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TeenNick is a TV broadcaster located in New York, NY. It’s a children’s channel that airs fun and entertaining TV shows, cartoons and more for pre-teens and teenagers. You can watch the channel online via its video-on-demand collection, updated regularly. See our TeenNick review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: TeenNick
Location: New York, New York, United States
Genre: Children’s
Website: TeenNick Homepage

If you want to learn more about TeenNick than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of TeenNick

Review of TeenNick


  • Video On Demand

TeenNick’s rating of 8.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is the channel’s video collection, giving viewers access to watch on demand. However, there’s no TeenNick live stream available, losing the channel some points. More about our rating method.

TeenNick is owned by Viacom Media Networks. It is a member of the Nickelodeon network.

See how TeenNick compares to other children’s stations in the US.



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October 18th, 3:43 pm


Who would you most want as your road trip buddy? Use the Facebook reactions to vote! ... See MoreSee Less

Who would you most want as your road trip buddy? Use the Facebook reactions to vote!


Comment on Facebook

Not driving to school, road trip? Probably Jade. She's so chill. Drake and Tori would want to go to all of the parties, Josh would knit an do puzzles. Don't underestimate Jade. She will mess you up.😂

Probably either Tori or Josh. Josh because he’s hilarious, cool, and a lot of fun. and Tori because I’m not some person trying to stress her out or planning to attack her, so I’d be myself, talk to her about anything, and be a good friend. Plus, she’d seem like a nice person to go on a road trip even though she can over-panic at times.

Drake. He seems like he would be the most fun on road trips. Tori seems like she would be too panicky, Josh too annoying and Jade very terrifying.

I will go with Josh and Jade. Josh would be hilarious and he will be full of sarcasm. He even likes to chat and listen. Jade will give you the creeps being alone with her and you will not know where she can lead you.

I feel like I’m jade all the time and I would love tori or josh but also jake cus he could probably get us food for free haha

Drake and Josh. Josh is funny and would provide snacks. And Drake is hot and he could sing. They're a package deal for me!

It would have been Josh hands down... But after he didn’t invite Drake to his Wedding... I’ve gotta pick Drake

Josh is a safe driver so I would definitely choose him 🙂 .

I would take a road trip with André, as long as his grandma is not there

Jade cause she can be in a bad mood sometimes and be nice to others as well

Drake because hed be flirting the whole time and he could sing

I would pick drake but he would get me killed so josh

Tory so I can take her on a trip lol 😂👅💦💦💦

I rather have Drake Parker as my road trip buddy because he is very cute and super nice and so hot

Hunter Dally This relates to what we talked about in class today.

XD Tori can sing to me until we end the road trip

Def not Tori, sorry she's whiny as hell

Where's the "All of the above" option?

All of them. I choose all four of them.

I vote for Josh, because he doesn’t cause as much trouble as Drake, as shown on “Drake & Josh”.

Drake because he could entertain me most

Jade so I can totally have that make out sesh haha

Tori...all the orher ones are annoying af especially Josh!

Josh because he's funny and I can't trust drake driving 😂😂😂

Drake. Not Tori or Josh bc they're both too winey and Not Jade bc she's mean.

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October 17th, 2:09 pm


Hittin' ya with all the feels today. ... See MoreSee Less

Hittin ya with all the feels today.


Comment on Facebook

Still waiting for that second part to Chasing Zoey

I think chase told Zoey how he felt before I wished he was still on the show before Austin Butler took his spot for season 4 chase was my fave character I ship him and Zoey.

Someone needs to write a fan fiction where Chase and Zoey just end up together and get married in Hawaii!

That's is so sweet of Chase loves Zoey. He is so shy to tell her in person. I watch Zoey 101 all the time.

I Love that Show Zoey and Chase are in Love Together they Kissed of Chasing Zoey Part Chase took Zoey at the Prom they are Boyfriend and Girlfriend they Going To Hawaii this Summer

There needs to be a Zoey 101 class reunion movie

I felt that way when Teen Nick use to be good. Now I miss it too much lol

Talk about falling hard for someone 👌

Johnny Hartzell I still know all the words to the theme song

Awwww...Chase, you'd should've just told Zoey how you felt about her.

Why is the world mocking me today im seeing a lot of lovey dovey stuff today

I wanna know when the 2nd part of chasing zoey is coming out

am I the only one who didnt like them together? yeah? 🤷🏾‍♀️

Christine Parola not sleeping until Chasing Zoey part 2 comes out

Sophie Wilson will forever be my favourite program 💔

Chelsea Sculac lets have a zoey 101 marathon one day 😂

Jessica Maravilla my explanation for how i feel about you know

Rachel Dignean they were perfect together

Sharan Virdee that first episode tho

Travis Philipps for real though......................

...And then she got knocked up, and the series cancelled...

Tiarra Reed did you watch this show?

Morgan Houtz lol I loved this show

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October 16th, 3:41 pm


What do you get when you combine #MusicMonday with the Nickelodeon HALO Movement? This awesome video! Check it out and join the #WeHALO Movement at bit.ly/2ihAYz3.

Nickelodeon HALO
Celebrate this #MusicMonday with a little bit of Helping And Leading Others? Tell us how you HALO with #WeHALO!
... See MoreSee Less

Nickelodeon HALO


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October 16th, 7:09 am


Would you rather share a locker with Sam or Freddie? ... See MoreSee Less

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Comment on Facebook

I'd rather share it with Freddie. He'd be more civil and reasonable then Sam. I love Sam sometimes, but I wish she can tone it down a noch

Teen nick please fix y’all schedule, throw backs only we don’t need anything that came out after 2014

I would share it with Freddie instead of Sam I mean I like same cause she's feisty but it would be to much for me getting me in trouble all the time

I would share a locker with Freddie because he's more responsible and cares about the stuff you have in your locker

Sam is the problem in this iCarly episode where she always have fun with the locker which ended up Freddie being in big trouble when he got called out by Mr. Howard to his office. He been called out the second time when the locker was destroyed by Ms. Phukket’s car. Also, in this episode, Carly was sent to Art School in order to become as a good artist but her brother Spencer and his teacher ended up being splattered in paint.

Its kinda weird without the background laughs

Sharing a locker with Freddie would be fun!

I'd rather share a locker with Freddie.

Definitely Freddie cause he's so cute

I love how Sam is like looking at him like wait I guessedbthe same number why does he win

I won’t mind sharing a locker with Freddie or Sam.

I could never get tired to the phrase “mama knows her fat cakes” 😂

No show in da world can replace iCarly i luved dat show when i was a kid..💯💙💙💙💙💙😍😍😍

I’d chose Freddie, he would keep his area nice and clean.

Freddie because he is more considerate and is less likely to make my locker time a living nightmare.

Freddie definitely because at least he’s neat lol

....half of the episode was all about problems when you share a locker with Sam.

Freddie...though Im betting Sam would have plenty of meat in our locker

Sam cuz tough/mean girls have a soft/sweet side in them all the time

I like Sam but I like life better so I choose Freddy xD

I would share locker with Freddie Not Sam she is Tougher and more Villance

Promise Mosley I forgot about this episode

Would love to share locker with Freddie 😍

Pretty much both cuz not just Carly was my favorite character, so were Sam and Freddie!

It’s so much better without the laugh track, imo!

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October 15th, 4:02 pm


Salespeople of the year. ... See MoreSee Less

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Madely ❤

Megha Hans

Anna Holmes

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