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Turner Classic Movies | A Movie Channel

Turner Classic Movies is a TV broadcaster based in Atlanta, GA. It’s a movie channel that airs a wide range of popular and critically-acclaimed movies, films, and documentaries. You can watch the channel online via the Turner Classic Movies live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our Turner Classic Movies review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: Turner Classic Movies
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Genre: Entertainment > Movies
Website: Turner Classic Movies Homepage

If you want to learn more about Turner Classic Movies than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of Turner Classic Movies

Review of Turner Classic Movies


  • Live Stream
  • Video On Demand

Turner Classic Movies’ rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that Turner Classic Movies live streams its programs as they air. Turner Classic Movies also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

Turner Classic Movies is owned by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

See how Turner Classic Movies compares to other premium entertainment stations in the US.

See how Turner Classic Movies stacks up against other premium entertainment channels in the US.



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The Essentials
We're so excited for the return of The Essentials next week! Visit tcm.com/essentials to see the full schedule.
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Alec Baldwin haters be gone. He's the host because TCM had the good sense to select him based on his history with the series and his vast film knowledge. Why not give him a chance? He did a great job before and probably will do so again. I've never seen so many negative people!

Agree with you all they should get someone else! Although I love the show but will not watch that potty mouth not on my tv screen.

I'm not a fan of Alec Baldwin, but find it interesting that nobody complained the number of times he was on with Mr. Osbourne, but are now acting like whiny brats. The man is hardly going to be spewing vitriol or political views on a movie program. It's all about the films, not about Alec.

Yes! Alec is the perfect choice to host the Essentials. He has the perfect announcer voice, he knows and appreciates classic film like nobody else and he and Robert Osborne had great chemistry together. I so enjoyed watching Osborne and Baldwin together on TCM. I also listen to Alec on NPR. I like this "Essentials Trailer" and will be tuning in.

I am glad you are doing something for the good of the golden years of Hollywood, Alec. I do admire your movies, but it shows even greater character when you pay tribute to those from the past.

Glad to see Alec back. He's intelligent, eloquent, humorous... and he loves old movies. He's not perfect, but that's fine, neither am I.

If people can't separate a person's professional skills from their political views, then you're falling prey to the same dark impulses that led to the HUAC hearings and the blacklisting. I hated John Wayne's political views but I like his movies and his acting.

Baldwin is not the best choice . Someone older with more experience would have been better. Baldwin is too polarizing.

Alec was a friend of Robert Osborne, so I respect him for that. Not impressed with the "guest hosts". But I agree with the others that wonder why there is always so many repeats for The Essentials? Anyway, anyone for host except that really really ridiculous Tiffany.

Wahoo! I'm so glad The Essentials will be back! Love that you chose Alec to continue this series. He and Robert always looked like they were having such fun working together.

Can't wait. I always welcome another person's point of view, no matter if I agree with it or not. Anyone who can make you see something in a new light is more than welcome in my home.

Why are so many of the movies selected here repeated in the series? TCM couldn't find 28 separate Essentials? I've seen all of these films so many times I don't think I'll be tuning in to watch any of them. Plus I'll bet there are 28 "Essential" movies I have probably not seen yet!

Do people really think that Mr.Baldwin will spew in political views or spew profanity? He will not do that in this forum....I believe he respects Robert Osborne too much to do that..Do I like Mr.Baldwin being the host? - No...but I will not let that keep me from watching classic movies.....

To bad you couldn't pick someone else to host. I would have watched... shame on you....

Hurray!!!! Alec is perfect... Loved his three years with Robert... He has a divine sense of respect and awe of classic film and is incredibly savvy regarding movie making and history... BRAVO!

separate art from personality or you won't be able to watch anything. They are artist painting a picture. That's all. Kirk Douglas is a democrat and John Wayne was a republican and it didn't bother them. Don't be a jerk.

It's hard to separate my feelings about Alec Baldwin as host, but....as a true love of the classic movies I will try to respect his knowledge of the silver screen and I'll forego my political opinions.

Seen most of them. Don't care for any of the liberal hosts listed. Letterman with a long beard? No need to tune in...Sunday 10am is my new destination!

I'll just mute Baldwin and the others like I always have. Only Ben or Robert ever gave anything that augmented the movie. The guest hosts generally just prattle about how they feel about the movie, great fun for them but useless to me.

I miss TCM since we swapped to Roku. But thankful I found the TCM app and we can screen mirror from our phones to the Roku.

Interesting that Baldwin has returned AFTER Robert Osborne's passing. I'm under the impression that Osborne detested Baldwin, since Sally Field replaced him on "The Essentials." I think Osborne had had enough of Baldwin's pompous attitude and shenanigans!

I have no problem with Alex Baldwin. He is knowledgeable on movies and history of the studios. I don't mind Tina Fey and David Letterman as guests. My problem is with the movie picks themselves. COME ON - can we see something FRESH. EGADS.

Rear Window, one of my ALL-TIME favorites (I own the dvd) is being shown on my birthday!!!! What a great bday present from TCM 😆😆

It was a pleasure to watch Alec Baldwin with Robert Osborne when they hosted the essentials. I will be watching. Good luck, Mr. Baldwin!

William Friedkin I understand, but Tina Fey and David Letterman? Not seeing what they bring to the table. One's a comedic talk show host and the other's a comedic "actress" who's movies aren't all that impressive (certainly not destined to be "Essentials").

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This Month on TCM: May 2017
"After the storm, let’s shine this May on TCM," - Producer Lauren Brown.

🎶 "Hot Water" by ADESUWA 🎶
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All I can think as I'm watching this montage is that my late dad would know every film by name, who was in it and probably even the plot. He loved films and no one could best him in film trivia. Gonna see as many as I can for you Dad! ❤️

Need to have more classic movies from the late 20's talkies and from the 30's and 40's! To much here lately of the 50's and 60's 70's and 80's!

With Clark Gable as star of the month, how can you miss? I'm looking forward to all those great films.Looks like a great Memorial Day lineup, too. The Essentials--well, won't be watching. Letterman with prosaic picks? No. Noir Alley should be in that time slot. Put The Essentials on Sunday morning.

It is an unusual music bed for a TCM promo, but hey, it works! Should be one heck of a ride. To borrow a line from Clark Gable, this should be something to give a damn about!

I remember missing a college class to finish watching San Francisco. That (and Singin' in the Rain) kicked off my fascination with the classics.

Love that Clark Gable is star of the month! And the Essentials are back! And Noir Alley is great too! May looks like a fantastic month!

I LOVE TCM movies I guess I'm sentimental. This was fun to watch...Clark Gable, Ann Margaret, Marilyn Monroe, etc. will live on forever. Entertainment without pornography and profanity!!

Any chance you guys could show more of the old black and white horror movies? I can't get enough.

May looks incredible. Crime of Passion is one of my favorite movies and I love that Clark Gable is Star of the month.

Military Appreciation Month! Looking forward to the classic war movies.

Gilbert and Garbo...it could of been so beautiful...(sigh)

Awesomeness of a montage. I look forward to seeing these every month 😊🎬🎥

I love that TCM mixes modern music w/classic film clips in the promos.

Really lovely ad. Congrats. I've missed a Capra rainy scene. Edward Yang’s ‘A Brighter Summer Day’ is a real classic!

The Montgomery Clift clip is from what movie? I thought maybe Raintree County, but I don't see it on the schedule.

I always like to watch these previews and see how many of these movies I can identify.

I'm feeling this. Clark Gable month!

So glad The King is star of the month! Nobody like Clark Gable!

Looks like an interesting assortment in May :)

Looks like a pretty good month...

Love love love TCM promo. Always love the music chosen. Always unique.


Where can I stream TCM?

We need more monster movies and film noir

Hannah Tidwell Clark Gable month on TCM!

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Remembering Celeste Holm and Fred Zinnemann on their birthdays ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

No one has anything to say about Fred Zinnemann??? The director of films like: The Day of the Jackal A Man for All Seasons The Sundowners The Nun's Story The Old Man and the Sea Oklahoma! From Here to Eternity High Noon The Search The Seventh Cross

She was a doll in real life to me once. I fell delivering to her building, she happened to be there, and ran to help me. I was very young but knew immediately who she was. Love her and all the films mentioned by Mr. Player below. Thanks for that.

A little less known gem called Champagne for Caesar stars Ronald Colman, Celeste Holm, and Vincent Price who are all hilarious!

I once worked with her as publicist for a performance she gave in NY at "Town Hall Interludes." She was charming and always a hard worker. It was a wonderful experience with great memories of a nice person years ago.

Had the pleasure of making her up for a magazine shoot. She was brilliant. Such a great talent. I even got to hold her Oscar. Jackpot. .

Fortunately I met her a few years ago while we were both visiting a mutual friend named Kaya at HH a nursing home... Lovely... Around 90yrs old...lovely still !!!!

ALL ABOUT EVE and HIGH SOCIETY. Celeste Holm was great!

Both marvelous talents. Celeste was wonderful in everything I've seen her in, and Zinnemann directed it all and did it all superbly.

Loved Celeste Holm and Fred Zinnemann was a great director.

RIP Fred Zimmermann & Celeste Holm. A great director and an great actress

Fred Zinneman directed FROM HERE TO ETERNITY (1953). Love the movie! He also directed Meryl Streep in her first film JULIA (1977).

Loved Celeste...lovely lady and such a natural actor..made it look so easy !

Fairy Godmother in Rogers and Hammerstein's 1965 Cinderella

My favorite Celeste Holmes movie was Gentlemens Agreement. My favorite Zimmerman film was High Noon.


Celeste Holmes was one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood in her day. Inside and out from what I've read.

A Man for All Seasons The Sundowners The Nun's Story Oklahoma! From Here to Eternity

Ok- Celeste Holm.. Cinderella's Fairy Godmother (Leslie Anne WArren TV version

Celeste Holm in High Society. One of the best.

Celeste Holm was a class act.

She was so pretty even later in life.

Loved Celeste in Come to the Stable....Sister Scholastica.

She was great.

Susan Hayward called her Celeste Whom?. Susan was so mean 😊

Happy birthday rest in peace

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James Mason, Barbara Rush, and Christopher Olsen in Nicholas Ray’s BIGGER THAN LIFE (’56) ... See MoreSee Less

James Mason, Barbara Rush, and Christopher Olsen in Nicholas Ray’s BIGGER THAN LIFE (’56)

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I also saw this film for the first time last night. I had no idea that cortisone was ever used as an oral drug. I thought the performances of all the players were excellent, especially Barbara Rush as a wife who struggles to protect her son and her marriage when drugs turn her husband into somebody else. Very nice selection, TCM!!

Saw it for the first time last night. Interesting but cant say i enjoyed it. Mason does a excellent job as always ( is he the most underrated actor?) but the whole thing was a little thin. Twenty years later it would have been a TV movie. And the ending was abrupt... Dad gets his memory back so is ok meanwhile Wife and Son will be in therapy for the rest of their lives.

I have a hard time watching any Nicholas Ray films, even when Humphrey Bogart is in the film. I don't know why other than he depresses me.

First time I saw last night was very good but Barbara Rush's character pissed me off , she waited too long to get her husband medical help geez

A progressive film for 1956 that was hindered by the disapproval of Big Pharma. It's enhanced by James Mason at his psychotic best. Sadly, it was fact based and and the message of dependency and addiction upon prescription drugs has been lost.

Too depressing, tuned out before he started to get really sick. Not even Barbara Rush and Walter Matthau could make me sit through it.

Not a fan of Nicholas Ray films, they are all so depressing.

James Mason was always James Mason no matter what movie he was in

Watching right now...ready to change channel poor wife and boy 😡

I remember this movie. Mason took a nasty turn and I felt so sorry for the little boy.

missed that one -- binge watching law & order when Chris Noth looked awesome

I know! But I thought the movie was unintentionally hilarious.

Very underrated film by Nicolas Ray. Mason near the end when he loses his mind is terrifying.

This was the best horrible movie I've seen in months! Awesome!

That's a bit dated, but it still holds up really really well and James Mason turned in a powerful performance.

I saw this once before, Mason's character has violent tendancies.

What was the movie with Natalie wood and Robert Redford? He played a railroad spy - she was a small town girl -set in the south! Forgot the name - good movie!

Richie wears Jim Stark's red jacket in this flick one year after Rebel.


Mason is always good .

Barbara Rush's character is too shallow to be credible.

A really good movie. See it, in case you haven't.

love james mason, fellow taurean.

Watched this a few years ago.....sooo depressing.

Reality isn't always pretty....it's a tough watch

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TCM Backlot members can vote between Cary Grant or Gregory Peck and Virginia Mayo or Claire Trevor for a day during this year's Summer Under The Stars: myt.cm/BacklotSVote ... See MoreSee Less

TCM Backlot members can vote between Cary Grant or Gregory Peck and Virginia Mayo or Claire Trevor for a day during this years Summer Under The Stars: http://myt.cm/BacklotSVote

Comment on Facebook

I'm sorry, but that's just cruel making someone (try to) choose btwn Cary Grant and Gregory Peck. that's definitely an And, not an Or.

Virginia Mayo was really good(Best Years of OurLives( she was outstanding and with James Cagney-sge held her own-) l think shes terribly underrated

Ohhhh! Not fair! Gregory Peck in The Big Country- one of my all time favorites. But then also Duel in the Sun where he plays against type. But Cary Grant - OMG - that voice, so handsome... and funny! With Kate Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn - great duos. But with Grace Kelly in "To Catch a Thief a Thief"- what fun. No, no, can't choose, love them both❤️

Claire Trevor, hands down. Without a doubt the others are absolutely amazing but I feel Claire Trevor gets overlooked. I'll admit my ulterior motive... There's an awesome movie from 1935 called Black Sheep. It's so much fun but impossible to find. Please Please Please ... Claire Trevor and include Black Sheep. ps, if Claire doesn't win, please include Edmund Lowe who was also in Black Sheep.

Regardless of the star, please air films we don't (or can't see) on a regular basis. They've got such great filmographies. Surely you can find a gem or two! ;)

I like Gregory Peck but Cary Grant is my all time favourite actor. I have all 72 of his movies on DVD. Don't mind which actress.

Cary Grant - only because his lighthearted films feel more like Summer mood than the others. (Peck is a close 2nd,tho) ★☆★☆

I just vote to Rita Hayworth, she looks so beautiful when she is so young. Rita in "Tales of Manhattan" (1942), her face is always my favorite, ever. Rita gave good face, it means, her face is so beautiful. And I'm still in love with her. Forever. She is the number 1#.

Watched his "To kill a Mockingbird" Finest English Classic ever watched. Gregory is my essential favorite.. His voice and dialogues are just unbetable great voice with fine depth and bass

I have always loved all Cary Grant 's movies everyone of them, so of course any of his for the summer would be wonderful, but I also liked Gregory Peck movies too, I'd be ok, even if my preference is Cary Grant, I wish TCM would bring back unusual sci-fi movies, like The body snachers, these seed pods placed and people fall asleep and their copy of themselves are formed while they die, but they cannot feel love or compassion, empathy, to this day I can't eat Okra which reminds me of the seed pods they both fom like the movie, lol

Gregory Peck. I absolutely think he is the classiest man ever.

I'm not in the backlot... yet, but I have to go with Gregory Peck and Virginia Mayo.

Pick Claire Trevor please. Such an outstanding actress. Loved her in Stagecoach, The High and the Mighty, and she was outstanding in Key Largo (Oscar winner) . I like both the guys but Cary Grant has got to be my fav. Penny Serenade, Gunga Din, Bishops Wife, People Will Talk, An Affair To Remember, My Favorite Wife and on and on.

my dad met gregory peck when he was filming boys from brazil here in Lancaster PA

I'm more of a fan of the men so I'll go Gregory Peck since Cary had a day more recently

Out Of Those Four Choices, "Gregory Peck" Receives My Vote!!!

My pick would be Gregory Peck. Gregory Peck favorites: The Big Country was a huge favorite of mine. Great cast and great soundtrack. Coming in at a very very close second was Gentlemans Agreement. Cary Grant, what can one say, I adored him. My favorites: Arsenic and Old Lace and I Was a Male War Bride with Ann Sheridan. Virginia Mayo favorites: The Best Years of Our Lives and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Claire Trevor favorites: Key Largo and Stagecoach.

Voted for Gregory Peck and Virginia Mayo.... We need them this year!!

Difficult. but i love Gregory Peck so much; it has to be him. I vote for Viginia Mayo, still difficult,though.

Not a member yet but if I were it would be my Cary Grant.

Cary Grant for his humor, Gregory Peck for his good looks and sexy voice. Both great Actors. Female, Claire Trevor.

Gregory Peck I agree with Maureen classiest man ever loved his voice "To Kill a Mockingbird" best film of all time .

Obviously must go with 'Uncle Greg'. To Kill a Mockingbird and Big Country still my favorites.

Cary Grant! (tough one, though, up against Atticus Finch)

Do 4 days, one with their own day on each day, the only fair way to choose between greatness!

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