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44 minutes ago

Washington Post

The woman in the photo is very much alive. ... See MoreSee Less

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Every year they screw this up.. This year with the omission of Robert Vaughn,, and of course Janet Patterson is alive and well.. Really.. How hard can it be to spend the right amount of time to honor the people who contributed to the very same thing you are celebrating...

Why does any care about this minor error? Why is this in my news feed? Seems pretty petty.

I'm Iranian and I'm afraid if Anoushe Ansari can travel to her homeland without hijab!? Double standard.

Whos running the oscars? Trump?

Obviously some Trump supporters among the Oscar crew ( which is Highly Possible) had sabotaged the show.

It happens-glad she is still with us!

I'm glad she got better.

Wow! Now that was really a mess up!

George David I was telling you...


Andrea Baskerville Sandra Kelly Doris Escobar Moni Masseuse #Oscarssowack

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2 hours ago

Washington Post

Jennifer Garner, unlike many of her Hollywood colleagues, is ready and willing to work with Trump to help him make good on his promise to aid rural America. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

She'll be working alone. He doesn't care about rural America

He'll be calling her "the greatest actress in history better than the overrated failing Meryl Streep" any minute now

Mrs. Garner, you may have good intentions, but when one comes in contact with a deadly virus like that orange, hateful, anti humanity, obese, wig wearing, fraudulent liar, with a weak immune system, the virus generally takes over and he/she becomes infected. There has to be another way!

I guess the supporters of this administration will suddenly call her smart. Yet, when any other famous person speaks about issues she/he cares about they tell them to stop talking and focus on acting. Hypocrites all of them.

Hard to "work together" in a country where 45% thinks the president is mentally ill, 35% thinks the president is a messiah, and 20% thinks voting is stupid, bro.

yeah too bad he doesn't want to work with you, and he sure as hell doesn't plan to make good on any of his promises to "rural America" or the working class. he is here to line his pockets and do Putin's bidding, and the GOP is letting him do it just so he will rubber stamp their regressive agenda. quit being suckers...

She just sounds naive. The Democrats were willing to work with him too until they kept getting steamrolled. The Republicans have no interest in working together.

I like you Jennifer, but as hopeful as you might be, this is not your guy. He has no interest nor inclination to really help your people-he just wanted to be elected.

Didn't she hear that he already single-handedly saved rural America? Coal is back, Obamacare - finito, and no more pesky immigrants stealing jobs

Sadly, her good intentions for children in underfunded rural areas will be completely demolished with the Trump/DeVos desire to provide incentives for private schools. Her film career and resulting financial success may have insulated her from reality.

Another person still under the dissolution that we are dealing with a rational human being.

Sure, help him with rural america. I mean sure, women, trans men, ethnic minorities, sick people, disabled people, Muslim people, immigrants etc are getting trampled to the ground but at least rural America will get some help!

She must have been living under a rock if she thinks Donald Trump is going to help rural Americans. Exactly which of his proposals does she think is going to accomplish this? Ending public education as we know it? Ending Medicaid? Cuts to every government program but Defense?

Johanna Scheffer Notaro Yes - you're right. He's done more to destroy this country and what it stands for in one month. He's turning our allies against us, boosting China's share of the world market, launched a hate campaign against Muslims, become a prime example of hate and bullying - and oh yes - is in bed with the Russians. Oh, wait - did I mention his Nazi strategist who's taking the government apart agency by agency?

I'm certain there is a number of competent people willing to work with him, teach him. It's just that he thinks he knows it all. In his mind, he's doing a wonderful job 😳

That is what I cal someone who has excepted the outcome and bieves in the goid of her country.. not the ones who are just so awful just awful and rediculous and poor losers and do not give a crap. .

I think one of Garner' plans is to hold DJT's feet to the her own way. Since he campaigned on that pledge, seems like she wants him to make good on it. I know one thing, if no one does what she's doing, the rural community & promises to it will just fade away. And...her focus on education will be a huge issue since U.S. congress is already introducing bills overturn ESEA 1965 bill. They, federal gov, wants to give block grants to states for vouchers only. Rural schools will get socked.

I like the optimism people have and willing to work with this administration; though, this just proves how white privileged works! Remember when there was a time we had a person who actually wanted to unite the country and people demonized him just simply because he was black? There is no way 45th would have gone this far if he was born a colored person! Don't normalize the situation! Nothing of this whole one party controlled government is normal!

And while you're meeting with these clowns, try to do what Sidney Bristow would do, and please get us some incriminating evidence on Trump, so we can finally start impeachment hearings 😉

Be careful he attacks unexpectedly and grab it and then all happens because he's a star his words. Would you even like to be near such man? If you can then next time don't criticize men who mistreat and sexually assault women.

I hope she doesn't get used for a photo op and if she does, she calls the GOP out loudly. Whatever she does with the kids, it should be a program that replicable. Good luck!

Yeah, that'll work. Alliance with a liberal Hollywood actress who is more attractive and famous than he is. Not going to happen.

Currently I could not be more blue. I am a liberal who is MORE THAN WILLING to work with ANYONE ho is intent on helping communities across the USA. Helping a community does not mean decimating another! trump's mass deportation plans that will 1- hurt business - specially in rural agricultural communities- 2- separate families leaving children who are currently being cared for to further burden the already saturated Foster-care System DOES NOT help Rural America. 3- removes Planned Parenthood- often times the ONLY provider of female medical care in a Rural Communities 4- the diverting of funds from Public Schools into private schools whose teachers are not even credentialed and who have no obligation of accepting ALL students creating "exclusive" schools and underfunded public schools for "the test" 5- removing people with pre-existing conditions from Healthcare placing, once again, in undue burden into Rural Hospitals (many Rural Hospitals have already closed since certain politicians have decided to play politics with the heath of their constituents) Well..... I can not help with any of the above BECAUSE IT WOULD HURT Rural America!!!

Make this your morning ritual. Call 844-241-1141. A recording will tell you what today's issue is then automatically connect you with a congressional representative to leave a message. It's so easy and quick! Today we are calling Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee to demand an inquiry into 45's ties to Russia. Please do this and share.Together we can make a difference.

If she's working on educating rural children, it's to stop men like Trump in the future from fooling people in need into believing he will help them

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3 hours ago

Washington Post

The chances of seeing President Trump's tax returns just got smaller. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Conservatives care nothing of this genuine concern, but they'll scream 6 years for a birth certificate.

I wish someone from the IRS would "leak" them for the sake of the country.

Yeah, because his connections to Russia would nail him to the wall. Releasing them would be suicide.

why would you have ever expected him to release them? just because he said he would? he's a pathological liar, soon he'll be saying he never said he would. he's only saying nobody wants to see them now but soon, then often

I need to release my tax returns to buy a $200,000 house. What the hell is this.

The Groper-in-Chief is hiding his financial dependence on Russia, along with other disqualifying relationships. Additionally, his tax returns will reveal charitable giving which is disproportionately minuscule (like his hands, etc).

Whether or not there are conflicts of interest, I think he refuses for ego reasons. He likes to brag and exaggerate, so my guess is that he doesn't want people to find out he isn't as rich as he says he is. Rich, yes, but I'd bet money he embellishes.

TRUMP: "WHO KNEW HEALTH CARE WAS SO COMPLICATED!" So this idiot wants to repeal something he doesn't understand and way too complicated for his 140 characters tweets, just because he wants to see his name (Trumpcare) on it? WELL NOW WE KNOW. 😎😎😂😂

The GOP members of Congress have realized that Trump can't release his tax returns without dragging the entire Republican brand off a cliff with him. The fall would be so disastrous that even the slowest of Trump's supporters would begin to suspect something was wrong before they hit the ground. The tax issue also serves as a diversion from Trump's Russian treason scandal. It's amazing how many scandals Trump is juggling without any of them ever being mentioned in Fox "News".

I wouldn't even be that mad if Trump just bought out the name to Obamacare and repackaged the same thing as his own at this point

I know nothing, but still think his sons doing business in an unrestricted country from the possible Muslim ban list should have opened the door and given a legitimate cause for those records to be subpoenaed in relation to conflicts of interest and the shaping of the Muslim ban. And setting aside Saudi, which is complex for all and ignoring the Obama's list drivel, that list was in his best interests, not America's... before you even touch on Russia...

It's such a basic thing, that other presidents of both parties have done with no problem, readily and willingly for the sake of transparency and to show a level of trustworthiness to the nation. If he won't do it, it means there is really something wrong. Look at all the pressure he put on Obama to release his birth certificate. This just seems so logical and obvious, it's hard to believe so many people are willing to be duped by the lack of transparency in this White House

Looks like he has something to hide, if he was on the up and up he would have no problem RELEASING THEM LIKE EVERY PRESIDENT HAS DONE SINCE THE 70'S... just saying.

Of course he isn't going to make his tax records publlic.. Get real. He has never paid personal income tax.

Why does the writer conclude that Trump will be running for a second term in 2020? He will have ticked off all but the most brain-dead of his supporters if he even lasts four years!

Some contractor will probably be the source...I highly doubt a federal civil service member would leak them. Not without a nice payout and tickets to say Brazil.

What is Trump AND the GOP hiding? Funny that during the primaries the other republican candidates made an issue out of Trump not releasing his returns and were outraged when he wouldn't.

There is something wrong with a leader who is allowed to snub his nose at releasing his tax documentation, yet another campaign promise (aka lie) we have all been fed. The only reason to not release them is that he's hiding something. He's a president, not a King nor a God.

They will eventually be made public through one legal action or another. The real problem is that the longer that takes, the greater the fallout will be. Assuming we're still a democracy by then, of course. =)

You needed an analysis to figure this one out? He already won without releasing them. No, he's not showing us anything. And no one cares, really, other than liberals and media elites.

If GOP is doing so to "protect" the president, they are surely doing the president a dis-service. Show the American people in black-and-white that there are no Russian ties. But maybe there is...

Pathetic. I hope the crew ethics organization's case about the violations of the emolument's clause will lead to exposure of the tax returns.

Well... given his track record, it's good to see Cilizza finally engaging the DEEPLY TROUBLING QUESTIONS this transparently ANTI-TRANSPARENT move surely brings to light.

you're kidding!?! With all those rumours about Russian business ties (because US banks stopped loaning him money) and all the conflicts of interest(which are still making him money hand over fist) I can't believe he wouldn't want to be more transparent! Well, as we know, the truth ALWAYS comes out sooner or later.... Then there's karma...

But of course he has much to lose.because he has much to hide. However, in the future a 5 yr Tax return must be a requirement if you're running for Presidency. Period.

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4 hours ago

Washington Post

They have a long history. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

This is lazy reporting! The Post missed the part where Kimmel responded with "I'm f@#$ing Ben Affleck" sung alongside most of Hollywood during the writers strike. That was the funniest bit ffs! Smh.

I really thought there was a serious beef for a long time. This is hilarious.

ANONYMOUS" (AUSTRALIA etc) - This is a world-wide group/global network/'mind' that can hack into any computer and 'manipulate' your mind through the use of little 'surveys', 'games', quizzes etc. It is not a 'formal' organisation - Members join from all over the world and many of them are extremely intelligent, 'gifted' even ...They come from all walks of life - science, medicine etc. Their motto is 'Never forgive, never forget' and many of them are extreme left wing anarchists" The quizzes and surveys that you do on Facebook are analysed and the information you provide through Facebook is not safe, even if you have standard security and firewall protection. Any organisation that has 'Never forgive, never forget" as it's motto cannot be good, cannot be trusted ---

The Washington Compost is a leftwing propaganda machine. They will toss the Conservatives a bone on occasion but be sure, they are not hiring anyone who is a Conservative. If you doubt that then you're just not very bright, are doing a lot of drugs or have a room temperature IQ. Kimmel is crass & a classless buffoon.

Michael Kaner here is an explanation of the fake feud.

Amazon CEO Bezos landed a $600 million federal contract and by who? The CIA. The “deal” is for a computing cloud developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It also just happens AWS services all 17 agencies within the US intelligence community. An unholy alliance in which Bezos stands to gain many more millions by pacifying and working with the CIA through his publication The Washington Post. “Leaks” and “information” Bezos will publish without question, without proper verification and journalistic sourcing. The CIA will now have its own propaganda publication to do whatever it likes in misinforming and manipulating the American people and the voters. Vital information intentionally withheld from the American people, as Bezos uses the Post to forge pocket lining government contracts while promoting his own personal political agenda. Is this lack of reporting of the Bezos/CIA partnership by the MSM the result of massive incompetency? Or a very well organized cover up within the MSM inner circle of four or five elitists who now own six companies that control over 90 percent of MSM outlets?

He kisses Johnny Deep on a regular basis... he is gotta keep balance, you know.

When Matt tripped him, it was hilarious.

Donna Stanford Rozynski make sure you also watch the video. It's hilarious.


How about the 10 days long history of the Washington Post not covering Jeff Bezos conversations with his buddy trump in order to get the Times booted from the White House. Cancel your Washington post subscription until the Times is reinstated. Copy and paste this message .

Not pretend. Totally real. You must be reading fake news again.

Hard to imagine anyone having to pretend to hate Jimmy Kimmel.

It's not funny

What some people think is funny Is really rude and crude.

Jimble Kimble

Jimmy is a little too mean.

Is this funny? Ok, these guys are so funny

Thank Sarah Silverman for that.. lol

Hate is not crime . But crime along with hate forcing criminals to jump off the buildings is not crime

No longer funny

Jill Palumbo here you go. I forgot about the Sarah Silverman thing.

Miguel Aaguilar, puedes ver cómo empezó

Ok, it's funny... i love these guys

Sarah Rebecca it goes way back, as we know <3

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5 hours ago

Washington Post

Perspective: In the city that’s been hailed as the country’s top restaurant scene, the president ventured less than a mile from the White House to the hotel that bears his name. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Sacre bleu! Never trust a man who takes a steak with ketchup!

Dear chefs, by all means please cook amazing food for 45 and don't skimp on butter, lard and bacon because they make everything taste amazing. Please use your culinary skills and as many trans fats as possible. Thank you :)

Normally, I wouldn't care about this, but then I remember how Fox "News" and Sean Hannity devoted an entire segment to President Obama ordering a burger with Dijon mustard back when he was first POTUS, and how "elitist" that was, and it just gives me an aneurysm.

If he is going to destroy a fine cut of steak by ordering it over cooked and smothered in ketchup he should get the $30 burger instead. Oh, wait. He's not paying for it. We are. Bon appetit.

The real part of this story is how he spends all his free time at his own buildings so he can scam the government out of money like the common low-life grifter that he is.

Hank Hill summed it up best when his son Bobby once asked him what he would do if someone requested a well done steak at a BBQ: "We politely but firmly tell those people to leave."

As a Nebraskan woman and a lover of fine steak and beef, this is more than gauche. It's despicable. No respect for the chef, the aging process, and most importantly the animal that gave its life only to become a flavorless piece of leather drenched in sugary tomato sauce.

There are so many things I want to type. No. I have to go bed. This is trash behavior. Just no. Not ever.

That cow gave up it's life for that steak and this idiot gets it well done and eats it with ketchup. He ought to be in jail for this if nothing else.

Here are the facts why Trump wants to lift the sanctions on Russia and Opposes the Iran Nuclear Deal to Benefit Putin, The Russian Military and Himself: 1) Trump owes Blackstone/ Bayrock group $560 million dollars (one of his largest debtors and the primary reason he won't reveal his tax returns) 2) Blackstone is owned wholly by Russian billionaires, who owe their position to Putin and have made billions from their work with the Russian government. 3) Other companies that have borrowed from Blackstone have claimed that owing money to them is like owing to the Russian mob and while you owe them, they own you for many favors. 4) The Russian economy is badly faltering under the weight of its over-dependence on raw materials which as you know have plummeted in the last 2 years leaving the Russian economy scrambling to pay its debts. 5) Russia has an impetus to influence our election to ensure the per barrel oil prices are above $65 ( they are currently hovering around $50) 6) Russia can't affordably get at 80% of its oil reserves and reduce its per barrel cost to compete with America at $45 or Saudi Arabia at $39. With Iranian sanctions being lifted Russia will find another inexpensive competitor increasing production and pushing Russia further down the list of suppliers. As for Iranian sanctions, the 6 countries lifting them allowing Iran to collect on the billions it is owed for pumping oil but not being paid for it. These billions Iran can only get if the Iranian nuclear deal is signed. Trump spoke of ending the deals which would cause oil sales sanctions to be reimposed, which would make Russian oil more competitive. 7) Rex Tillerson (Trump's pick for Secretary of State) is the head of ExxonMobil, which is in possession of patented technology that could help Putin extract 45% more oil at a significant cost savings to Russia, helping Putin put money in the Russian coffers to help reconstitute its military and finally afford to mass produce the new and improved systems that it had invented before the Russian economy had slowed so much. glasses emoticon8) Putin cannot get access to these new cost saving technologies OR outside oil field development money, due to US sanctions on Russia, because of its involvement in Ukrainian civil war. 9) Look for Trump to end sanctions on Russia and to back out of the Iranian nuclear deal, to help Russia rebuild its economy, strengthen Putin and make Tillerson and Trump even richer, thus allowing Trump to satisfy his creditors at Blackstone. 10) With Trump's fabricated hatred of NATO and the U.N., the Russian military reconstituted, the threat to the Baltic states is real. Russia retaking their access to the Baltic Sea from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and threatening the shipping of millions of cubic feet of natural gas to lower Europe from Scandinavia, allowing Russia to make a good case for its oil and gas being piped into eastern Europe. Sources: Time Magazine, NY Times, The Atlantic, The Guardian UK. Feel free to share! Credit to Bob Beam

Who cares how he eats his steak or what he eats? Why does he still get to lease the hotel when the contract says no elected government official may hold the lease?

Doesn't read, doesn't play an instrument, doesn't respect the Arts. (He probably thinks the Arts are paint by number.) Isn't eloquent. Has no sense of humor. Has no manners...why would anyone think he would know how to order & eat a steak. Next time just have someone get him a Happy Meal.

The Trump family is a hybrid of the Clampetts and the Kardashians. Apologies to the Clampetts.

All you ketchup haters can stfu! Ketchup is a royal condiment, fit for a king. Dare I say, a burger king.

Nixon liked cottage cheese with ketchup, Trump likes overcooked steak with ketchup...I see a pattern here.

I think it should be abundantly clear that this president has no class and no personality. No interests, no hobbies, and nothing positive that he is passionate about.

Enough is enough! Who cares what he eats?! Or that he doesn't take advantage of the "country's top restaurant scene?" I am gonna have to unsubscribe from these FB updates, because they are driving me crazy.

Of course Grandpa D eats at his own restaurant...he gets a discount and gets to plug his brand! I bet he steals ketchup from the White House and brings it over as well. Come on, is this at all surprising?

Maybe his stomach can't handle rare meat anymore... I mean that "dishonest media" just keep giving him such a hard time! And the hotel is a "safe place" from all the criticism. C'mon... give the sensitive snowflake a break, why don't cha? ;)

The taxpayers paid tRump to go to a hotel he owns and spend taxpayer money to himself via the restaurant. Nice bit of graft there.

"the city that’s been hailed as the country’s top restaurant scene" hailed by who, exactly?

I think the fact that Trump doesn't know how to order a steak is literally the least of our concerns about him.

You know, it's painful to read the WP. This guy can't even eat steak the way he likes with you people criticizing. I read one of the posts earlier that commented most People read the WP and NYT and several others to get their "news" and conservatives like myself only watch FOX. Info read these awful newspapers but I find myself time after time asking myself why? To the editor And the reporter On this story. What is a meal you like. Please tell us so we can criticize.

Oh come on. We all have that thing we love to eat that everyone else thinks is trash. He's entitled. Let's worry about things that deserve our attention instead.

Ugh!!!! That beautiful steak prepared "well done with ketchup" is grounds for addition to all the other legitimate reasons. This is, dare I say, disgraceful.

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