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The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is a TV broadcaster based in Atlanta, GA. It’s a weather channel that provides comprehensive weather news, forecasts, and alerts, along with other weather-related specials and documentaries. You can watch the channel online via the The Weather Channel live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our The Weather Channel review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: The Weather Channel
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Genre: Weather
Website: The Weather Channel Homepage

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Review of The Weather Channel

Review of The Weather Channel


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  • Video On Demand

The Weather Channel’s rating of 9.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that The Weather Channel live streams its programs as they air. The Weather Channel also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

The Weather Channel is owned by NBCUniversal.

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Tropical Storm Cindy spun up this waterspout in Pensacola, Florida. This was taken at the Portofino Resort from the 16th floor. Chairs and tables flew from the balcony moments before the waterspout was spotted.
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When will you start using anonymous sources to predict the weather?

Was it Trump's fault, Weather Channel? 😂😂😂😂

Good morning everyone, Stay safe!

Look at you Cindy Mosley Hall geeze decking havoc........

Kim Norwood 😲

Amy Huber McCurdy

Hunter Therrien

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Jim Cantore talks to Joe Becker, the General Superindent of the New Orleans Sewage and Water Board, as they prepare for potential flooding from Tropical Storm Cindy.

Flooding worries increase in New Orleans, but the Sewerage and Water Board are prepared.
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We'll be alright.. it's just a tropical storms, the city can take on hurricanes category 3/4 with no problem, everything's under control people!! The city is used to this kind of weather, we have the best pumping stations!! This is more for the show than anything else..

Some people just can't learn. They got washed out in Katrina and are getting washed out again. go find a hill, build there.

They shouldn't flood, since katrina, they have had more than enough time to rebuild the pumps they had and to add twice as many more just in case another storm such as katrina ever happened again. So if they flood , then they have no one else to blame but them selves. HOPING it doesn't happen, Just saying.

Ole Jim doesnt need that comb he used to carry in school anymore lol..its always great to see him doing his thing.- Cantore's Fan Club in Vermont

weather channel logic... hurricane gonna hit in close to Louisiana we must send everyone to New Orleans.. i miss when the weather channel used to send people where the hurricanes/tropical storms was actually gonna hit

Odd. New Orleans seems to be hit by tropical systems only when Republicans are in office. #ThanksBush #ThanksTrump

OMG! It's a tropical storm! Everyone should PANIC immediately, if not sooner! We're ALL gonna die!!!! Run, Forrest, RUN!!!!!!

When are we gonna stop diverting the Mississippi river and let it make its new course to the South West?

When are we gonna give up on New Orleans and let be the lake it wants to be?

Jim Cantore us in New Orleans ----RUNNNNNNNN

Don't understand why rent they paying attention to the Jefferson County area in Texas, that's where it's getting it. I am from there and it's be right now.

Oh no....its bad if Jim Cantore is there. .....

Worst place ever to put a city.

Why is there no coverage of the storm right now?? It's about the make landfall!

Well u have city thatis 75% surrounded by water shaped like a bowlalso is ALREADY avg 28ft below SEA LEVEL.... Logic speaks for itself when u dump water in this area....

Надо же так врать погоду. Это что то с чем то. Сначала дождь на весь день. Через 20 минут солнышко. На неделю вообще верить нельзя. Смешной прогноз.

Cantore is such a douche!

If Cantore is in town then it's time to leave people..




Paola Jimenez this is what i was talking about

California will fall into the ocean by the waste side

Scan you show some video from lake charles

Be safe

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10 hours ago

The Weather Channel

Timing Tropical Storm Cindy's Landfall
When and where will Tropical Storm Cindy make landfall? Here's everything you need to know.
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Look lets set this straight about the 10 yr old boy that died today.... "He Was Not In The Water".... The Family was walking on the beach and a large wave came in and he was hit by debris.... Please stop reporting bad Information about the little boy....

Logic says don't live in a flood plain. I know it has a long history but how long before history stops because it is destroyed? And I don't hope for people's demise simply because they chose wrong. I actually hope that they would just see the danger and leave, permanently. But humans are creatures of habit. They attach to places and things just like they do people. I do pray for wisdom. In my humble opinion, they really should just leave and not go back. Let it go to wilderness. :'(

Maybe one-day God will wipe that horrendous city off the map...I'm talking about New Orleans.... anyone who lives there is stupid. It's below sea level. Even the American Indians who lived there before the French took over said to not build there.. that it would only cause people to die.... well every single hurricane season I wait for the news of it's demise...😂😂🌀🌀🌀 It will happen and I will laugh. One less crappy city that is more like Soddom/Gomorrah 🌫🌀🌫🌀🔥🔥🔥

Wow!! That looks bad. It's supposed to make landfall tonight, sometime after midnight, between Sabine Pass and Lake Charles. Stay safe!

We're only be fine just went and watched transformers with strong winds and rain out side. I've got to tell it was great! This is literally normal weather for us. I will say though the idiots playing around by the beaches when there a known storm coming are the ones who needs their heads looked at. When there storm coming the last play we go is where it's going touch down at.

Seriously!!! Current news about a child dying in this serious tropical storm is interrupted by an ad for a WI Dells Water Park??????????

What happened to your prediction of all that rain you were telling everyone , your a joke like everyone says and post on Facebook

God bless, protect, take care Louisiana (us) of Storm Cindy!! Amen and Amen!

They are state lines not borders!! Prayers for Louisiana.

What about the b trop Storm?! What is it doing and where is it?

Don't see why y'all aren't focused on Jefferson County Texas because I am from downtown. There and they re getting hit badly right now. Every one is focused on New Orleans and Houston. Doesn't make any sense.

Wherever it lands, it will surely be TRUMPS FAULT!

As of 7:00 p.m. CDT June 21 (00:00 UTC June 22), Tropical Storm Cindy is located within 30 nautical miles of , about 125 miles (200 km) south of Lake Charles, Louisiana, or about 115 miles (185 km) southeast of Galveston, Texas. www.maria-online.com/information/article.php?lg=en&q=2017_Atlantic_hurricane_season#Tropical_Stor...

Destin just got hit hard with the wild thing

Just a healthy reminder? A child died...

This sucks

⬅️. Is. A. Ordinary. Citizen.

Beatriz no ta bueno


Better pray. Like that works.

Justin Sprouse look at Galveston

Lisbeth Marie ready for rain?

Jorge Cambero Bizarron

Anthony Milo Mora

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11 hours ago

The Weather Channel

Roads Are Flooded in Panama City Beach, Florida
Heavy flooding has hit Panama City Beach, Florida

Credit: WJHG-TV
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The Weather channel is doing great reporting on this storm...the only thing I wish that they would also do is report on how the oil rigs are fairing out in the gulf...I have a son and several friends out there....

No, it's not that bad where we are staying. In fact, it stopped raining here around 12:30. We went out to the beach for a while. It was very windy and the waves were big. It started raining again a little while ago.

Marcie Saree Fulcher we are enjoying all of this rain, said no one ever lol, it rained so much today that they had to drain 9 inches of water out of the pool here

Yes..... we're in a class A flood zone, so we don't get flooded easily 😊 Lynn haven and the East end of the beach got the worst of it 😁

I hope and pray everyone is staying off the roads, especially now that its getting dark....... flooded roads are so hard to see, especially in poorly lit areas........

In a storm, your channel always reports in new orleans, or mobile..What about Biloxi, Pascagoula, etc. ? I have noticed you have absolutely no coverage of Mississippi.

We were there. The rain was horrific this morning. We stayed ocean front and woke up this morning to rain beating the windows and water running in the room under the door. I can't imagine being there during a storm that is catagorized more than a tropical storm.

Think that's enough to wash the scum off of those streets, and back into the countless shithole divebars down there, Carmen?

We are doing fine. The kids haven't missed a beat. They've just played in the rain☔️ and the services have been great. Thanks for checking on us.

~ Don't drive through standing water, don't drive through standing water... Look at all the crazy people.

Thats the salon I work for! People kept driving through the flooded roadway and stalling out. We ended up closing early because of the flooding. Once the rain stopped... The water receded within 30min.

Why doesn't the Highway department have their signs made with holes or slots in them so some of the wind will pass through them? If those signs rip off in the high winds, they can become a dangerous flying metal disk. And - Don't tape the windows, it won't do much good.???? Well, your windows will still break, but possibly - maybe, there won't be as much flying glass becoming an instant projectile. (I live in the tornado belt). I'm so thankful I don't live on the coast.

If y'all only knew local politics here,,,storm water always a big problem here. But mayor has made a new $5,000,000 city hall priority number one.

So glad we had a couple hours wo rain. Now its back to severe thunderstorm warning and tornado warning. Sometimes living right above Pensacola is not fun. ☔☔⚡☁

Sooooo its starting to flood doesnt it make sense to stay home!!? Duhh... lol i seen someone comment "we have things to do and work" lmao uhhhh how dumb are you!!?

We did get allot of rain ☔️ today! However this area floods because of drainage issues!

It has NOT been fun here....RAIN RAIN GO AWAY SO WE CAN ENJOY THE SUMMER RAYS!!! #local

Used to go to Panama City Beach every time we went to Florida to visit my Grandmother when I was younger.

Its nice to play in when you have a monster truck lol

The worst flooding areas are Alf Coleman, Front Beach, and Middle Beach :/

Idiots plowing through that water with their vehicles, slow down!!!

It's flooding down south and burning up to ash here in the west...

we leave for PCB Friday mornin. Hoping this will all be calmed down by then. 🤞

Waiting for the weather channel to make this trumps fault

This is where I'm vacationing right now.

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