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RT America from Washington DC

RT America is a TV broadcaster based in Washington DC. It’s a national news station that broadcasts comprehensive coverage of US breaking news from a Russian perspective as this station is owned by the Russian Government. The topics covered by this station include national and international news, business, science, health, sports, entertainment, travel, arts and style. You can watch the channel online via the RT America live stream and its collection of videos, updated regularly. See our RT America review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming.

Name: RT America
Location: Washington DC, United States
Genre: National News
Website: RT America Homepage

If you want to learn more about RT America than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of RT America

Review of RT America


  • Live Stream
  • Video On Demand

RT America’s rating of 9.1 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is that RT America live streams its programs as they air. RT America also has a video collection so viewers can watch shows on demand, earning it further points. More about our rating method.

RT America is owned by (ANO) TV-Novosti. It is a member of the RT network.

See how RT America compares to other news stations in the US.



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25 minutes ago


‘Russia feels like home’: Fans on Confed Cup experience ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Wasiq Rabbī this can be you next year and it breaks my heart to think about the likely possibility that I won't be there.... :'(

My sister visited Russia on a work-related trip, and she loved the country and people. Don't believe the hype and propaganda on Western MSM, if you don't know about Russia, then ask someone who does.

Wait till all the racism starts 😂 won't feel like home to those on the end of it

Indeed. It is a country everyone can call home. Where everyone is treated as equal as anybody else :)

wait till the stabbing in.the metro start. you will feel like you dying at home

Russians are racistso. Just notice the selection of news in RT to see how much they hate non Europeans

it's a country like China it has a great culture and also it has a great culture of how to oppress, cherry pick, rape or destroy that great culture it has

Russia is great country but I don't think so it is friendly country

It's a gangsters paradise..corrupt, theocratic and dangerous backward kleptocracy.

They drive crazy as hell though!

This is a big lie.

How friendly are they to LGBT tourists??

Fans of the Confefed Cup experience


russian people are great unless youre LGBT...

Putin the great.

Long live Putin.

Cant believe fake medias punctuate Russia as enemy

Jordy Muñoz Peralta aaah 0:43 broeders

120 euros for visa in russia ‘Russia feels like home’ you are joking ...

Russia will never beat America! We are #1

makerussiagreatagain.com #Russia #Hats #Putin #Trump

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Amnesty in Wartime: Assad pardons Syrian militants

RT Documentary
Warriors of Assad: anti-government militants in Syria are given a second chance.
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

It's a pretty good tactic. It helps convince other fighters who aren't totally behind fighting. It means they have an option other than fighting to the death. Saves the lives of troops, fighters and civilians. Plus these fighters usually are drafted straight into the army , so it's a win win for Syria. It's obviously a huge loss to the foreign backers that wish to see Syria destroyed

This is how wars are won. Although, given that RT is Russian state media I wonder how much this actually reflects the reality on the ground.

Assad has made a terrible mistake by announcing the amnesty for rebels. the same policy was taken by banga bandhu sheikh mujibur Rahman after Bangladesh liberation war in 1971. And in 1975 just after 3 years those rehabilitated pakistan return army soldiers, gov officials coup against him and in one night they killed almost his entire family members trying to wipe out his name from Bangladesh history. once a traitor is always a traitor and this the truth.

It's true that being Israel's attack dogs doesn't usually end well.When they have served their purpose,israel will abandon them,if it doesn't turn on them first.They won't tolerate them any more than the Palestinians.

False flag attack incomming. Mabye another chemical attack. every time Bashar Al-Assad does this, the terrorists from FSA and ISIS find a way to get USA help.

I think there is a lack of confidence in the Syrian society which needs to be resolved for which people must endure with peace

And to prove their loyalty they go in first ranks,stuff like that happened a lot in ww2 when fascists would join partisans and vice versa,they were also called cannon meat.. :)

My Lord Bashar =) hahaha how much can you beat a dog to say that, i would chew/eat one of my fingers before kneeling down to another person

Assad remorseful after he was dared to use chemical weapons.

Assad is a ear criminal , and his end will be in draged in the streets of damascus , him and all the criminals who helped him .

It is hard to forgive but I hope Syrians will realize the value of reconciliation thru forgiveness and healing

Having considered what they caused to in the region, it is not a good idea.

O I smell bullshit all over this storyline...run out of shit elsewhere R/T

He's trying to unify his country to bolster against the coming Israeli-US-Turkey onslaught

now that's a real leader with morals unlike the western puppets

War us inhuman, acting like that makes us not different than animals!


Lectures of Righteousness from US, Saudi Arabia,Britain, France, Turkey, Israel etc bites dust in one single soundless shot.

may the Eagles of Damascus shine on you ....

Sauds would make them disapear from the face of earth.

pardon them all..like obuma did

Pig's crowd.

Should be hanged and not pardoned good guy assad.

for #BomboTrump🤘

#lLetsGivePeaceAchance..✌️✌️✌️ through peaceful resolution..💞💞

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2 hours ago


LIVE: UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan De Mistura addresses UNSC ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

UN is a joke, nothing but another instrument of USA attempt to dominate the World. Same it uses NATO and IMF.

ISIS was created by North American terrorists to destabilize countries. USA are terrorists, murderers and thieves of the world

If the USA say there's going to be a chemical attack, believe them. But it won't be by Syria.

They are all failures. When usa says shut up they shut their mouth and eyes and ears,and let Israel kill innocent people and steal their land.

Stop your written garbage and use your logic if you have any to tell everybody of the western criminals together with the Arab barbarians to get out of the sovereign nation of Syria immediately.

I suggest...we pull all troops around the world. Send them all back to their own countries. Let those countries sort out their own problems.

Did he say legal issues???? Legal issues no1 - us coalition is acting ilegaly in Syria!

The last UN report found only Turkey to have bought sarin in the region. Sarin was dropped on civilians. Turkey wants to keep discord in Syria to traverse them to continue stealing Iraqi oil.

UN does not exist. It is an appendage of the North American terrorists to validate bombings, invasions, robberies and assaults against nations rich in natural wealth

No matter what you do or say the people know the white helmets are thugs and murderers! Nikki haley is braindead! US AND ISRAEL want to war and tske over syria.

Wait and see, look at what the USA and Israel and Saudi have done to the Middle East, wait an see what the do to the rest of the African continent their are already 2000 special forces in Africa.

The problem is not Syria itself. There focus is not on the real illegal issues of Israel, US and SA illegal invasion and genocide.

Blah blah blah for nothing. Your saliva has no value for the invaders of Syria. Your UN is good only to punish Sierra Leone and Sudan.

US lies about chemical weapons in Syria. That was the case in Iraq. Thieves, terrorists, and North American assassins

Security council, world council of churches, NATO, a huge waste of time and 💰💰💰💰💰💰 Unity? No military TALKS ARE THE ONLY WAY,

Why do we carry on with this when the 3 permanent members of the UNSC are same people trying to destabilise Syria lol. To add to that these 'special' envoys are picked from those same countries or close allies.

Breaking news, CNN has changed their name to FNN, Fake news network. CNN is reporting that the league of justice is now Taking over security operations for the U.S. Batman is reportedly pleased with the change. Super man had no comment.

Marcos excuse me North American? Canada? What exactly are you saying? Back it up now before you incriminate yourself, That's Slander of a Nation, without proof,

UN=US. UN has no authority. If it had than all US presidents should hv faced criminal prosecutions and jailed.

Olivia, USA are bad guys. They invent stories, bomb countries, steal, kill and rape girls and girls. They are terrorists. The great satan

Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, Isis, Daesh, Al-Nusra are terrorists bred by the accursed North Americans. As long as the US exists, the world will not have peace. The great satan

The UN needs to stop Turkey from killing Syrians. Including their fake white helmets.

We need women soldiers added to the Kurdish women fighters as Isis is mostly Turkish soldiers and they have been erroneously told they they will go to hell if killed by a woman. So they run from women soldiers.

Haha is that so loser feeding people with lies here. We know what you're doing in Syrian pushing them away from their land.

Yay... More talking from the UN. What the hell do they ACTUALLY do?

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