies review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: Turner Classic Movies
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Genre: Entertainment > Movies
Website: Turner Classic Movies Homepage

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Review of Turner Classic Movies

Review of Turner Classic Movies


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Turner Classic Movies’ rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that Turner Classic Movies live streams its programs as they air. Turner Classic Movies also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

Turner Classic Movies is owned by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

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October 18th, 8:00 pm

Turner Classic Movies: TCM

Romy Schneider and Magda Schneider in Ernst Marischka's SISSI ('55) ... See MoreSee Less

Romy Schneider and Magda Schneider in Ernst Marischkas SISSI (55)


Comment on Facebook

Romy Schneider looks so beautiful lady here. Very classy lady. And very tragic, she died of sleeping pills. Very too young to die. rip beautiful romy. 💖💖💖

Thank you so very much for airing this Trilogy! I haven't seen it for over 30 years when I first moved to Germany to begin a new chapter in my life and I've been desperate to see it again as I loved Sissi and Romy Schneider! It is so wonderful to watch it again, but this time being fluent in the German language. I must get my hands on that box set! Thank you! Thank you! Dankeschoen! <3

Watching !!! Thank you very much @tcm for featuring #RomySchneider <3 #KarlheinzBohm <3 #SISSI from 8pm to 4:45 am.. Someone from TCM must have read my mind or seen a wishful comment in the past. Haven't seen the films since I was a teen. I don't mind the subtitles.

Thank you so much for showing these beautiful Sissi movies tonight. I am a transplant from Germany to the US, and grew up watching these movies. They were my mother's favorites, and I am recording them now. :)

Watching now. I saw the "Sissi" movies when I was very young and loved them. Incredible that TCM is showing these tonight - thank you TCM!

If you watch enough International Cinema, you get used to subtitles, so they're not that big of a deal. Karlheinz Böhm was the son of conductor Karl Böhm, one of the giants of the music world, and he was also the murderous photographer in Michael Powell's ill-fated "Peeping Tom".

I ❤️ SISSI movies! It brings back wonderful childhood memories of watching TV at Omi’s House! Romy is so beautiful! Thank you for showing them!!!

Thank you so much for airing these! I am impressed and am feeling so nostalgic since I grew up in Germany watching these movies!

Loved the trilogy, first time viewing it! A joy! The costumes were the best i’ve ever seen. The Kaiserin’s life is alot like Princess Diana’s! Even the assasination ending. Glad that wasn’t in film. Loved seeing Shoenbrun as i saw it in ‘76. That was sure the mother-in-law from hell. I wish they would have included Prince Ludwig i think was her cousin and dear friend. Amazing peek into the past!

Thank you TCM for introducing me to the Sissi trilogy! What a terrific series: beautiful story, gorgeous scenery, lovely sets and so on. I love this type of programming TCM, well done.

I am so glad that TCM is showing the Sissi movies. Brings back so many memories for me. Watched these movies often with my Oma and Mutti.

Years and years ago, Elwy Yost aired "Forever My Love." I think it was dubbed. I had never heard of Sissy, and began to read about her. I'm so glad TCM showed the original films!

My old eyes can't read and watch at the same time anymore, so I passed. Happy that many others were able to enjoy it though.

This film was totally a DRAG! Boring. Wooden. Pretentious. Badly acted, badly directed. What a HORRIBLE life these wooden people lived.

The series was a Christmas tradition in our house! Still one of favourites. Romy reprised the role of Sissi in Ludwig.

Romy Schneider died right after I arrived in Germany in 1982, so all I saw was lots gossip in the "Bild". This my first time seeing her in a movie & I can finally see why she was so beloved by Germans. I especially loved "The Story of Vickie (Mädchenjahre einer Königin)" & comparing it with recent versions of young Queen Victoria by Emily Blunt & Jenna Coleman. How drastically different the modern ones are; I wonder which are truer; Lord Wellington seems more suitable in Romy's film & there is less drama between Victoria & her Mother, which is "typisch deutsch". TCM, thank goodness for subtitles; my German has gotten much rustier than I thought.

Great classic films and the films that made Romy Schneider a household name in Europe. Kudos TCM!!


Hate subtitles! I can never get it read in time and loose so much. I will not watch tonight.

This was the “Gone with the Wind” scale, epic classic hit in Germany/Europe. Another one, which has more of a ”cult” following throughout Europe much like “The Princess Bride” here, is “Three Wishes for Cinderella” (an Eastern European/Tschekoslovakian?) movie from the 1970s. youtu.be/mCIwfTGYEwc

Just watched the first one. Wonderful!!

Thank you so much for showing one of me favourite movie. I love it

Watching . Love it❤️.It's been so long since I have seen Sissi , thanks for showing them.

I had never heard of these films before now. Recording them to watch later.

Watched it last night and enjoyed it tremendously! Both Mother and daughter were beautiful.

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October 18th, 9:00 am

Turner Classic Movies: TCM

Remembering Miriam Hopkins, George C. Scott, and Director Roy Del Ruth on their birthdays ... See MoreSee Less

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Comment on Facebook

"They Might Be Giants" - one of my favorite films with George C and Joanne Woodward. A funny and strangely sweet little film with a great ending. Haven't seen it on TCM or any station for a long time.

I was living in Tarzana, CA (North of Hollywood), about 30-40 years ago, and my neighbor upstairs was in the "movies" when she was young ... her name was Miriam or Marion (but I can't remember her last name) ... she gave us a photo of her and Clark Gable in (some) movie about race horses. I was wondering if this could be her !!

Remick's portrayal of Margaret Sullavan in Haywire is really fine. Wish you could show it, even if it was a TV movie.

I love Miriam Hopkins and Joel McCrea movies

George C. Scott’s performance in Dr. Strangelove is as close to perfect as you can get.

RIP Miriam who passed in 1972, George who passed in 1999, and Roy who passed in 1961

I remember those actor's great actor's 👍🇺🇸

George was great in The Changeling! Theres a real scary Halloween movie!

Love Miriam in These Three, Old Acquaintance and Carrie!

Miriam...no friend of Bette Davis. (:

Charles Farris - it is George Scott's bday!

Happy Birthday

Jean-Christophe vous avez ces 'retrospective' chez vous dans TCM?

GEORGE C.SCOTT the legendary icon of the SEVENTH ART. One of the best dramatic actor movie. He was best known for his stage work, as well as his portrayal of General George S. Patton in the film PATTON, as General Buck Turgidson in STANLEY KUBRICK's DR. STRANGELOVE OR: HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB and as Ebenezer Scrooge in CLIVE DONNER's 1984 film A CHRISTMAS CAROL. He was the first actor to refuse the Academy Award for Best Actor (for PATTON in 1970), having warned the Academy beforehand that he would refuse it on philosophical grounds. GEORGE C. SCOTT believed that every dramatic performance was unique and could not be compared to others. One of the best dramatic actor movie. The eternal GEORGE GRUBB, CLAUDE DANCER, BERT GORDON, ANTHONY GETHYRN, GENERAL BUCK TURGIDSON, PAOLO MALTESE, ABRAHAM, TANK MARTIN, DR.ARCHIE BOLLEN, GENERAL GEORGE PATTON, DR.HERBERT BOCK, NOBLE MASON, DR. JAKE TERREL, THOMAS HUDSON, RUFFLER, COL. FRANZ RITTER, LT. BARNEY CAINE, JOHN RAINBIRD, EBENEZER SCROOGER ,KINDERMAN e McLEACH will always be reminded in classics as THE HANGING TREE, ANATOMY OF MURDER, THE HUSTLER, THE LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER, DR. STRANGELOVE, THE YELLOW ROLLS-ROYCE, THE BIBLE: IN THE BEGINNING, NOT WITH MY WIFE YOU DO'NT, PETULIA, PATTON, THE HOSPITAL, OKLAHOMA CRUDE, THE DAY OF THE DOLPHIN, THE HINDENBURG, ISLAND IN THE STREAM, CROSSED SWORDS, THE FORMULA , FIRESTARTER, A CHRISTMAS CAROL THE EXORCIST III and THE RESCUERS DOWN UNDER. GEORGE C. SCOTT won the AcademyAward for Best Actor for his role in PATTON (1970). He also win two Golden Globe Awards, the New York Film Critics Circle Award, the National Society of Film Critics Award, the New York Film Critics Circle Award and the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie. He refused the Oscar nomination for PATTON, just as he had done for his 1962 nomination for THE HUSTLER, but won the award anyway.

MIRIAM HOPKINS the legendary icon of the SEVENTH ART. One of the best dramatic actress movie. She was known for her versatility in a wide variety of roles. Later she became a pioneer of TV drama. MIRIAM HOPKINS was a distinguished Hollywood hostess, who moved in intellectual and creative circles. The eternal PRINCESS ANNA, IVY PEARSON, LILY, GILDA FARRELL, LYDIA DARROW, CURLY FLAGG, DOROTHY HUNTER, BECKY SHARP, MARY RUTLEDGE, PHYLLIS LORRIMORE, MARTHA DOBBIE, MADAME HELENE MAURY, VIRGINIA TRAVIS, SUSAN FLETCHER, DELIA RALSTON, JULIA HAYNE, MILLIE DRAKE, AUNT LAVINIA, JULIE HURSTWOOD, LILY MORTAR and MRS REEVES will always be reminded in classics as THE SMILLING LIEUTENNANT, DR JECKYL AND MR HYDE, TROUBLE IN PARADISE, DESIGN FOR LIVING, ALL OF ME, SHE LOVES NOT ME, THE RICHEST GIRL IN THE WORLD, BECKY SHARP, BARBARY COAST, SPLENDOR, THESE THREE, THE WOMAN I LOVE, WOMAN CHASES MAN, WISE GIRL, THE OLD MAID, VIRGINIA CITY, OLD ACQUAINTANCE, THE HEIRESS, CARRIE, THE CHILDREN'S HOUR and THE CHASE. MIRIAM HOPKINS has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: one for Motion Pictures at 1701 Vine Street, and one for Television at 1708 Vine Street.

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October 17th, 4:30 pm

Turner Classic Movies: TCM

SEVEN SWEETHEARTS ('42) star Marsha Hunt celebrates her 100th birthday today ... See MoreSee Less

SEVEN SWEETHEARTS (42) star Marsha Hunt celebrates her 100th birthday today


Comment on Facebook

She's an incredible woman; an activist, a foster mother and a talented actor and writer. If TCM could show "Marsha Hunt's Sweet Adversity," I'd love it.

This wonderful movie is one of the reasons I wanted to be a Dutch girl when I grew up! My costume for kindergarten was a traditional Dutch costume! LOL!

Outraged that darling Marsha Hunt was also victim of McCarthyism. How vile and what a loss!

A Letter for Evie: Wow! Did not see that ending coming. What an unexpectedly charming little movie.

I tried watching this movie once. Gave up about halfway through.

Happy Birthday Marsha!!!! ♥♥

Happy Birthday Darlin !!!

Happy Birthday Marsha!

my favorite stantion for movies..

good movie

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October 17th, 4:00 pm

Turner Classic Movies: TCM

From behind-the-scenes of our "Monster of the Month" shoot, The Bride of Frankenstein revealed how she decorates for Halloween. Tell us how you decorate in the comments below and don't forget to join us for another evening of TCM Terror tonight starting at 8pm ET.

You can also check out the mid-month Now Playing Newsletter here: myt.cm/NowPlayingOct17MM
... See MoreSee Less

The Bride of Frankenstein on...Halloween Decor


Comment on Facebook

Elsa Lanchester played the title character but is hardly in the film (she gets more screen time as Mary Shelley). Still she's iconic.

The movies have been awesome but your faux wolfman, bride of Frankenstein and Blackula ad is hard to watch because it’s so stupid. Is the bride making her part up as she goes? Disappointing TCM. You’re better than this.

Elsa lit up the screen every time she appeared, no matter how small the role, such as Private Lives of Henry VIII, Bride, Secret Garden, Witness For the Prosecution and Willard (which is coming up this weekend). Unfortunately for her, it's Hammer night (with a great selection of films) so Elsa will have to wait.

Mrs Charles Laughton. The opening of the film with Elsa Lanchester also as the Frankenstein author Mary W. Shelley is very iconic.

This lady is such a hoot. Cracks me up.

Love these guest monster hosts but Blackula is my favorite

Where is 50 foot woman she monster as well

I am enjoying the monster guest hosts.

Sheila Frankenstein! 😆



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October 17th, 1:42 pm

Turner Classic Movies: TCM

Happy Birthday to the one and only Marsha Hunt!Marsha Hunt celebrates her 100th birthday today. See her this Sunday in Anthony Mann's RAW DEAL ('48) 10am ET. ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Birthday to the one and only Marsha Hunt!


Comment on Facebook

Happy 100th Birthday to the lovely Ms. Hunt who I was so fortunate to meet at this past year's festival. I was also able to personally thank her for the letter and signed 8x10 she sent me for my 18th birthday a few years ago.

Happy Birthday Ms.Hunt. I admire you and your work. I only wish politics had stayed out of your career and we could have enjoyed many more movies from you.

I had no idea that she was blacklisted. What a shame. How many wonderful performances we missed out on! Hollywood still blacklists people for their political beliefs. It's just the other side now. Hypocrisy seems to be Hollywood's strong suit.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Hunt 🎁🎉💖 "I have just purchased Burke's Essays on the sublime and beautiful " Oops, you already have a copy.

Marshall is one of several actresses who made B Westerns early in their career. Others include Joan Crawford, Rite Hayworth, Ann Sheridan and Jennifer Jones. Happy Birthday. Marshall.

watching several of her films today - luv this actress! Marsha Hunt...

I love Marsha Hunt. She is sadly underrated.

First saw her in "The Human Comedy". She's wonderful. Happy 100th Birthday! 🎈🎈🎈

A hundred years. god bless and Happy Birthday. may you have a wonderful day in good health. aloha.

Marsha Hunt is 100 years old today!!!!!!! Happy Birthday! Remembered!

Watching Affairs of Martha. Anyone catch the little musical phrase from the score of Pride & Prejudice when Melville Cooper appeared on screen?

Glad she made it to 100 and is still with us!😉

Happy Birthday Marsha 🎶 100 💯Wow! Enjoy your day! Watching you today on TCM 🌺💜

Love film noir. This is my go-to channel for great movies.

I liked her in Cry Havoc i think it was called about nurses in WWII. !

Such a natural actress. Wonderful in everything she did!

Happy Century! You autographed my DVD of "The Grand Inquisitor" while in Palm Springs for our Film Noir Festival...

Best wishes and God Bless I think its great to see so many wonderful stars from the golden age celebrating the 100. Again best regards and God Bless xxx.

Happy Birthday Marsha Hunt

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday

My parents named me after her.

I am watching her movies right now !!1

Good movies today!

Happy 💯

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