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Premier League | Barclays Premier League Football / Soccer

Premier League is a TV broadcaster located in London, United Kingdom. It’s a sports channel dedicated to Premier League Football. It broadcasts Premier League news, highlights, and interviews. In addition to a great video section, this site has an outstanding stats and analytics section from the official site of Barclays Premier League. You can watch the channel online via its video-on-demand collection, updated regularly. See our Premier League review below, done with an emphasis on its streaming. Check out all the Premier League streams, with options to watch live. If you can’t get access to a live stream, see how to unblock sites so you can watch Premier League matches live online.

Name: Premier League
Location: London, United Kingdom
Genre: Sports > Premier League Football (Soccer)
Website: Barclays Premier League Football Television Homepage

If you want to learn more about Barclays Premier League Football Television than what’s in our review, use the buttons in the ‘Visit this station around the web’ box. If you’re interested in a different channel or stream, use the search box at the top of the page.

Review of Premier League

Review of Premier League


  • Video On Demand

Barclays Premier League Football Television’s rating of 8.5 out of 10 is based on a number of factors. One of the biggest ‘pros’ is the channel’s video collection, giving viewers access to watch on demand. However, there’s no Premier League live stream available, losing the channel some points. More about our rating method.

It is a member of the Premier League network.

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2 hours ago

Premier League

Iconic Moment: Leicester beat Man City
The chapter in Leicester's story that made them believe 🦊

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2017/2018 Champions will be Manchester United <3 #GGMU

Great moment for Leicester fair play to them . Terrible moment for us city fans lol

One of Leicester's most memorable premier league wins of all time, probably the second in my book as a Leicester fan after the 5-3 win over Man Utd in 2014, though the Man City win was the most significant stride towards the title. Unforgettable.

manchester united bought Flopba 😂 😂 joke of a club. Manchester is blue 💙

don't let this destruct you from the fact that mitchy will outscore lukaku

It really was the day, going mental on the top floor, kante breaking away, mahrez scoring and huth wheeling away after his header. It was the game we knew.

Usman Maqsood still remember us two reading updates on Guardian that day 😂

Every seaso. women united say this is our But they are 6th. My Allah make their dream became true

Matt Annis Dean Fletcher Ben Johnson this will forever be the best season in premier league history

if you want man u to win league this season hit like and also if u want Chelsea out of top 4 this season comment

The day we knew💙

Love my leicester x

Huth is so unstoppable😮

2017/2018 Champions will be livarpool♡♡

RM 26 top

Bravo Mahrez

The day we all started to believe

David Reid we'll never forget that day!

Tom Kirk

Chris 'Browny' Brown we beat you again 😂

Siraj Farid remember this😏

Hannah Griffiths never forget

Kieran Thomas

Kier Nicholas Lymn

Lennon Veasey

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7 hours ago

Premier League

TAG Countdown: Rooney goal
Wayne Rooney with the spectacular aged 16 💥

15 days until the Premier League begins again...
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Comment on Facebook

I admit Rooney is legend but this league is worst top five And every Year they spend 1Billion or more And they don't win UCL or ballon dor

Mitchy bastshwayi 215 mins 5 goals 3 assists vs fulham arsenal and bayern meanwhile Romelu lukakaku 305 mins 2 goals vs LA Galaxy and the mighty gold salt lake. ..

League prediction top 10 end of season: 1. Chelsea 2. Man Utd 3. Spurs 4. Man City 5. Arsenal 6. Liverpool 7. Everton 8. West Ham 9. Leicester 10. Swansea No hate lol

Hugodric Northman, sí, lo recuerdo perfectamente... creo que por eso lo odias.

"Once a blue always a blue" he said. Yeah apart from 13 years as a red in between 😂

The break the turning the curling that goal... if u can score that at the age of 16 then brilliant.... legend i understand ur exhaustion... wazzaaaaa

I hate guys who inbox girls, asking for their numbers. Ladies, if you agree with me, inbox me with your numbers so that we can discuss this matter in more detail.

Rooney age 16 looks like Rooney age 40 lol

Imagine if that shot hit the top of the crossbar and went out for a goal kick...would he of gone on to become the player he is now? #Catalyst

Charles Grobbelaar Die goal wat jy laas van gepraat het.

Francesco Mariottini Gol bruttino all'esordio per un 16enne

I remember Matt King controlling the ball like this... the shot was nothing like it though, remember Ade Rohman? Jacob Hodson? Haha

Asad Ijaz at the of 16 he was blue and the rest is history :')

I still remember that game quite well, even when it was way back in 2002 when I was only 14. Man has time gone quick 😢

Michael Ashdown his first goal in the prem, he hit all the landmark goals v u lol

He will score home and away hattricks against arsenal and manutd this season

Carl 16 år, scorer banger i PL wth altså om 1 år kan jeg stadig ikke tage 5 jongleringer

Mads Lemmé Hansen se lige hvem der er henne og juble med Rooney som den første :)

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing 16 year old Wayne Rooney Gwon Neung Lee

I hope he becomes the top scorer of the premier league next season!! And i'm a Manchester United fan!!!!

Ritik the legend. I already miss him. 😐😐

Mior Nur Azim rooney rooney rooney

Excellent ball control....and what a finish....love you Wazza 😍

ManUtd - how to turn one of the deadliest strikers in the world into a mediocre midfielder.

35821-11371 join this league. This is a draft league. Classic draft league. Draft date is Sunday. Name of league - The vengeful eight

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7 hours ago

Premier League

Premier League clubs are gearing up towards the new season ... See MoreSee Less

Premier League clubs are gearing up towards the new season

Comment on Facebook

Finally the Premier League trophy will be coming to Anfield.

Am waiting for one Liverpool idiot that will say they're winning the league this season🔫🔫

end of season lacazette 37 goals 28 assist lukaku 19 goals 4 assist kane 22 goals 6 assist COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!!!!!

I promise u that Man U and Liverpool won't win the Premier league for the next 10 years. It's between Man City, Chelsea, Tottenham and Everton for years to come😊😊😊😊. #Chelsea fan

The champions are not included? Oh wait, we 're winning it again this season. You heard it from me first, argue with your keyboards.

Manc united are so funny. Spend huge money on half decent players. Pissing myself laughing. You paid top dollar for pogba and Lukako. Neither of them are world class. Keep spending pls. Its funny

Man city will win this season and Chelsea 2nd Man u 3rd and Liverpool 4th in my opinion Man city will rock this season come on city

Jose morinho has never gone to any league in Europe and not winning the league title with 2seasons...so the epl is coming to Manchester United this season..

38 PL matches are waiting and as a fan I'm expecting the clubs to enteratain us not settle for 0-0 draws. Its a title dence for the Champions but I reckon Lukaku will shut them up this new season. Come on you Reds from Manchester, prove that it was not just luck winning 13 PL titles.

Like if u think man u will win d epl title this season :D

The way Pep is buying players,I think he want to win the champions league,premier league,la-liga and the ligue 1 👈This isn't my handwriting.

Man U is the worst and they beat up on a pretty bad team in LA tonight, but if Lukaku and Paul Pogba really start to click, they will score boatloads of goals and a bucket full of points.

fantasy league code 56602-247581

Any they are so happy that they invade the pitch after yesterday's friendly match which seems like they have won the league 🤣🤣🤣 Get a life . Get job and a girlfriend.

Being an Arsenal fan is really painful, watching people making jokes of our team, hating our team, making this teams name look like 4rsenal or Ar5enal, and you know you are destroying us it feels like you are shooting us on the back but trust me being a gooner worths all the pain! #COYG

The premier leagune trophy will bee coming to man Utd

Liverpool, man u,arsenal, man city, tottenham, everton will all win EPL trophy on social media but come may chelsea will retain it..

Premier League clubs are gearing up towards the new season?? Perhaps, but we'll have to do a lot better than Mo Salah alone if we are to beat the bottom 14 next season... :/

Beginning to wonder who should be called a world class player and who should not be? What defines a world class player? When a player doesn't play for your team, you call him average player. If James Rodriguez sign for United, you'll still call him average the same goes to Morata. Even your own fellow English man Rooney you call him average, so tell me who is world class? Ronaldo and messi only? Or a player that didn't sign for United? To Liverpool fans, they say Rooney is an average player but Steven Gerrard is world class

chelsea will struggle to finish 4th this season.

What a beautiful young team United is building there. People forget it's only been 4 years since they've won it. There's more pressure for teams like Liverpool and Arsenal who haven't won in so long! And even so I don't think they can match up to the potential in United squad!

chelsea the best team will win the league again. Lukaku will flop, liverpool again be like "next year will be our season" Gooners fighting for top 4 again, City cant stand the heat! pep remains bald

Marian Kovac edini trofej kekekekeke :D

Abhijit Pawar Nirmit Dave Dhanteras coming in three weeks boys... #Maalamal

Adam Everingham not long now. Lucky cause NRL sucks right?!

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9 hours ago

Premier League

PL2 Best Goals
As the 2017/18 Premier League 2 fixtures are released, let's take a look at 6️⃣ of last season's best goals...
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Comment on Facebook

Arsenal have no history in Europe... Chelsea CL 1 Arsenal CL 0

“My question is this — What are Tottenham’s expectations?” asked Conte. “If they don’t win the title, it’s not a tragedy. “If they don’t arrive in the Champions League, it’s not a tragedy. “If they go out in the first round of the Champions League, it’s not a tragedy. “If they go out after the first game that they play in the Europa League and go down against Gent, it is not a tragedy. “For Chelsea, Arsenal, City, United and… I don’t know… Liverpool, it is a tragedy. “You must understand this. You must understand the status of the team.”

This is some lazy work there were tonnes of better goals than these

I'm a Liverpool fan from Africa ,but I don't like the SC***MS MAN URINITED BECAUSE THEY ARE SMALL TEAM WHO ALWAYS FINISH 6TH ON THE LOG ......... YNWA

Man City fans be like wow i wish our stadium was that full every week 😂😂😂

Sam Carey trents goal 🙌🙌😍😍

Klaus Heinrich Das letzte Tor durch einen alten Bekannten ;-)

Head-to-head: SEA Kings League 819580-277359; Classic - FPL’s Malaysian League 940521-225137; FPL Global League 777554-457849

Walid liiiiiik win rahom ydoro khawrak les kabyles 😁

Aaron Boucker look at the first goal 😍

Kyle Edwardes nice strike at number 1 😂

Its a shame that nobody is in the stands.

Aaron connolly legend 😄👍⚽️

Join my league head to head 104844-33593

Join my FPL , code: 104844-37954

Fantasy league code 1080086-259287

Le Thanh

Aaron Connolly

Earn real money online by working as a part time job easily, earn up to 2500$ dollars weekly guranteed join link at dutymoney.com/?ref=290293

Kyle Edwards

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10 hours ago

Premier League

Goal of the Day (Batty)
Alan Shearer ➡️ David Batty ➡️ Sensational 🎯💥

... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Andy Barnard Andy Fishburne Newcastle Legends playing for some team near Burnley

Alan shearer is greatest English striker of all time

Gavin Mercer you gonna score a banger like this tonight bruv ⚽️

James Ashworth don't remember him scoring any like this for us. In fact don't remember him scoring any.

Football was so much more entertaining and better in the 90's/early 00s

Ashton Notice no tippy tappy rubbish

Jacob Abbott😍😍😍 my original fav

That must have been the only ball he played forwards lol

Faizaan Waqar Musa fam imagine having that on ur shirt in school football

The sentence that no one has ever said before...... until now!

batshwayi goals vs ; Fullham, Arsenal, Bayern Lukaku goals vs; LA galaxy and the mighty gold salt lake..Lol

Michael Pyle Tim Hunter Robbie Peel - bow down to Batty's greatness

He didnt score many ...but that goal from David Batty....

Not bad Deni Lajcarov 😆

A very strong player <3

Yea, But (poulo Di canio) Was the best in job "•√

Gary Banton, the good old days!

Batts didnt score many..but a great player

batts the way to do it.

Batts only scored worldies ! #mot

de khoang trong cho ngta sut the khac j sut tap ko :)))


So much space, lol.

Was this the year Blackburn won EPL?

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