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Sky Sports UK

Sky Sports UK is a TV broadcaster based in London, United Kingdom. It’s a sports channel that broadcasts full coverage of UK sports news, highlights and live contests. You can watch the channel online via the Sky Sports UK live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our Sky Sports review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: Sky Sports UK
Location: London, United Kingdom
Genre: Sports > UK Sports
Website: Sky Sports Homepage

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Review of Sky Sports UK

Review of Sky Sports UK


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  • Video On Demand

Sky Sports’ rating of 8.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that Sky Sports UK live streams its programs as they air. Sky Sports also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

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November 20th, 5:17 am

Sky Sports

BREAKING: West Bromwich Albion have sacked manager Tony Pulis.

Full story: skysports.tv/QBaFfH
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West Brom sack Pulis


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Woop woop, that’s the sound of the Pulis

Some West Brom fan please explain? 4 points off 11th, finished 8th last year and has never been relegated. You cannot tell me you expect to be competing for top 6? You're a top 10 team at the very very best. So I don't understand why people wanted him out and what we was doing wrong?

Solid manager guarentees survival. Might not play great football but gets results. They could regret letting him go. MUFC Fan

Thank god. Can’t stand Pulis and his style of football. Makes football so boring. Now hopefully West Bromwich and West Ham both go down to the championship.

Congratulations Baggies, you just guaranteed your relegation. What do you really expect? You will never get near the top 6 but under Pulis you would have always been a premier league team.

United fan here. A good manager who doesnt play most attractive football but guarantees healthy stable team and doesnt destroy the finanaces. What a shambolic move from West Brom

Shocking decision Pulis has never been relegated from premier league and with the games left they would have been safe now though surely gonna struggle and probs be favourites to go down

He gaurntees survival but you cannot progress with him in charge, West brom have a good mid table team but still he sets up them like a relegation battler, 10 men behind the ball and hoping to Nick a goal or two via corners.. One of most boring manager in PL.

Wow this just shows the madness in football. What do WBA fans expect. He is a decent manager will walk straight into a job. Hope they go down now. Twats.

Very bad move. West Brom were overachieving under Pulis. Fans are going to look very silly calling for him out come the end of the season. They had a excellent manager who would have easily kept them up. Be careful what you wish for West Brom fans!

2b honest, i've always seen Pulis as a championship level manager punching above is weight in the Premier League eh?? so he's done well 2 last all these years lolol....Giggs as the favourite 2 take the Wales national job is simply farcical and deluded!!

Its too early, it seems WestBrom is being controlled by the Chelsea owner who has no patience for defeat & inconsistent performance. WestBrom could recover and escape relegation with Pulis

Poor form deffo but I reckon the English mourinho would’ve kept wba up with his turgid football. Think pulis will either go to Everton or take the wales job

Maybe Everton will swoop him up now. Or like the MOTD 2 we’re talking about if West Brom sacked him he may go for the wales job ether way pulis in my eyes is a good manager (I’m not a West Brom fan)

Talk about another Chinese takeaway , more foreign body's that just think of money and not pride , money is a horrible thing for the premier league greedy owners who want more and when it don't go right sack them , why not sack the players ? They doing the job aswell ?

People saying pulis never relegated , always a first and hes lost the dressing room and fans , 2 wins in 23 games really ?

Good manager, yes he played boring football, but unfortunately at a club like West Brom that’s the only type of football you can play to stay in the EPL, the club doesn’t have the resources to play attractive football. I don’t get why clubs sack mangers like pulis, no disrespect but who will want that job? It’s hardly a glamorous one!

A manager whose team averaged 37% at home last doesn't warrant a managerial spot. Such a one dimensional manager- stop their threat from set pieces and corners and they are gone. This decline was always going to happen lol

What exactly do West Brom fans want? To stay in the top flight is an acchievement in its own right with all the money in football now. Alright the footie was not the best to watch but points make prizes. Look at Palace trying to play pretty football with De Boer, that didnt last long. Be careful what you wish for.

I don't think this was a very good idea. Tony Pulis would have got them back on track. Who are they going to employ now?

What West brom need now is a manager who can get enough results out of a bang average squad, someone who can get down and dirty, do the hard graft and grind out enough points to avoid relegation. Someone like Tony.......pul.....oh" 😁

I hope west Brom get relegated always in a scrap for survival and they sack a manager who has never been relegated 😂😂😂😂 talking about style of play when were they ever good to Watch NEVER it's about time there gone

What a great manager wasted. The reason they’re doing badly is because of the massive changes the club has faced recently. Do they think they’ll pull themselves out of relegation trouble with no manager? Good luck Gary Mason 😂 Welcome to the championship

Wonder who they'll get in to replace him... I hear Tony Pulis is available, he's good in a relegation scrap 😂

He gets them into top 10 last year, hasn't the greatest start this year 4pts off 11th place an they sack him. They could regret that decision come end of the season. Odds on him been next Welsh manager 🤔

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