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Premier League | Barclays Premier League Football / Soccer

Premier League is a TV broadcaster located in London, United Kingdom. It’s a sports channel dedicated to Premier League Football. It broadcasts Premier League news, highlights, and interviews. In addition to a great video section, this site has an outstanding stats and analytics section from the official site of Barclays Premier League. You can watch the channel online via its video-on-demand collection, updated regularly. See our Premier League review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming. Check out all the Premier League streams, with options to watch live. If you can’t get access to a live stream, see how to unblock sites so you can watch Premier League matches live online.

Name: Premier League
Location: London, United Kingdom
Genre: Sports > Premier League Football (Soccer)
Website: Barclays Premier League Football Television Homepage

If you want to learn more about Barclays Premier League Football Television than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of Premier League

Review of Premier League


  • Video On Demand

Barclays Premier League Football Television’s rating of 8.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is the channel’s video collection, giving viewers access to watch on demand. However, there’s no Premier League live stream available, losing the channel some points. More about our rating method.

It is a member of the Premier League network.

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59 minutes ago

Premier League

#GoalsRecreated: Parlour v Henry
Arsenal legend Ray Parlour takes on Thierry Henry's famous free-kick… but Storm Doris doesn't help! 🌪

... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Brice Willy Thierry let me introduce u the "is that enough freekick" by Henry..its a shame u havent heard about it sooner

Sanchez deserved the PFA but since Kante was around in London,he intercepted the vehicle transporting Sanchez,kidnapped him and declared himself the PFA winner.Thanks to Wenger Out Brigade

Wenger made them horrid long coats a fashion at Arsenal lol

I thought Storm Doris was the name of the keeper or smth, was expecting a world class save from him/her.

Remember rays goal against us in the fa cup final 2002 was a peach

That was a gem! But Payet💪...the best free-kick taker EPL ever had

What a league? The top four is very much open till the last day of the season. my top four is Chelsea, Tottenham, Man City, Arsenal

Shannon can you remember when you and dad were talking to this guy??? And you had no idea who he was?? 😉😉😉

why are they all wearing wengers coat

Thierry Henry 14 best striker ever to grace the Premier league.

Ray parlour = fatty

Storm? Romford Pele does not Care about storms !!


Eylon Arbiv מי זה האגדה הזאתת

henry is number 14 best

Ander Herrera is better than Kante!!😑


Der var du jo Kevin Sommer Hansen

Márk Dudla

Tom Wilson Courtney O'brien

Ian Cooney

Ben Valente

Hassan Yassin

Phil Keenan

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5 hours ago

Premier League

Is the great escape on for Middlesbrough FC...? ... See MoreSee Less

Is the great escape on for Middlesbrough FC...?

Comment on Facebook

I hope Middlesbrough stay. They have quite promising defence performance. They should stay.

Manchester City and Liverpool are too easy for Middlesbrough. They sucks when play with bottom half team. Chelsea game will be a hard one for them. So obviously I am a Chelsea fan here.

Not a chance for Boro. Nothing against NE teams, I feel sorry for their fans but I can honestly say neither Boro or the Mackems have ever played attractive football. Oh one year Boro did well in Europe but other than that they've played dire football. The fans up there deserve better

Remaining fixtures: City, Chelsea, Saints, Liverpool... good luck in the Championship.

Middlesbrough do have some tough fixtures but I think they will join Sunderland and to return to the Championship. As Sunderland are on the brink of relegation from the Premier League. But it's between Swansea City, Hull City, Burnley and Leicester City or West Ham United to fight for surviving relegation or to join the 2 bottom teams to the Championship.

Middlesbrough can still avoid relegation but it will be a magical escape.Manchester City,Liverpool and Chelsea?It will be very difficult but not impossible.Sunderland is down.

No. I'm a Middlesbrough fan and we were done for the second we lost karanka.

Sunderland relegation party will be confirmed after the next game. I hope Middlesbrough survive but it looks tough

Their goal difference is good, their next fixture isn't.

Becoz they bt sunderland!! Come on this isnt even worth thinking about. Relegated 3/4 games ago

No great escape no. They are good for 3 more points at best.

Still can't believe David Mosey gets paid Sunderland AFC😠💩💰

I don't think so.. the club will relegate with Sunderland and either of Swansee or Hull City

Middlesbrough's last 4 games include Chelsea , Man city , Liverpool and Southampton :3

i reallt hope so , cant have 7 years out to go down straight away !

Lol and we all thought David moyes was capable of being manager of Man Utd

As a boro fan I remain optimistic but deep down I know we need a miracle

We need 3 wins out 4 I don't think we will do it but who remembers Leicester City and what they did if we can take it to the last game and pull off a miracle at Liverpool then who noes man City Chelsea tho they are hard games I just can't see us beating them but you never know stay positive we might pull the great eacape off come on boro utb


Swansea came to Anfield and took all 3 points....look where they are on the table......almost going down

Anyway, if The Citizens lost in the derby, there would be a few chances for Boro

To late for that. After sacking Karanka I never saw survival coming

Sunderland is gone as well as Middlesbrough


There is no chance for Middlesbrough

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9 hours ago

Premier League

Dele Alli says Spurs have learned their lesson... ... See MoreSee Less

Dele Alli says Spurs have learned their lesson...

Comment on Facebook

Spurs slipped off 2nd last season because Dele and Dembele both got suspended for the last few games of the season. If they can keep their heads now, they might not catch Chelsea, but definitely will finish nothing lower than 2nd.

So much Spurs hate. Probably because all the Glory hunter fans (most of which never been to their "teams" city before, let alone ground) will need to re-evaluate which "knock- off" shirt they buy in Tenerife over the summer!

Time will tell, chelsea against Everton I picture is going to be hard but then you never know, the last 2 games Chelsea have been pretty unstoppable, if Chelsea win that then the pressure will be even greater for Spurs against arsenal

Yeah don't too panic play your team style and trust ur manager is the only way not to lose the game and more important the fans hope u guys can do better in UEFA next year but now is title race top priority :D

Still 6th,.. Am sorry for all Arsenal fans who were made to believe that top four is a trophy!!!! #WengerOut

you better leave totte Tottenham now you're still young because for the next five years Tottenham won't lift a single trophy there will only come close but won't lift it

Ahahaha That Is Your Dream Brother, Mind You 5 Game have remained and Chelsea Can't Lose More Than One Game..... Tottenham You're Always Escorters

Lol you learnt now to finish 2nd in a 2 horse race

All these articles and money about young players will kill them Chelsea fan

Learned your lesson, meaning you will win it this time around? We are watching

Plz people understand this boy he mean to be outdone on number two by arsenal like last season

Try not to get yourself sent off Dele and we might have a chance...

Arsenal vs Tottenham will be LIT can't wait

Chelsea fan here. Like we care lmao

Freak Chelsea and Spurs Aston villa is way better

And this season too :3

Same will happen again dele😂😂😂

Kudos for finishing above Arsenal 👏🏾 🙌🏾


So to win league, lot of laughs mind you 5 game to go

Still Chelsea win the league .Unlucky Spurs

chelsea is CHAMPION

Chelsea will not lose any match until the end!

Im sure his name is now just Dele!!!!

50 years to wait

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11 hours ago

Premier League

The gap is back to four points. What will happen next...? ... See MoreSee Less

The gap is back to four points. What will happen next...?

Comment on Facebook

Arsenal will beat spuds !

Chelsea will defeat everton that will happen k

Hoping Chelsea will lift the title rather than spurs. Plus hoping my side Arsenal will have the last laugh and finish in their usual place, please!!!!

ManUre will finish outside the top 4, where they belong. Best players injured, and they still have to play City, Celta Vigo twice, away to Arsenal and Tottenham, with four of those fixtures in the space of 10 days. LOL.

Tottenham will be crowned champion of the premier league. Those saying Tottenham have difficult matches to play than Chelsea make me laugh let them wait and see as the will beat arsenal on Sunday as Everton will either beat or hold Chelsea to a draw. Arsenal likely to Miss out of top four.

Spurs are hungry compared to Arsenal, they want to push my Chelsea all the way, based on form they should win but hey again its a derby...😜 I hope Arsenal's pride is enough to make them beat Spurs

Chelsea fan's just put your differences aside for Sunday! never thought i would say this but i hope Arsenal beat Spurs! Then after that 4 games left!

As much as i hate to say it, i want Everton to beat Chelsea, spurs to beat arsenal, man utd and man city must end in a stalemate..... i think Tottenham hotspurs deserve the title. Don't get me wrong, am a Arsenal fan...

I don't see a path forward unless Chelscum drop points against Everton. They'll likely be rewarded for last year's tantrum with this year's trophy. Not a heart in the whole squad.

Arsene Wenger is the 4th place merchant and he would love a F.A Cup to support himself getting an extension. Just watch, we'll win every game left and the F.A Cup final

I dont think spurs fixture will enable them fight Chelsea because they are playing arsenal next and man utd. I think they will drop points in those two games.

I hope aresnal gets thrased atleast by min 3 goals margin since they dont deserve to be in ucl just to get knockout in last 16

Well next weekend will all but seal it... if Chelsea win against Everton it's as good as over.... plus we got the gooners they'll do anything to ruin our run.

The power of chasing top 4 by Arsenal is more horrible than chasing champion by Tottenham! So Arsenal will beat Tottenham for sure!

The title race effectively over for all except Tot and Chelsea. Too few games remaining. Meanwhile, since Arsenal consider top four a trophy, even that trophy has slipped away from them

Chelsea win increase it again in the next match,and will continue doing so until they are confirmed champions. Eat your hearts out haters

Like if u think tottenham is going to win the epl :D

Chelsea will win it at a canter. Big games this week for the Manchester and North London teams. Could be that Liverpool miss out on top 4 I think

My Mother usually cook chicken everyday for us, her children. So our last born, a boy and a girl got tired of it. The girl said, I'm going to tell Mummy to stop cooking chicken. The boy asked, Why? I've started growing small feathers down there. She said. The boy shouted, Eeeeeeeh! I thought I was the only one! The girl said, You too! See mine, they are so many! Show me yours. The boy took his shorts down and said, See what Mummy is doing to us with her daily chicken? The girl shouted, Eeeeeeh! You don't only have feathers, you also have the neck of a hen! The boy said, Hmm! Not only a neck, grab down the neck, you will see two eggs. I'm scared, I'm going to start laying eggs soon.

Remember spurs will always be in our shadow, come Sunday we are going to show them North London is Red !! Football is not played on paper and social media it's played on the field of play and after 90min plus the result would be clear. !!#COYG

Common Liverpool what are we doing on the same spot pls guys let's win all next matches to stay and qualify for the champions league the struggle is real Liverpool fan forlife 💪💪💪💪

I think its in chelsea's hands to lose it, their remaining fixtures are much easier than those of spurs and liverpool will finish 6th

Beating Everton will surely give the league to Chelsea. It is over to you Conte. Do not take any chances after coming this far. Go into your bags of tricks and bring us victory. This is my candid opinion.

We‘re coming to your “lane“ 2 dash your title hopes @spurs. Hope for better luck next time out... We‘re as desperate 2 finish in the top4 as u are for the title,plus i see a more tactucal ARSENAL side dz days as compared 2 your immature group...

Spurs are trying their best but it won't be enough. There is no way Chelsea will bottle this. A win against Everton and it will be over.

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11 hours ago

Premier League

Spurs' match-winner at Palace, Christian Eriksen has scored 14 PL goals from outside the box since his debut in Sept 2013, more than anyone else ... See MoreSee Less

Spurs match-winner at Palace, Christian Eriksen has scored 14 PL goals from outside the box since his debut in Sept 2013, more than anyone else

Comment on Facebook

Spurs are trying their best but it won't be enough. There is no way Chelsea will bottle this. A win against Everton and it will be over.

Congratulations Christian Eriksen on scoring more goals than anyone else from behind a white line. Congratulations also on winning absolutely no honours whatsoever during this time. #pointlessstat

Even if we don't win it, I'm so proud of us! Hopefully we'll see the Gooners and Chelshit get smashed this weekend, and put ourselves that much closer. COYS!

Spurs are a nice team with amazing players(in England anyway),I don't just understand why they can't win trophies and compete better in europe..... inexperience maybe? Insufficient funds? Middle table club mentality?

He's a real talent. Surprised other clubs aren't trying to poach him. Gotta respect the way Spurs play football it's great to watch.

Spurs are keeping up gotta give it to them but the only thing they can do is pray & hope that Chelsea lose! They are running out of games & comparing schedules between CFC & Spurs, Spurs have the toughest! I predict a draw vs Arsenal & a win for CFC at Everton but it will be a tough game for CFC! Lukaku 😱

If spurs beat arsenal in #NLD so they will be champion coz i am sure Chelsea will drop points against everton and west brom ! For sure arsenal will kill confidence of winning league of spurs . #COYG

If Spurus did nt drop a single point then i think they will be champion Coz chelsea seem to be drop point against everton and weat brom

"Chelshit" how many titles have spurs won again.... I forgot. Don't get me wrong though. I love watching spurs play.

He's our number 23!!!

Zaha is still recovering from that Chelsea game,he was everywhere that day...

Had a great assist in the FA Cup semi, buuuuuuut it wasn't enough.

Was trying to figure out why he'd shoot from there, then he won the game!

You should've used the PFA of the year as the page cover for at least 2 days 😏

U cant compare messi a god to ronaldo :D hazard this season is better than ronaldo who is waiting for tapins and offside or for a team to be reduce to 10 men to score 8-) messi hustle for his ball and score cos he is everywhere in the pitch he is upfront in the midfield on the flanks in ur kitchen on ur ps4 everywhere like he is water that cover 75% of the earth :) meanwhile ronaldo is been dropped everytime cos hez finished . Messi is playing like a midfield but he tops the scorers chart in the laliga ucl with lots of assist . Dont ever compare him to ronaldo again . Meanwhile barca gonna win the laliga :p madridiots starting barking

Sve dok mi osvajamo 3 boda. Vama je sve djaba. Cista formalnost. Nekako vam sudije pomazu. I vasi protivnici. Al sve u svemu drzat co rastojanje od 4 boda

If everton can stop Chelsea,then they might be possibility that Tottenham might lift the epl

I cant see Spurs dropping points when both Arsenal and Man U are at home. Spurs are unstoppable there.

Go TH and take the title


Admin you are a COYS fan. We see you...

Chelsea 🏆💙

spurs is figth to take suprised in england there is no team in egland figth like tottenham horspurs thanks eriksen to upward your in 74 point

Man of the match ....

Fundamental player...

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