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PostTV is a media organization based in Washington DC. It’s a national and world news outlet that disseminates comprehensive coverage of breaking news, business, finance, science, health, sports, the arts, travel, style and elections. You can watch online via the PostTV live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our PostTV review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: PostTV
Location: Washington DC, United States
Genre: National News, World News
Website: The Washington Post / PostTV Homepage

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Review of PostTV

Review of PostTV


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2 minutes ago

Washington Post

President Trump climbed into a big rig driver’s seat, but the Internet was at the wheel Thursday. ... See MoreSee Less

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He's a big boy now! President Bannon even said he could have some ice cream after that, just as long as he continues to brush his teeth each day.

it's why he pouted in front of mrs. merkel -- she wouldn't let him pway with his twucks.

Who else is tired of cleaning up and taking care of people who will vote against themselves? Morale Hazard is doing something thing wrong, knowing someone else will pay to fix it. (Education, Healthcare, Environmental Cleanup, Drug Addiction) It's time for Progressive States to band together to take care of its people, and cut off all resources to states and cities who do not support similar values. If you're ready to disrupt the system, please sign and share. #ProgressiveDisruption

Look at those tiny hands.

Vroom vroom. America first. truck go fast.

Trump … the negotiation guru who wrote the book “The Art of the Deal” has failed miserably in his first deal … his first negotiation as president .. failing his first test … passing the Trumpcare! Shame! A big letdown!

Our toddler president.

Epic level shade, WaPo. Bravo!


We got us a convoy!!!

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32 minutes ago

Washington Post

A political controversy swirling around the Japanese prime minister shows no sign of slowing down. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

A secret donation controversy? That's nothing compared to what we have...a treasonous leader committing espionage. Top that.

☆☆The Union of Socialist Facebook will censor fake news. Don't expect this to include CNN MSNBC PBS ABC Snopes CBS NBC NY Times Wa Po DNC Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Where was this when Obama was saying, "If you like your doctor..." The Benghazi attack was caused by a dispicable anti-Muslim video. I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Brian Williams was shot down in a helicopter. Russia prevented crooked Hillary from being elected. Vladimir Putin invaded Korea. Islam is the religion of peace. Guam is going to capsize. Donald Trump will not get the Republican Nomination. Donald Trump has no path to 270 electoral votes. Donald Trump is not going to be President. What about the proliferation of fake polls from most of the Union of Socialist Fake News Networks? Everything reported about the Affordable Care Act was fake news including the title! Everything reported about the clandestine meeting between President Clinton and Attorney General Lynch at a dark isolated part of an airport was completely false fake news. Do you believe Zuckerberg will put these purveyors of fake news out of business? Zuckerberg will bankrupt Facebook before he will shut down the corrupt media. This is not about shutting down fake news, it's about shutting down Conservatives and stopping America from becoming great again. Facebook has been at war with conservatives and this is nothing more than an escalation of that war. Zuckerberg's allies in his War include the IRS VA NSA CIA FBI EPA Corrupt Media Democrat Party Snopes Google ISIS All illegal aliens All sanctuary cities Most Federal Judges 93% of bureaucrats 100% of the DC swamp politicians I predict this will be the end of Facebook much like MySpace. Zuckerberg will kill the goose that laid the golden egg. He has his seat at the Globalist Billionaire's table so don't cry for him.

41 minutes ago

Washington Post

“They were just an ordinary family. I would never have assumed that he was in any way related to terrorist activity." ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Khalid was just a 'gentle giant' I'm sure. Probably sang in the local muslim choir. He had huge plans to be a sports star or an actor or an engineer most likely. Just got in with the wrong crowd. We really can't blame him for acting out the way he did .... you know, because at some point in his life he felt discriminated against. And hey...who wouldn't be tempted by those 72 virgins?? Same script....just different actors, right WaPo?

He was a terrorist-wannabe. Any self respecting terrorist doesn't go armed with a knife, they take automatic weapons. This is a mental health issue.

These guys are all Conservative extremists. The far right is bad news.

Where Islam grows, terror follows. Apparently we'll have to learn that all over again... and again

how about we stop publicizing these attackers, don't name them, don't let them go out in a blaze of glory, give them a number and bury them in an unmarked grave

Islam doesn't kill, people kill

The far Right of any religion is bad news.

So far 9 arrested in Islamic terror attack. Not 1 like Media CNN msnbc CBS ABC NBC BBC n y times WP want you to think.

His name was Russel not Khalid.

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2 hours ago

Washington Post

"The parallels between Nixon and Trump cannot be overstated." ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Every time the Republicans try to divert the story from Trump's potential illegal behavior and toward it being about "leaks," I'm reminded of Nixon. Don't be distracted, and don't be fooled. Leaks are the friend of freedom of the press and the public's right to know.

There are also important differences, most notably that Nixon was not a sociopath. I worry that Our Dear Leader will start a war with North Korea to divert attention away from the upcoming investigation and allow it to escalate into a nuclear conflict without a moment of reflection on the consequences.

It will come out soon enough. I just want to say thank you to those reporters that aren't afraid of Donald J. Trump.

Dems need to change the messaging and start calling these leaks whistleblowing, because that's what it is. And I for one do not want whistleblowing demonized. There are protections in place for that for a reason.

Outstanding defense of the importance of a functioning 4th estate. I never thought I would live through Watergate and the end of the Cold War again. I am hoping those episodes don't have alternate endings.

Trump is involved in what could very well be a act of treason, Nixon was not involved in treason. Trump is sinking Trumps ship and doing a great job all by himself, add the rest of the ship of fools and he's listing to the port side taking on water.

Everyone needs to watch, Nixon, in his own words. A HBO documentary. The difference between trump and nixon is that Nixon actually accomplished good things during his reighn.

I've experienced them both. Trump is worse by far if only because, but not only because he benefited if not colluded with an enemy of the state.

I am not pro Trump and am not defending his actions, in which he should be held accountable. That goes for the Republican party's behavior as well. That being said, it puts reasonable and educated people in between a rock and hard place. Democrats don't exactly offer a viable alternative. Certainly better than what we have, but that is not saying much. This nightmare (our current political climate) will not end until people let go of outdated ideas. Technology will replace our jobs, the environment is important and there is no stopping it, whether 5 years or 50 from now. It is time people on both sides of the political spectrum truly look towards the future and implement policy that reflects it. Many liberals say they do, but I argue they are as shortsighted as American conservatives in many ways.

Why does Trump have to be like Nixon? Can't he be his own brand of scumbag?

This quote from the article absolutely resonates for me now more than ever: "When the press has an enemy in the White House and we are all on the same side, we are at our best.”

Leaks will eventually sink trump's ship. He knows it, which is why he tries to discredit the press every chance he gets.

No silly WaPo, the comparison is between Nixon and Obama. It's about wiretapping a political opponent during a presidential election, get it?

Smart people know that there is never any smoke without a fire!

Trump makes Nixon look like a Boy Scout. Nixon never delved into treason.

Nixon was a junior, Trump is the real dangerous pro

Trump is far far worse

Thank you James Squires for your courage and pursuit of the truth both them and now

Are y'all part of the 8 million that are going to be deported?

Except Nixon had a brain in his head! A paranoid brain, but a brain none the less!

Trump needs a brain scan. The man's definitely got some kind of mental disorder!

"I had to promise I would go to jail rather than ever say how I got the story." Welp.

Good reminder. Free press is a major pillar of America. Keep investigating. Keep searching for valid 'leaks'.

I wouldn't trust Trump as far as I could throw him.

Nixon was crooked, Trump is off his rocker and crooked.

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2 hours ago

Washington Post

Last year, investor Arjuna Capital helped seven tech companies to publish, and commit to closing, the percentage pay gap that existed between their male and female employees ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

How about the pay gap between CEOs and the working class? This documentary explains exactly why working class families can't afford things in the past 40 years.

We should all support this, someone's sex shouldn't be a factor determining their wages. Talent and experience should be the only factors :)

Well, when it comes to the big banks, the best way to close the pay gap is to close the business.

This pay gap, like global warming, is a hoax.

Thank you!

If It Doesn't Nourish Your Soul Get Rid of It.

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