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Name: Premier League
Location: London, United Kingdom
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Review of Premier League


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14 minutes ago

Premier League

The chase continues... ... See MoreSee Less

The chase continues...

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Swansea FC sacked their coach and won the next game against Liverpool Hull City sacked their coach and won the next game against Liverpool Leicester City sacked their coach and won the next game against, guess who.... Liverpool. Liverpool plays Arsenal next... I'm just advising my Arsenal buddies... You know what's right... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

There's no chase......stop making it out to be one, Chelsea's already won πŸ™„

Q: Why don't they drink tea at Anfield? A: Because all the cups are in Manchester.

ManU is gonna make top 4 and that's all that matters.. are chemistry was trash in the beginning and now we can't lose.. something will happen for us

Whoever is chasing Chelsea seems to be chasing shadow. But wait o, if anything can happen in the game of football as it's rightly said, it means the title race is still widely opened.

Still don't know why everyone is eager to play man utd.. I can't imagine man city open'n their mouth to united. Even arsenal... I fear God & the ball inside thr net....

The chase has now ended , It's long gone. Chelsea already won.

United were 8 points clear with 4 games to go we all know how that turned out. You never know.

thanks Liverpool for taking your sixth position back!

Lol what chase, we've already won the league πŸ™„ πŸ˜‚

Still Looserpool fans counting 38,39, 40,41, 42.....

UNITED ❀βšͺοΈβš«οΈπŸ”΄

Man city 8 points behind Chelsea and will finish 1st otherwise 2nd,3rd 4th or 5th πŸ’™


Liverpool is a joke this year!! Chelsea winning the league is 70%sure. Coutinho finally scores

Always said teams above us could slip up plenty of times before may can't see us staying 6th

Are Liverpool still favorites alongside Chelsea as pundits believed??

Knock...knock...knock.. Liverpoower.. Are you right there..!! Open the door for man united.. To pass...thank you very much.. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Crown me now, let's stop wasting time. Chelsea fc Manchester United Manchester City Tottenham

Chelsea πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

Even The Flash nor Kid Flash cant chase CHELSEA! and meet them.. We are Champions its only a matter of when!!

the chase to catch up chelsea in this season is just ond word impossible,how much the other five trying to do...its time to chase the runner up spot

Every match is the final for Chelsea come on Conte make sure that no mistake can happen to u!

Keyireusap Ndang .. this Saturday.. we go above The Scousers.. Mark my words..

ja i think its fair to say congrats to the blues 4 doing it again epl champions 2k17

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3 hours ago

Premier League

Which result catches your eye...? ... See MoreSee Less

Which result catches your eye...?

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Dear liverpool fans, please continue to make fun of our 6th place on the table. Please. Its a heart felt request. Coz this way it'll be better when you take it from us.

Swansea sack their coach & beat Liverpool Hull city sack their coach & beat Liverpool Leicester city sack their coach & beat Liverpool if Arseanl want to beat Liverppol this weekend they must sack their coach

Leicester vs Liverpool surely catches my eye Lei-3 /Liv-1 Foxes now get a slight hope. Maybe they can carry forward this momentum in the Champions league Round of 16 tie vs Sevilla. #Go #Leicester

Well done Leicester πŸ‘Liverpool u r going to get hurt πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ doors for Man-United towards top 4

The fact is liverpool haven't won anything for a very long long time. They hardly play in the champions league or finish top four anymore. Liverpool can't even attract big name players anymore. Liverpool is just an average midtable team, living on it's former glory.

Call me when Liverpool win a trophy,every year is theirs,even this year is theirs.......Oh wait a minute

Am a Chelsea fan,sure im impressed by their win but LeicesterCity do catch n win our heart afterall n thanks to Liverpool hohooo

The only thing that Arsenal and liverpool fans wil celebrate is man united been sixth cos thier teams are disappointing them every year,

People have always blame Arsenal for not carry the league for a long time.. and when will Liverpool carry the league again

Playing without manager.. foxes has proved that they can beat sevilla at home in 3rd week of march and enter top 8 in champions league... Liverpool got more time for preparation but they failed

What's worse Utd fans thinking the EFL is the World Cup or Spurs thrashing another bottom half team but never turn up against the big teams same applies to Harry Kane

Then you wonder what ws the problem with Leicester,suddenly they can score goals or were they fed up with Claudio just like Chelsea players with Jose....

Its liverpool still amg d big team in d wrld?wht a palace of shame fr loserfool evry year.d idiot fanx we be going abt boasting abt past achievement.forgt histroy,proved to d wrld who liverpool is na.many of d idiot fans re yet to be born d last time lfc win d title.up man u up d giant of England

Leicester 3-1 Liverpool

Would like to invite friends and foes to the funeral of Liverpool season. Cottage will leave Anfield at 2pm and expected to arrive at Melwood around 3pm. Ashes will be thrown away at the sea near Liverpool's port to get rid of bad luck.

As a Chelsea supporter. It's the Chelsea - Swansea result. GO THE BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swansea sacked their manager they beat Liverpool, Hull City sacked their manager they beat Liverpool, Leicester sacked their manager they beat Liverpool. Should we (Arsenal) sack Wenger over the weekend for only that Liverpool game and bring him back after we beat them?

Was that Harry Kane's 3 Hat trick of the month?πŸ€”(West Brom. Fulham(FA Cup) & Stoke)πŸ™†πŸ½ oh a Liverpool πŸ’© too..can't seem to beat relegation threatened teams πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Everton gonna finish above Liverpool :D :D :D 27 years of mediocrity and failure coming soon

of course the Leicester/ Liverpool one πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I think that's pretty obvious haha

Liverpoo losing is always good And Sunderland keeping their relegation party plans alive is awesome

Tottenham Hotspur 4 - Stoke 0 !!! Surely this result catches the eye .... #COYS #THFC

Leicester surprised the world,the same way they gonna beat sevilla in UCL.

Hull vs Burnley

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9 hours ago

Premier League

It's set up nicely for Leicester City Football Club v Hull Tigers on Saturday... ... See MoreSee Less

Its set up nicely for Leicester City Football Club v Hull Tigers on Saturday...

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Swansea sack their coach & beat Liverpool, hull city sacked their coach & beat Liverpool, Leicester city sack their coach & beat Liverpool today, so if arsenal wants to beat Liverpool this weekend, they must sack their coach...!!!

2016 everyone wants Leicester win the Premier League 2017-everyone wants Leicester relegated

come this weekend .. united win against Bournemouth , arsenal draw against Liverpool and Tottenham loses to Everton then we'll be in the top 4 before the end of March #GGMU

When you wanted Leicester to get relegated because of what they did to Raineri....... But realised that youd rather Loserpool embarrassed themselves so you're happyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Lol wtf is wrong with Liverpool.. Robbing points from top clubs and offering to the bottom clubs.. Robin Hood of premier league..

I quite remember last season when Claudio ranieri won his first match against sunderland by 4goals to 2, during an interview he mentioned the players was inspired by the local music group kasabians and that "he tried to bring his own tactics for the players to use but they couldn't so decided to play using their own style, they only needed guidance from the manager. This season perhaps Ranieri was trying to bring back the old method he wanted to use in the 2015/2016 season and it didn't work for them. In general what i believe is... honestly the success of Leicester city fc last season was mainly down to the players

Big shout out tonight to all those people who have slagged of the Leicester players over the last few days. Thank you you have certainly helped motivate the players and create a siege mentality. Tactics did help of course.

Liverpool will always be the Robin Hood of the prem. Take points from the rich, give them to the terribly poor. A Liverpool team with 16 day rest conceded 3 goals to a 17th place team who haven't scored in 2 months and sacked their their

You need to get your symbols right, Leicester City are not in the bottom 2 !! :)

What a great end to the weekend. United and Jose show Klopp how to beat Southampton and win a Cup Final yesterday and Leicester beat Liverpool tonight. Can't wait for work tomorrow, LOL!

Liverpool fans yesterday : EFL mickey mouse cup Liverpool fans today : BPL mickey mouse league who cares

Love the relegation zone in the Premier League at this time. Leicester City are slowly on the mend but for how long. Sunderland and Hull City are apparently doomed. Big Sam's Crystal Palace are fighting to stay away from relegation. Poor old Middlesbrough don't want to return to the Championship but they are following Hull's relegation in every move. And finally the only Welsh team in the Premier League-Swansea City are fighting to stay in the Premier League and they too are likely to be a doomed club if they face the relegation.

A few days ago Liverpool was no.2 now look.. hahaha,, no team is to be underrated in ENGLAND... hihihiiiiii hiiii

Klopp will get you to play beautiful football, but he has a phobia for trophies

Jurgen Klopp is just David Moyes with eye glasses and yellow teeth.

Jurgen Klopp is just David Moyes with spectacles n Yellow teeth. Lool Smh.

We should get the 3 points just for having to allow a team called tigers in our stadium!

Yeah it's going to be a big game against the Hull City Tigers.

When will the April fixtures be confirmed with tv etc ?

Sunderland will stay at bottom because they will lose against City #City 😎

Difference is they won't be playing a side totally incapable of beating bottom half sides.

well if they played like they did today they will and should beat hull city

Look at Sunderland haha keeping us all excited for their relegation party!

Swansea City sacked their coach they beat Liverpool, Hull City sacked their coach they beat Liverpool Leicester City sacked their coach they beat Liverpool. If Arsenal want to beat Liverpool this weekend they must sack Asen Wenger... Funny but fact....GGMU!!!!

It's not because they will lose again like they did in the first match of the season to us. Leicester are just over rated.

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10 hours ago

Premier League

Leicester 3-1 Liverpool

Jamie Vardy scores twice as the champions return to form in emphatic fashion
... See MoreSee Less

Leicester 3-1 Liverpool 

Jamie Vardy scores twice as the champions return to form in emphatic fashion

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic has more talent in his right foot than that whole Liverpool squad combined

Q: Why don't they drink tea at Anfield? A: Because all the cups are in Manchester.

Liverpool like Arsenal are very good at disappointing their fans When they re supposed to win a game they produce performances like the one we just witnessed at the King Power

Swansea City sacked their coach they beat Liverpool, Hull City sacked their coach they beat Liverpool Leicester City sacked their coach they beat Liverpool. If Arsenal want to beat Liverpool this weekend they must sack Asen Wenger... Funny but fact

Leicester hadn't scored a premier league goal in 2017, Liverpool turn up and give them 3 πŸ˜‚ it's amazing, made bang average footballers this season look awesome and world beaters, good job Liverpool fabulous

Always happen. This is Liverpool. Win against top 3 teams but can't beat relegation battle teams. Liverpool went on a 17 day break to baking sunshine and looks like they did fk all lmao. Won't be surprised if Liverpool beat Arsenal and Man City.

you dont need a manager to beat liverpool, you can just pick someone from the spectators to do the Job. Cant even beat a limping Leicester

I remember klopp saying it must b annoying to win 14 games in a raw n still only hv 4point lead....ME it must b annoying bottling a league every year....hit like if u think man united wl b 5th on saterday

A moment of silence to the Liverpool fans who thought this was their year.

Chelsea have won now I don't know 12–13 games in a row? – not bad! β€œBut can you imagine how annoying it is when you have won 13 games in a row and there is still one team, only six points behind? Jurgen Klopp January 2016

I just want to address the leicester fans who bashed kante calling him a snake. You had to sack ranieri because you thought it was best for the club. kante did what he thought was best. Some of you called him a money grabbing snake. Now you see? Sometimes you won't get it until you're put in a position to make tough decisions

In what other job would you get away with downing your tools Because you don't like who the boss is? Leicester... Footballers are pathetic

Irony of commentators saying the caretaker manager "couldn't have written the script any better" when his name is Shakespeare πŸ˜‚

The Leicester squad should hang their heads in shame this performance full of and running and determination shows who was at fault for their lowly position and the lack of event cost Ranieri his job.

I understand why Leicester decided to sack Ranieri, but I also don't see why he didn't get any more time?? Pearson was dead last with what 10 games to go I believe? and he kept them up. There is still like 13 games left in the season, and still alive in the Champions League but how the rumors say of a broken dressing room it probably wasn't likely.

How funny is that. First game without Ranieri and Leicester are leading. I honestly think there is a suspicious link in this and is an absolute shambles. Hope those snakey players get themselves relegated. Apologies if you're a Leicester fan but your players are idiots.

This team looks like they've given up on everything this season. Sitting on their outrageous wages, happy to run back and forth for 90 minutes a week. No fight for Liverpool shirt whatsoever. Please Klopp, make a changes in our system and choose the players that want to fight. Hard work always beat talent!

Father Christmas!! All those small struggling teams wanting to survive, play Liverpool. If quitting supporting your score team was possible, today I would have quit.

Not surprised. The best club to play when u have points to prove- Liverpool, the best to play when u have to win - Liverpool. Next week Liverpool beat Arsenal and again reds think they are a top club again. Merry go round

A lot forgetting that hendo and lovren where out. We had lucas at cb can in a holding role. We've no cover for them and a thin squad. We will reinforce in the summer under Klopp and hopefully find some European football next season. Hard work being a Liverpool supporter.

Swansea city sack their coach and they beat Liverpool Hull city sack their coach and they beat Liverpool Leicester city sack their coach and they beat Liverpool Surely if arsenal wants to beat Liverpool this weekend they must sack wenger..fact

Leicester players should be ashamed of themselves if they had played like that all season their manager would not have been sacked, I hope they get relegated. As for Liverpool how poor were they yet again

This Liverpool team is just too average to achieve any form of success we are just like a Swansea in red kit and a Coutinho. We need to start scoring from corners we can't always score from open play. Very Annoying.β€Ž

how can you beat tottenham and loose to leicesterπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚the story of our season

This is very similar to what happened to Chelsea last season. It is very obvious that the players DID lose confidence under the management of Ranieri. The performance they put up today is one of their best for this season. Football boards may be powerful but in the long run the players are gonna be the one to perform on the pitch. The same thing that happened to Mourinho at Chelsea last season happened to Ranieri- players lost confidence in him😳😳

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11 hours ago

Premier League

Six matches without a Premier League goal, then two in 11 minutes ... See MoreSee Less

Six matches without a Premier League goal, then two in 11 minutes

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Liverpool are shiteeeeeeee πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ But, there is always next year to be even shittier πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

22 hours ago Liverpool were the best EPL team in historyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Liverpool have had 2 weeks to prepare for this. There has been major changes at Leicester between that time but Klopp hugs players so...

Like if you still want leicester to get relegated,on account of their treatment towards their manager,but they must beat liverpool.

Well I think this is just about the most predictable result in Premier League history. Liverpool are by far the worst of the top 6 teams and will be lucky to finish above Everton.

I gave up trying to please women the day I saw a lesbian couple breaking up... Even women don't know how to keep other women happy.....The struggle is real.

Is This the Same Players Who Played for Claudio Only Last Week? Mmmmmm.. Interesting.. Still it's nice of them to say thank you to him in their tweets don't you think?? Obviously it Wasn't them who where having a, ermmm, chat to the owners it was the Other Ones Right Guys..!! Utter Disgrace..!!!

i dunno man , i know there are still games left. manchester united just won the league cup , a trophy , while liverpool only trophy this year , 'finishing above manchester united' trophy is in jeopardy πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ #nextyearisouryear

One of the worst 45 minutes I've seen from a Liverpool team in a long time. Rodgers would be dragged over the coals for that. Is there like any standards or pressure on Klopp at all to compare? When do these performances become unacceptable? Do Liverpool care about being competitive at the elite level? I don't understand how they accept that whilst at the same time talk about being the best at anything.

Disgusting that Leicester didn't play like this for the fired coach all season. Now he has gone, they show up and play. Reminds me of Chelsea after they forced Mourinho out.

This Liverpool team is absolutely PATHETIC. We haven't played for ages and still can't win, even against a managerless club in a relegation battle. ffs.

Tomorrow my Liverpool fan colleagues will have the most ridiculous excuses, trust me I've heard them all... Sturridge on period pains, Lucas lost his contact lenses, Mane still has jetlag, Moreno still loves United more...

Liverpool just can't handle pressure. This was the one game the whole world wanted them to win and they flopped woefully and Tragically as usual. Useless losserfools

Easy win for the Foxes.....they are alone on pitch........the Reds has left the game before the game even started, instead of parking the bus they got on it and run for dissapointed I am actual realy sick and getting a nerves we Red fans are " Walking Alone"

Rafael Benitez: "Our new Winger cost five million. I call him our wonder player" Sir Alex Ferguson: "Why's that?" Rafael Benitez: " Every time he plays I wonder why I bothered to buy him!"

This shows they doesn't wanted Ranieri... Or maybe a small Thanksgiving for him.. Still want Leicester to be relegated now...

Just like with chelsea last season, you can tell which players were in on the mutiny... Vardy, drinkwater, fuchs, ... The list goes on. Schmeichel was clearly still playing his heart out. But it's tough to find out who else was under Ranieri. Shame. How quickly they forget what he did.

But why is this? Di Matteo too had this peculiar trouble; and ancelloti before him. And immediately they left their teams pick up ASAP

This shows ranieri was the problem not the players, ranieri didn't have the same intelligence and energy he did last season. Really sorry for him.

Funny thing is they'll probably get a result against arsenal teams with new managers or relegation fears always play well against us.

Typical Liverpool... And their fans are as loud as a churchbell who knows how to rant when ambitious clubs are playing. What a pathetic club... They got Matip and they felt they had gotten the best defender in the world. All I saw was a tall giraffe as slow as a sloth...

Oh what a Coincidence Leicester City actually turn up! Most of those players have been Unrecognisable for the most part of this season what's stopped them from playing like they have done so far tonight

If Leicester played like that all season, they would be safely in the top ten.. Just shows that they didn't want to play for Ranieri anymore..

and we all know the reason, the problem is the team were throwing their dummies out of the pram before and I feel did not score on purpose in order to get Ranieri out and I am disgusted with the whole team hope the whole lot rot in hell evil nast people

Yea...that's life for you..sometimes what you can't get in a long time only take you a short while to get, hard work pays...he needed the goals, you can feel the determination, he got it.. #Respect #Ranieri...gone but not forgotten....

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