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TLC | A General Entertainment Channel

TLC is a TV broadcaster located in Silver Spring, MD. It’s an entertainment channel that airs a mix of programming devoted to reality series, family life, personal stories and DIY home improvement shows. You can watch the channel online via its video-on-demand collection, updated regularly. See our TLC review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: TLC
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
Genre: Entertainment > General Entertainment
Website: TLC Homepage

If you want to learn more about TLC than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of TLC

Review of TLC


  • Video On Demand

TLC’s rating of 8.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is the channel’s video collection, giving viewers access to watch on demand. However, there’s no TLC live stream available, losing the channel some points. More about our rating method.

TLC is owned by Discovery Communications. It is a member of the TLC network.

See how TLC compares to other entertainment stations in the US.

Available Job Opportunities at TLC

To see the opportunities available at TLC, from internships and entry-level jobs up to high-ranking roles, click the Jobs button above. Given the diversity of positions the organization needs to operate successfully, there are usually several openings.




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13 minutes ago


Jazz is educating and inspiring the world, and she’s only 16! Join her journey and watch the #IAmJazz two-night season premiere starting Tuesday, June 27 at 10/9c! ... See MoreSee Less

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No thank you.

21 hours ago


This Staten Island family has what it takes to build an empire! #HairGoddess ... See MoreSee Less

This Staten Island family has what it takes to build an empire! #HairGoddess

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I think she makes her voice even more annoying than it actually is! Looks like TLC is scraping the bottom of the barrel! Hopefully it won't last long!

Sorry..... another TLC downer...... I'll stick with the other shows with family values ...... there has be families out there more worthy of tv time..... The commercial for this new show is like nails on a chalkboard 🙉🙉🙉

Will not be watching this show!! Cannot stand the sound of her fake whiny voice on the commercial & that they seem so materialistic!! Please TLC, try to come up with more wholesome shows! Also will not watch Spouse House, 90 Day Fiancée, & cannot stand the Amish shows!!

TLC DOES IT AGAIN! Another STUPID SHOW!!!!!! Instead of bringing back Little Couple or shows like this You give us a show about hair extensions! WOW REALLY!?!

She sounds like a child...an obnoxious one..this show won't last long.

Read the comments just to see if everyone else couldn't handle her voice...yup I am obviously not alone lol!! Will NOT b watching. Sad

no way who could listen to that crazy nasty voice no no no take it off TLC

She's a beautiful woman and I'm sure she does good to all people however I can't even watch the commercials because her voice is so annoying I would never be able to go get my hair done from her because of that hopefully she builds her empire so she can get off TV so we don't have to hear her Voice anymore it only took one commercial to have me muted every time I see her face on there

The ads for this show have definitely made me want to NOT watch. I'm sorry, but her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

TLC you need to change your name as you are no longer a "learning" channel. This is really scraping the bottom of the barrel! As bad as Jazz, Return to Amish, My 600 lb. Life, Say Yes to the Dress and so many other useless shows you air.

I remember when I was younger and TLC actually had a lot of educational programs...what happened? 😩 I cringe hearing this commercial because yes her voice is annoying. I just don't understand what's so special about this family. There are plenty of young women who "change lives" by doing hair and there are also plenty of families who have businesses together but hey I guess it's all about who you know 🤷🏽‍♀️

Since the first day they announced the show i rolled my eyes and said omg something way not interesting by a person with a childs voice that thinks she is making ppls lives better with hair extensions like who cares. Bring back trauma life in the er, little couple, my big fat american gypsy wedding other interesting shows like that

Any Sallys Store carries Hair you can slip on and off.Extentions are used by mainly Blacks and it can not be washed as the Glue will come off.This Chic will be out of Business with in 6 months unless her Clients are Black.

I watch most shows on TLC 💜 them! But this one, nope can't do it. The frist time I heard her voice I thought of the bride opossum in that movie "Zootopia"

TLC has gone downhill big time. I used to love this channel, every time I check it's either 600lb ppl trying to lose weight or ppl getting married. Boring!

No. Big no. That voice...and she's saving lives with extensions? Unless its to Cancer patients, no.

I can't stand her voice. I don't think it will last long.

Her voice is freaking annoying, I won't be watching this. All my shows are DVR to avoid all the commercials and especially hers 😬😬😬

So why the show?? Weaves have been around forever i dont get why them and the annoying voice.

Kardashian wanted be she makes her voice even worse Not sure why TLC puts this kind of show seriously what kind of garbage is this

Her voice hurts my ears.... when she says --- I'm building an empire!!!! there is no way I'll be watching!!!!!

seriously tlc?..no way, not watching this..looks dumb..not funny..and like a total waste of time..why can't you just bring honey boo boo and her family back..that show was funny and dvr worthy

They need to stop it before it starts! Holy....... This will last maybe an episode or 2. They'll end up canning it.

everytime i hear this ad on TLC, i want to mute mute mute ...

The voice on this girl is soooooo irritating, you couldnt pay me to watch it

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1 day ago


We're now casting for Trading Spaces Homeowners! Go to TLC.com/Casting to learn more. #TradingSpaces

Trading Spaces
Dreams do come true! Find out how you can join the cast of #TradingSpaces at TLC.com/casting
... See MoreSee Less

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I loved this show.Glad it's coming back.

Although I loved watching the show, some of the designs were so far out there. I can honestly say, that's one show I never wanted to be on. Especially when Hildi was the designer!

I loved this show. Wonder if some of the same desingers will be back or if it will be all new people. Loved Doug and Vern and Frank was so funny. Loved Ty too.

Loved Trading Spaces!! Thank you for bringing it back!!! Yea!!!

Yea! Can't wait for this show to come back. Hope Frank is back too.. 🤠

One of my all time favorites - I was so hooked on this show! So happy it's coming back!

No way! The previous show was frightening, don't want that to happen to my home!

This was one of my daughters and mine to watch❤️

Yes! FINALLY. Some of the old great programming.

So glad this is coming back! I think I've seen every episode.

Now all we need its for all the original cast to come back

i hope they show great design not weird stuff like before.

YES 😁!!

Meredith Majerik Garton you and jaren and Justin and I could do this!

Only if I get Vern!

Can I try out to be a designer on the show?

Watched the show faithfully!!!!

Bring back Paige!!!

Loved this show. Hope the new one is just as good.

This was a favorite! Can't wait!

Hope Paige Davis will be back hosting.

Love this show can't wait to watch again!

love love love love..!!!!!!

Loved this show

Very very happy the show is coming back cannot wait !

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2 days ago


Hooray!It's finally here! Get ready for the premiere of #90DayFiance Happily Ever After TONIGHT at 8/7c! ... See MoreSee Less


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Danielle needs mental help, Mohamed needs to be deported and tlc needs to be ashamed of themselves for promoting this ridiculous behaviour.

It makes me sick Chantelle's family saying that does not trust Pedro... What about not trusting their own daughter!?!?! Chantelle created all these lies and poor Pedro got all tangled in her lies!!!! It is very clear for me that he is a good person, very different from her!!

LOVE this show!!! Prefer this over the duggars but I like them as well. TLC is fine, do like other people and don't watch what you don't like. Thats the best way to send a message. Their consumer base is watching or they would not keep airing the show.

I also cant stand Anifsa Geroger's wife she makes my skin crawl, we can all see she is just using him for what money he does have and wants big things like that house they went to look at and he said it could take a while for him to come up with the money but she didnt like that oh i just wanted to go into my tv screen and punch her Geroge should divorce her and find someone who loves him for him not his money, someone give her a wakeup call but it probably wouldnt do any good

Danielle is still psychotic. I don't think Mohammed needs to be deported. She lied about so much to get him here and now is playing the victim. She's ridiculous. Poor Pedro. He's being blamed for her lies. Her family sucks for blaming him. Though Anfisa makes me skin hurt, she has a right to be upset with George for being a liar. He knew she was in it for the money and so he lied about having much more than he did to keep her. While she seems to suck as a person I wouldn't blame her for leaving.

Tlc , I know u r fighting with discovery channel for the rights . But please bring the little couple . And take off 90 day fiancé , anything to to with the duggers and some of the other shows

when they had the show the couples tell all on first i thought i was watching a Danielle and Mohamed special and the rest were just there to give their opinons stupid, i have also seen a show thats coming on the spouses house? whats the difference betwen that and the Batulore or the Batrolette? nothing, just another show to put on and this other new one about hairstyles or something holly looks stupid, just my opinon

It is sad that this program of Televicion, Make this type of programs because there are people that if they marry for love .... They get married, have a family, work and live normal like any good family.

That crying thing that tried to trick Muhammad into living her makes me sick with all that whining! I don't mean to be ugly but has she ever listened to herself?

Run Azan RUN.....omg Nicole and Azan, it's just Mohammed and Daniele all over again.....another needy, dishonest, unattractive, immature woman trying to keep a good looking Muslim guy! Nicole already has a child by someone else, and has cheated on Azan. I would have thought that in his culture this was a red light situation?

I think Mohamed is a lying, gay POS. (Not that there's anything wrong with being gay-he just won't admit it) he lies like all Muslims do. Big surprise ! Not!!!! (It's called taqiyya, and the old pervert-pedo himself calls for it)

Jorge deserves what he gets.He did lie to Anfisa. As obnoxious as she is,she was honest with him on what she wanted.Also what guy in his twenties already gives up on finding a girl in America?

I'm so sick of the commercial for the show where the lady at the end yells at the guy, "your the worst mistake of my life." It plays with almost every set of commercials.

God, watching Danielle and Mohammed again is painful, can any of us say anything about them, that HASN'T been said ? I hope he was deported. This should be interesting tonight, hahah. :)

Please take this 90 Day losers show off your channel. Love this network, but your choice in shows is steadily decreasing. This is the worst. Lose 90 Day Fiancé!

All these people are coming to America for the green card to get free money from this country. No more freebies anymore. You want to get married, work for it.

Mohammed is such a lying greaseball and is the last piece of trash that should ever be allowed in the USA....Send Him Back !!!.....He makes my skin crawl......... Paola......your husband doesn't have a blond.....he has a Green !!......I think your Master Stylist was actually the Janitor...... Anfisa is so very ugly to expect what she is expecting.....in and out... She would be Lucky if she could even make it as a Hooker back in good ole Putinland......... And her only girlfriend that she went shopping with is the pure example of why girls shouldnt have girlfriends....... Same thing with that viper Juan who is just a game playing nasty Queen....He will poison and Ruin everything he can because of what he is.... As for the Dominican and his wife in drag.....yawn.....please disappear....you're both useless..... Oh and George ???....One more thing???... Anfisa DOESN'T Love you.......sorry Bro......

When she left the salon she had bangs, now she's talking to her husband and they're gone. Where did they go? 🤔 Is anything about her real? Leaving her husband to start a modeling career at the age of 30 is so stupid. I just find her annoying. 🙄

This show along with the Duggers needs to go! It's ridiculously stupid.

Jorge needs to divorce anfisa she is too high maintenance for him.

So Danielle is seriously still chasing Mohamed? She must be really desperate.

Yes please bring back "The Little Couple". Personally I enjoy all shows.

If Danielle was really over Muhammad then she wouldn't even answer the phone when he calls. Why give him the time of day?!

I'm wondering how long you are going to keep this going under the premise that any of this is real? Fake plot.

TLC No 90 day fiancé Gypsy Wedding or Kate plus 8 get back to more quality programming

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